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  1. Wow he almost lost his baby possibly. Knew he had mental problems but really no excuse over trying to hit the mother of your would be baby. League and Bills will take account into suspension and fines.
  2. Ready for Christmas Time is Coming!

  3. Well as Reich seems like a very nice person, still think that he will be on his way out and also Fitterer could be too as GM. Just IMHO!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Ready for November!

  6. Ready for October Autumn Winds!

  7. Ready for Cooler Weather!

  8. Hope Bryce Young can be both utilized and well developed. Needs all the help he can get from his OL
  9. Ready for September to Remember!

  10. Ready for August Awareness and Awesomeness!

  11. Well he will have to earn his worth if he really plays consistent but healthy. As well as be a good teammate and a team leader as also keeping out of trouble both on and off the field. Week 1 starter!
  12. Ready for July 4th Fireworks!

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