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  1. I really wanted an OT in the first round! When Sewell was picked I was deflated. Then I thought for sure Fitty would draft Slater. NOPE a CB. So, I thought, ok there are some good linemen left in the 2nd round. NOPE a WR! We already had DJ and Robby! This team has been absolutely awful on the Oline for years! If we had a good Oline we would have won the Super Bowl in 2015. I’m just sick of it!
  2. The Panthers during last offseason, when even just fans knew their O line was going to be poo.
  3. I don’t think he is that good. He lost his starting spot and was just play Special teams and requested a trade. Maybe, he would be good for depth? Possible Convert him to safety.
  4. Damn Miller you are terrible! I guess he’s competing with Daley on who is the worse guard. Winner buys the other one a moped!
  5. I am thinking with Stephon Gilmore (25 ints), we might get more interceptions and little Russ won't be as lucky!
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