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  1. Being a millionaire in this world solves lots of inconvenient problems.
  2. Fug Fatt Fhule and fug MoRon Rivera. Don’t worry, HC’ing sucksters and hj’ers, Fatt and MoRon will be fine post-career beta-boy millionaires, so dry your tears!
  3. Yeah, I’m sure Cam is as eager as a beaver to be disrespected and thrown under the bus by Fatt Fhule again.
  4. Additionally, another Huddle “hot take” favorite, Carson Strong, didn’t even get drafted. If I remember correctly, some wanted to trade down in the 1st and take him with that lower 1st round pick.
  5. Why not? Seems like an interesting discussion point to me.
  6. So basically the thought process was “What would Marty Hurney do?” Then do the opposite. Solid thinking.
  7. That GIF is from The Lawrence Welk Show, brother, and has *nothing* to do with country music! lol (Trust me, in my day, I watched *too damn many* episodes of The Lawrence Welk Show, so I know what I'm talking about.)
  8. JFC, it took this long, but we finally agree on something. We could power the whole damn country at the RPM that George Jones, Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash are spinning in their graves.
  9. You obviously have spent all (or 99%) of your life in cornbread/cracker country and not in southeast Atlanta (where Cam was born and grew up). Oh, wait... "Canadian"... now I understand.
  10. I got married in ‘89, gained a wonderful step-son in the process. Divorced in 1991. Fast forward to 2022, I still treat that wonderful kid like he’s my own.
  11. People hate Cam because they WANT to hate Cam. Including a hefty percentage of Carolina “fans” who are complete and utter misanthropes. They usually begin their posts, re: Cam Newton, like this: ”I’m Cam’s biggest fan! BUT… “ ”I *love* Cam! BUT… “ ”Cam is my favorite player! BUT… “ Sure fire sign of the misanthropic liar.
  12. I think it supported and agreed with your point quite nicely since Tom Brady was picked in the sixth round of that draft (because thats what I was doing, AGREEING WITH YOU). And I chose that year because it was the obvious one that immediately came to mind and I didn’t feel like doing in depth research into other years to find another. Sorry for agreeing with the point you were making, bro! I didn’t realize that finding franchise starters deep in the draft was a modern phenomenon and could have never, ever happened in the ancient days of the year 2000!
  13. I agree. Fingers crossed. My post was just another instance of regret of this organization's foolish expenditure of valuable draft capital on “rescue project” veterans because Rhule thinks he’s the smartest person in the room in whatever room he finds himself in.
  14. Back in the 2000 draft, only one QB was selected in the first two rounds (Chad Pennington). I bet people were saying “there are no franchise QBs in this draft” back then too.
  15. Good (and easy) pick. Long, long, long, long, LONG overdue.
  16. Yep. Don’t make that stupid, moronic, idiotic, foolish, arrogant, naive, narcissistic trade of a 2nd round pick for Sam Darnold and the Panthers are sitting pretty for a nice, young, developmental QB right now. That’s sour spilt milk and bitter tears under the bridge at this point though, ain’t it?
  17. “Sam Darnold has no more excuses” The same applies to Fat Fhule.
  18. Scots-Irish are the greatest warriors the USA has ever produced. Example One: George Patton.
  19. So Rhule is such a micro-manager he doesn’t allow his assistant coaches (who have direct eyes on their position’s players 100% of the time during practices) to choose the starters as they see fit? Gotta tell ya, NOT surprised at that.
  20. More likely is the fact that the Panthers just-less-than-perpetual-mediocrity consistently places them in a draft position where you are easily screwed.
  21. Worded differently: “Rock Hill chose not to debt the public checkbook funded by average citizens and small businesses in order to fund a multi-billionaire’s vanity project.”
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