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  1. Slater was not a LT on our board. He was a guard. Doesn't matter if he was an awesome rookie LT. The team didn't see him that way ...
  2. You'd have to convince him the Panthers are immediate contenders. We're not (due to incompetent coaching). So you can't./dream
  3. Rather draft Pickett at 6, then send 9ers #6 for jimmy g. Average QB with an awesome HC.
  4. When your Defensive scheme is built like ours currently is, it won't matter. We're a speed D team. We are light in the ass up front because they choose to be. They're prioritizing sacks over stopping the run. When a team lined up and punched us in the mouth we didn't adapt by using our bigger DEs. Just kept on with the same game plan.
  5. We'd get beat in the run game like normal. It wouldn't move the needle in the W/L column.
  6. Idk if anyone actually read what he actually said. He didn't like Sam at pick 3. Because of his mechanics, but that he'd be a good QB. He also said Rosen was the most pro ready in the draft.
  7. Its just my opinion, but I don't think his game transitions to the pros. Always have to wonder about bama QBs. Especially one built like a stick.
  8. Coming up with plays and knowing situational football are two different things. Doesn't matter how good the plays are if you use the wrong play at the wrong time...
  9. I'll probably be poo'd, but Young is waaay overrated IMO.
  10. 5 years in the league. All his strengths and weakness are apparent now. He is what he is. I expect the Team to eat most of his remaining contract and try to dump him off to be some teams backup.
  11. We don't have to give anyone a shot. Fans don't make the decisions. Non of it really matters. Unless Rhule completely changes the trajectory of his career and some how becomes competent. He'll be gone. There's no other way this goes.
  12. If you expected some top flight OC to come here, you were being delusional.
  13. "Rockstar" OC!?!? I think they meant, pornstar OC. Someone whose used to getting fugged on the ass.
  14. Insanity! First time I can remember a VAST majority of fans are on the same page. And that page is fire rhule.
  15. CJ had great coverage. Another inch and it was deflected. Great pass and a good catch.
  16. After the 1st round, we don't have another selection till the 4th, barring a trade down. Imo you can't count on those late rounders to help make an immediate impact. Which RHule will need to help him stay employed here. And if I had to wager, they take Pickett in rd1 giving Thule ties to him and Teppers ties to Pitt panthers.
  17. Not enough draft capital to solely rely on the draft. Rhule will be forced to over pay in FA. And make trades to try and save his ass.
  18. For his coach. Then he recouped two of the three.
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