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  1. Think about how many times you saw Robby and dj have separation running up the field only to have teddy throw that 4 yard check down. I said that because darnold is used to throwing to robby deep so there already chemistry there darnold will have more time throw than with the jets everyone will seem to be open with three WR that can take it the distance and the best RB in the league 300-400 yard games are possible granted I know they will be more conservative however the yards will be there. But since we are stuff up I am sticking with my original prediction mainly I want this to be a statemen
  2. All you guys are way off Sam goes out throws over 400 yards 5td and rushes for 40 yards this game will be a td fest Anderson has 2td Moore gets 1 cmc has 1 and number 88 marshal jr gets his first td as well it will be a long day for Wilson don’t see this offense getting more than 10 points on our defense.
  3. Give me the wall name creed day 1 starter 10 yr all pro
  4. Most realistic options slater has elite movement for a Left tackle he is going to be a all pro at the position people talk about arm length is bs look at gross I think he did well here for years tape doesn’t lie fields can’t turn down a future starting QB CB
  5. In the first I think it needs to be OT or CB good with Landon Dickerson in the 2nd then hopefully walker little Even if we need to take little in the 2nd double dip OT
  6. I am more excited after 6 years of playing football Sam darnold has arrived in the nfl he is young with crazy arm talent. He don’t have to do it all with the weapons we have so from that stand point it’s a plus. Looking to beef up the lines and probably more excited to add a true left tackle haven’t seen one here since gross.
  7. Yup every top CB DT OT DE are gonna want QB money
  8. It’s a common phrase used in the nfl usually never herd on the sideline look at the film in that game worst beating he took all year pats were playing cover zero that’s no one over top with man to man on the outside while sending the house. He had no chance in the game, offensive coordinator calling long developing routes meanwhile offensive line wasn’t doing him any favors by time he hit his 3rd step in his drop back he had guys already jumping on his back, he ran for his life the whole game so yeah not the best scenario for success.
  9. Ok so your telling me trey lance can throw with anticipation and lead WRs in order to throw them open if so haven’t seen it, not one time did he lead a wr during his pro day against air just saying anyway think we trade for darnold anyway.
  10. I would take Mac Jones ahead of trey lance purely on QB skills not even close
  11. More than likely we will trade for darnold if it becomes available I still think he a top talented QB in this league just on a team will no help from anywhere. If we get Either him or minshew I really could see us trade down in the draft once or twice to pick up more draft capital. I think this would be the ideal scenario rather overreaching for one in the draft.
  12. Dude are you high or is this a joke!!! you can’t fix accuracy with a better scheme or less or better talent.
  13. You guys making a big deal about how Athletic he’s not but that only gets you so far it come down to throwing the ball with Anticipation and accuracy that’s Mac Jones leading this class of QBs. He has dropped 50+ yard passes in games I don’t care that he can throw it through a wr 15 yards away and hit 70 yard bombs. Above the shoulders your getting a elite QB that’s what I am looking at and his ability to throw WRs open everyone always complaining about panther Qb not placing the ball so our playmakers can keep running
  14. I think Mac Jones is very alive at 8 probably the most smartest and accurate QB in this draft he could be the one we target since right after the pro bowl rhule came out and said we weren’t interested in him what better way to start the game of the draft.
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