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  1. That's cool! It would be great if he was solid at LT! We need some good luck for once.
  2. I'm hyped up about this team this year! I think we are going to turn the corner!
  3. I was on that board a long time, back in the day! Then I came over here. Many good discussions were had there!
  4. I saw him in concert in 2019 in Columbia, SC! Great show!
  5. I think with the drafting of Tremble and the signing of Arnold, which was Arizona's most productive receiver, Ian Thomas has to be gone!
  6. This sucks! I always enjoyed reading his column and hearing his opinions on things. He will be missed!
  7. I will say it! He sucked!!! I remember watching all those games last year, with the ball in his hands, and watched him lose EVERY GAME!!!! Don't throw it 2 yards on 4th and 8!!! WTF!!!! I am so glad he's gone. AT least, Darnold isn't afraid to sling it down field. You can teach a guy how to play better football. You can't teach Teddy to have some cajones.
  8. I kinda figured we would play the Jets. Sam Darnold revenge game!
  9. I saw a story about this mill this morning on WCNC. The residents near the mill are complaining about the toxins coming from the paper mill. One guy has been to the ER three times, due to having asthma attacks brought on by the fumes. The residents that live near it are furious and trying to pressure the government to do something. I will say, if there is air scrubbers to stop the fumes produced by the mill, then they should have to install them.
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