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  1. He had a pretty good game, with his feet, against GB.
  2. I would imagine both will be starting at some point this season. I would assume it's the mental part of the game and not the physical part,that's keeping them from starting rn.
  3. We usually work out players on Tuesday. May hear about a signing soon. Or maybe bring up the PS player...
  4. A divisional rivals loss, is a Panthers win.
  5. That would be an utterly stupid move, considering he had one successful season and hasn't even played one snap in a meaningful game for us...
  6. We're only carrying two RBs and no PR. But hopefully we don't use future picks to fill those spots.
  7. So back when the U was buying it's talent???
  8. Seeing as we only have 2 RBs , that's a safe bet.
  9. Would definitely be an upgrade over Paradis.
  10. Brees appeared in the game last night, for a moment. He honestly came across as dull and boring af.
  11. There were rumors going around about JJ retiring earlier this year. Have to go with the young guy
  12. Yeah, the interior oline looked to be the weak spot. Coaches really need to rethink the starting 5.
  13. No. We traded perryman and our 7th for a 6th. We traded the 7th we got for little to get the kicker
  14. Ravens turn out a fair amount of kickers. Last one they traded, pulled a 5th rounder. I imagine Verity would require a 5th/6th as well.
  15. I believe he purchased plane tickets to have "massage therapist" flown in. If there is a paper trail and he brought those women in from out of state for the purpose of sex. He could be charged in trafficking. Will he...? Who knows.
  16. Sex trafficking will probably be the worst of the charges. Because he was bringing in girls from other states.
  17. If there's no Robbie or DJ, I'd expect more run plays. So 3/5 for 25 and we're left still wondering
  18. Or perhaps the WRs take personal responsibility for there part and Sam takes responsibility for his. I know crazy right...
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