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  1. Dj Chark followed multiple panther panthers on twitter
  2. 50 catches on 64 targets don’t sound like he has issues catching he is a good all round back big enough to push up the middle and has vision to hit the hole and second gear to run away from linebackers great signing got the best back in free agency
  3. How is Carter even responsible for this accident the staffer was driving the car drunk and made the decision to race even if Carter was right behind them which it sounds like that’s the case cause his car was struck by electric cables from the telephone pole breaking he did not cause the crash and doesn’t have a legal obligation to stay. He would have been tested and charged with dui this is going to turn into a civil suit with a staffer partying with players driving a car leased to the university
  4. Rather keep our picks sign carr for three year deal and pick a qb that falls or later in the draft
  5. I don’t see anything wrong with getting carr draft Richardson and let him sit for a year or two and if carr gets hurt we are covered and no draft picks given up
  6. teams that could draft a Qb texans,colts,seahawks, falcons and raiders and now the saints have enough draft captial to move up to screw us out of Qb hopfully after the combine alot players move up
  7. flowers would be a steal in the 2nd he is top 20 talent
  8. what if we traded a low pick for derrick carr then just stand pat get the best wr in the draft then defensive end and TE with our first three picks i thick carr would have a mvp season in his offense and see what corral has to offer first before we trade away most of our draft capital. besides i think coach really likes carr he tried to trade for him on the colts last year.
  9. Care is not that bad of a idea no matter what an we draft at 9 he will not be ready day 1
  10. I would take Richardson before stroud and young to be honest then TE Darnell Washington in the 2nd 6-7 280 then draft best player
  11. Anthony Richardson train….if we can make a trade back with Detroit for their two 1st plus we could get top 5 DT then Anthony Richardson
  12. We will not be picking QB in the first and we will not be picking in the top 10 looking more like a mid round to 20s so with that in mind top LB or top TE is in play
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