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  1. If we can keep running the ball 45 times and have a strong defense we can keep winning.
  2. In all honesty, I wouldn't mind keeping WIlks as HC and he can hire a great offensive mind to run the offense and develop a rookie QB. Campen is a great O line coach. Tabor is one of the best special teams coaches. I don't think we have to tear this down to the studs to be successful, jmho.
  3. I was excited about signing Bozeman, even more so than Corbitt. Then, Rhule didn't let him start. I'm glad he is getting an opportunity now! The guy started at center four years for Baltimore, but sticking with Elflien???
  4. He caught the opening kick off at least!
  5. Also the insane number of batted down balls and fumbled snaps, which resulted in zero yards gained.
  6. WTF is with People Jones???? They can't cover that MFer!!!!
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