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  1. Your right Brady seemed to fill the roll at left tackle we paid moton on the right Tyler linderbaum is the logical pick in the first consider all most of the pressure came from the middle. Blue chip center Fa guard and draft one or two which we will have more draft capital if linderbaum is the Target we will trade down a few times.
  2. It’s a almost guaranteed we trade down a 1-2 times in the first hopefully walk away with linderbaum at OC weakest part of our o-line is the middle. Brady seems to be serviceable at LT we could accumulate a couple 2nds and 3rd round picks by trading down and could use a 2nd on a qb
  3. Love Linderbaum in the first after a couple trade downs no way the jets pick him in the top 10. Pick up a couple 2nds grab Carson strong and Guard in the 2nd or a RB to replace cmc then fill out the o-line makes no sense going OT you build a line inside to outside
  4. Our only option is to get high enough draft pick to trade back a few times to acquire more draft capital then can probably get a qb in the 2nd highest priority I think is Center guards then OT given the opportunity Brady would provide average play at LT given the opportunity he has had the highest grade there when he played
  5. More realistic draft would be either drafting the center from Iowa which is the best center to come out in a while or what will really happen is about 3 trade downs pick in the backend of the first pick up a 2nd and a couple of 3rd round picks
  6. I honestly think it was way convenient for all this to surface the minute he requested a trade and the first one to come forward was a masseuse recommended by the team. Now the truth of the matter is now they want settlements and Watson refused to settle because he is still proclaiming his innocence, the other side can’t prove anything so it’s a stalemate. With the information that’s available I will not judge Watson until there is proof he did something wrong. With more than one team trying to trade for him I would imagine there is no there there.
  7. I am not worried about the Watson Debacle with his accusers wanting to settle out of court Watson is refusing proclaiming he is innocent which now it falls back on the other party to prove anything happen which they can’t so either it goes away Or eventually settle for a lower price to make it go away
  8. I remember that one time we played the falcons maybe with pickles we didn’t throw the ball one time in fear of throwing a int..ran the ball the whole game and won and everyone was calling fir heads to roll cause we didn’t pass the ball. Lol we will only go as far as this o-line takes us which won’t be far shame to waste this defense we got
  9. It don’t matter who is the QB is anyone would look like trash behind this O-line we are playing 4 people who don’t deserve to sniff the field…. Until they fix the line it’s gonna be rinse and repeat every week
  10. This whole game is on the o-line we can’t block anyone don’t matter what QB you put back there
  11. At a certain point he will have no choice but to play brown then he will be the most dominant interior lineman on the team then rhule will say it was part of the plan and how the process works. if he pulls the free agents and replace them with rookies what does that say about his evaluation of players. Oh this guy was a former 1st pick let’s throw stuff at a wall and see what sticks lol
  12. Now just add brown in at guard and we are in business. I think he will only get better the more he plays and he is probably our best LT on the team
  13. If I had a chance to hit that I would have stayed too…
  14. It was funny every time Dallas had a good run and they were praising how well the blocking was you could see 2-3 guys holding
  15. If Brady plays I would put him at his natural position at left tackle first I don’t care how short his arms are he is athletic and brown is probably the strongest and most athletic guards we have why they aren’t playing is a mystery maybe this game will be the tipping point
  16. When they had Brady at Lt and brown at LG in the preseason they looked real solid pancaking guys
  17. Brown should be starting and Brady should be in at left tackle hopefully this is the case in the next couple of weeks
  18. I don’t understand why coach’s think his arms are to short to play LT. him and brown dominated when they were in there together during the preseason which they should because they were going against backups. You can either play LT or you can’t what he lacks in arm length he makes up for with Athleticism. does anyone know what Brady pass rush win rate was during in college stint…it was the best in college .8 %
  19. Think about how many times you saw Robby and dj have separation running up the field only to have teddy throw that 4 yard check down. I said that because darnold is used to throwing to robby deep so there already chemistry there darnold will have more time throw than with the jets everyone will seem to be open with three WR that can take it the distance and the best RB in the league 300-400 yard games are possible granted I know they will be more conservative however the yards will be there. But since we are stuff up I am sticking with my original prediction mainly I want this to be a statement game.
  20. All you guys are way off Sam goes out throws over 400 yards 5td and rushes for 40 yards this game will be a td fest Anderson has 2td Moore gets 1 cmc has 1 and number 88 marshal jr gets his first td as well it will be a long day for Wilson don’t see this offense getting more than 10 points on our defense.
  21. Give me the wall name creed day 1 starter 10 yr all pro
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