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  1. He is put on notice. As hope he can breakout. Don't blame it all on him. Due over to having different coaches and schemes. Hopefully the new coaching staff will utilize him.
  2. I think that privately Tepper regrets possibly trading down both CMC and DJ Moore!
  3. Ready for NFL Draft 2024!

  4. May need to pass on Gregory. Maybe someone could help in NFL Draft!
  5. Easter, Spring Fever, April Showers!

  6. Wouldn't want to mess with Cam in or out of uniform! Dude is a beast!
  7. March Madness 2024!

  8. Good luck to you Dave and welcome to Carolina. Hope you will be bringing back winning for years to come.
  9. Ready for SB LVIII and Valentine's Day!

  10. Sounds like the Broncos and Russell Wilson "divorce" will be less than amicable!
  11. Ready for New Year's 2024!

  12. Wow he almost lost his baby possibly. Knew he had mental problems but really no excuse over trying to hit the mother of your would be baby. League and Bills will take account into suspension and fines.
  13. Ready for Christmas Time is Coming!

  14. Well as Reich seems like a very nice person, still think that he will be on his way out and also Fitterer could be too as GM. Just IMHO!
  15. Happy Thanksgiving!

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