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  1. Make Cam leave the pocket & single Olsen. You're welcome, NFL. The main problem for defenses is the rule that only allows for 11 players. Cam has proven that he can beat your defense at any level with his arm. You can't stack the box without getting exposed deep, and you can't expect to play coverage without getting picked apart. Getting pressure with 4-5 men is essential. As great as Cam is, the Titans were able to frustrate him at times by getting early pressure. Easier said than done. There's a reason the team is 13-0, after all.
  2. Living in the south and getting your chicken from KFC... It's like going to Mexico and complaining about the lack of Taco Bells.
  3. Always good to have a Stanford guy on the team (Randy Fasani, anyone?). Did some research, and apparently he already has a chain of islands named for him. I'm sold.
  4. One quarter, of the team's choosing* *When they're up by 30 or more.
  5. I heard that this guy pioneered a new hand technique, some really innovative stuff. It's called the Blitch slap.
  6. But if he didn't spend all of his time in grocery stores, telling people about yogurt, then there might have been time for football!!1
  7. One of the laziest articles i've seen in a while. And there are a lot of lazy articles out there.
  8. I plan on locking myself in a small room with no people or internet access, so no problem.
  9. Jimmy's new in town. Jimmy likes playing in domes. Jimmy doesn't really like rain.
  10. Not sure how they quantify it being 5x worse than the Rice video. Unless he knocks out all 5 of his fiances in the same elevator.
  11. Wow. It's like i've been teleported to 2035.
  12. Something tells me she didn't put the money into long-term municipal bonds.
  13. Good. I hope he signs with the Raiders for 100M+ and we never see him again.
  14. I heard that Dameshek voted for the other group. Just sayin'.
  15. Three words: snapping, punting, kicking. Gotta give the fans what they need.
  16. I signed up for Twitter like a year ago, followed a few people, and forgot about it for a few months. Then I started getting weird emails, logged back in and noticed I was following like 100 people/things, all in Arabic. Changed password and shut it down. The NSA is probably monitoring this post.
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