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  1. Look guys ^^^^^↑ Its mountain people. You sure do got a purty mouth...boy. Does that make you feel at home? Never seen mountian folk before.
  2. Too bad they don't make band aids for feels. Some of you guys embarrass me as a fan.
  3. 107 MFS from Salthawks land + Carolina win Sunday = Monday *crickets*
  4. Just read the "Fear" thread. Everyone of them spells Olsen like Olson. I mean like 6 fuggn posters. Oh and @Cary Kollins called them out on it and they paid him no mind. Fugging idiots.
  5. Our mods know that come Sunday night this will be good laugh/mock material. That's why they are mods. They moderate the fun.
  6. We beat the Saltadderall Salthawks. And we're gonna do it again. Nuff said.
  7. Yes, I've got more of a chance of winning the powerball than seeing you on this board Sunday night. Now go get your fu(king shine box, you silly fu(k.
  8. @WeAre12 You ever get your sh!T pushed in? No? Come Sunday at about 4:00PM come back to this board and tell us what its like. *wink*
  9. Damn dude didn't realize you were a hawks fan. Referencing 2 Panthers games as the worst playoff games in NFL history sure shows your colors. Lol.
  10. There was this guy one time I think his name was @Pox 08 or something who told me this game was not the worst pplayoff game in history that our car/ar game was. What a jack ass. Remember that @Pox 08? Man those were good times.
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