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  1. Bound to end up a commie.
  3. Wonder if Howell finally goes to SEA?
  4. No one announced this pick...?
  5. Atl isn't going QB. They'll get #1 pick in 23'...
  6. if Hollywood Brown can be traded, I believe Anderson can as well.
  7. IMO BC will be a weak link, playing out of position at LG.
  8. He may have been tradable, before he was restructured, this off season. Not so much now.
  9. Yep. It'll be a trade down for Howell, Ridder or Corral. Then try and land a guard with the added pick.
  10. Sooo. We added solid players to our weakest position group. Improved the LB corps and Dline. Got more qualified assistant coaches to tank!?!? Doesn't sound remotely logical. We wont be worse than last year, despite shitty qb/coaching. We will win games in spite of them. Based on the run game/defense alone. We aren't the worst team in league.
  11. This is accurate. Also I'm not banging the table for him, but people are dismissing one of the best ACC QB seasons of all time. You can question why it took 5 years. You can't question that it was a great season on his part.
  12. All that and you didn't answer the question.. You said he didn't have a great season. Only a good one. What would it have took for you to consider it a great season???
  13. Most TDs in a season in acc history. 5th in yards for a season. 300 yards out of the #1 spot, isn't great? What numbers would he had too have put up, to have, what you would consider a "great" season???
  14. ATL going to end up with Young or Stroud next year. That's a 3 win roster.
  15. Yeah. I'm hoping at worst we find a linemen to push Elf to the bench.
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