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  1. I think 25. But it could be 24. Luke might have to wait a couple of years just because he only played 8 years. It took Terrell Davis how many years to get in and he won 2 super bowls, an MVP and rushed to 2000 yards in 1 season. But he only played 6 years.
  2. We currently have 10 sacks on the season. It took us 9 games to get to that number last year.
  3. A competent O line is more valuable than a competent corner. You can't fix a O line with 1 player.
  4. Is this for all those people that never got to see the SCP post way back when?
  5. Never judge a team by their best game or worse game. That may have been NO best game.
  6. I don't know if anyone noticed this or not but Heartsfield left the game in the early part of the 3rd quarter. When he left the game the Jets had something like 80 yards of offense in the game. Our defense was mixing coverages on almost ever play. After he left we put Chandler in at safety and Chinn moved to nickle. The Jets scored 14 points and had almost 200 yards of offense. We played exclusively zone after Heartsfield left. If he can't play next week this defense becomes much more predictable. Just saying.
  7. I left a fresh box of diapers in my old locker. Looks like you will need them now more than I do.
  8. He's not wrong. Also on CMC last run, to seal the game, Ian Thomas and Anderson both had really good blocks on the edge.
  9. Shaq, Darnold, and the whole Dline. Maybe the Jet's Oline is poo, but our Dline looked like a playoff defense by itself today.
  10. People forget how many injuries we had last year. CMC yeah but Jackson missed a ton of time with his foot and the games he played a lot of time he was out by halftime. The OL in general was all banged up on the left side all season. Thoes were or 2 weakest positions and we were still in most all of the games and with a better qb probably win 7 or 8 games. So I see 8 games min with a max of 12. I will go 11 wins. And if people really think the Saints are going to be good I don't get what they are seeing. If they win at least 8 games I will find Alice and give him a kiss. I think they are a 5 or 6 win team.
  11. The problem with having so many guys that can play multiple positions is that you really don't have many quality backups for any 1 position. Reddick and Luvu are olb/de. They are really not off ball lb. If Shaq or Carter goes down then Chinn moves back to lb and someone else (Heartsfield) replaces him. You end up moving 2 guys around on defense and changing the way your defense runs instead of just replacing him with just a guy off the bench. If changes the way your defense communicates and plays. Like moving Moton to LT if Irving gets hurt. It changes the way the whole ol plays because you change both tackles.
  12. This is what the Seahawks have done every since they drafted Wilson. Don't draft one guy who plays 1 position really well. Instead, draft a bunch of guys who can play a bunch of position ok. Then mix and match until you find something that works. I hope it works here better than it has with the Seahawks.
  13. Cam's first 4 preseason games of 2011 he completed under 50% of his passes and threw for 1 TD. Then he goes out in his first 2 regular season game and throws for 400 yards in each and 3 TD's. Just wait is all I am saying
  14. This time Kurt looks at the defense. Not the players just really what they do scheme wise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1X3kifgKcA
  15. Well they need someone at corner. If you look at the corners on their roster they have Lattimore, Brian Pool, Prince Amukamara who's 90 and did not play last year, and a bunch of rookies and guys you never heard of or who have not play anything but special teams in years if ever. Their DT are about the same.
  16. Yes. 5 modern era of the guys still eligible. Then after like 15 years you go off the ballot I think and it's a write in thing, I think. I think this is the last year for Sam Mills FYI.
  17. I mean Eric Shelton is eligible too. What's your point. Gross was a really good O-lineman. He's not a Hall of Famer.
  18. Just a question. How many guys, who never started LT in college, got moved to LT in the NFL and ended up being good? I know Jason Peters, but he was a TE in college. I am sure there is I just can't think of anyone.
  19. Sometimes it's not fluid, it's just fat. Speaking from experience.
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