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  1. So where is any video of Matt throwing today with vets ???
  2. Either be Malik at 6 or top tackles then trade fourth or 5th for baker or trade down still pick o-line and trade for baker
  3. It’s happening Rhule being fired Friday!!!
  4. Per #rapsheet panthers are offering a 2023 1st for baker say it’s not true…
  5. One you don’t compromise a QB selection based on picking up more draft picks if they think Malik Willis upside is to great to pass on then he is the pick at 6 cause he very well could be gone at 8 or 9 we have a left tackle in Brady had really high pff number when he played LT so i think Willis will be the pick at 6 o-line is set up for Sam darnold to have success for half the season while Willis gets his feet under him. However I do believe he will catch on quicker than most think he’s very smart humble kid.
  6. If they like Willis then he is the pick he is projecting to go at 9 so why not 6
  7. Panfan35


    I just don’t see the need to draft a LT high in the draft Brady is just as big and had his best games at LT tackle spend in FA on a center and guard then QB round 1
  8. Panfan35


    Now after the Seattle trade, Seattle is being mocked Malik at 9 I would be ok drafting him at 6 here’s why Hi character Guy and if he runs the 40 in the time everyone thinks being a 4.38-4.41 A cannon for an arm with Accuracy thrives in throwing on the run and he’s very football smart and a born leader being a inch smaller than Watson I would much rather gamble on Malik than trading three years of draft capital. Thoughts
  9. We are better off just drafting Malik Willis with same measurables only a inch shorter he is gonna post about the same 40 time cannon for a arm with accuracy and smart
  10. If we get a center and guard thru FA then I think we get a Jordan Davis in the first
  11. If he takes the job at Michigan how do we get is a head coach? What’s available? Good time to get a good up-and-coming coach.
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