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  1. In his post game press conference he actually talks a lot about the number switch making him feel like himself and even attributed it to him having his best game so honestly might be on to something lol
  2. Lying happens but it’s extremely extremely rare. These woman have so much more to lose than to gain by accusing him. Even still, the chances of every single one of 20+ accusations being false is essentially zero. If even ONE of those accusations occurred, it’s enough for me to say fug no. Also, asking someone for a sexual favor when you’re in a position of power over them…like famous professional athlete and amateur/independent masseuses who rely on word of mouth and connections for finding clients…that at a minimum is sexual abuse and coercion, any attempts beyond that is legit assault. I say this as someone that’s seen the trauma, fallout, depression and suffering that results from a false accusation firsthand….I absolutely think Watson did those things (even if he’s not convicted, or settles, reaching out to THAT MANY masseuses, many of them with little to no training, over social media it’s fuging weird at best. At BEST.) keep that POS away from women and from my team.
  3. There’d be some merit to that if it wasn’t over 20 accusations. That’s a pattern and it’s a problem. If we ever trade for him I’d have to reevaluate my support of team, and I would be far from the only one. Keep him the fug away
  4. Pretty dumb/cheesy IMO.
  5. Not super smart considering he's had availability issues as it is in the past.
  6. Don’t want any part of him on the team. Even if he settles and gets a slap on the wrist, 22 accusations is a pattern, and I couldn’t bring myself to root for this team if we brought someone on who in all likelihood is a rapist, no matter how good they are. fug Deshaun.
  7. Honestly don’t think I could root for the team if we got him and it’d be my first time ever feeling that way. I say this as someone who was ready to sell the farm to grab him before everything came out.
  8. Like this one better actually. Traded down 13. Rashawn Slater OT Northwestern 39. Trey Smith OG Tennessee 47. Eric Stokes CB Georgia 73. Quinn Meinerz OC Wisconsin-Whitewater
  9. Only did the first three rounds. 8. Rashawn Slater OT Northwestern 39. Trey Smith OG Tennessee 73. Brevin Jordan TE Miami (FL)
  10. slow your roll there buddy oatmeal raisin cookies are awesome
  11. Yeah man, I really can't say how weird it felt seeing that headline after logging on the huddle.
  12. Holy poo. Doubt anyone reads this cares, but Morgan and I were best friends in elementary school. He showed up to the afterschool program one day, think it was the 4th grade or beginning of 5th, and was the new kid and had moved from CO. We drifted as a lot of friends do as we got older, and by highschool we had our own friend circles and didn't talk much anymore, l also believe he had moved back to CO. When we graduated college (same year), I kept an eye out to see if he'd get drafted or signed as a UDFA and shot him a message to congratulate him on signing with the Rams. I remember going to eachother's houses all the time, playing the HELL out of LOTR on the original Xbox and watching re-runs of MTV music videos of bands and songs we liked. Pretty surreal reading this tbh. There were also many, many yu-gi-oh duels.
  13. "Doctors of all disciplines" Googled like 15 names on the list cause I was curious. Not a single epidemiologist.
  14. "facts aren't facts unless I like them!"
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