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  1. Excellent write up SameDamnThing!!! I’m trying to love having Mark Williams. I got excited drafting Duren, only to immediately trade him. Hopefully, Williams will be the better player!!! Now we need another good defender!
  2. I hope that's not the case!
  3. Great breakdown of how teams can basically circumvent the salary cap for several years.
  4. When the game is for real Sam will start seeing ghosts! Play Corral!!!
  5. Sam Darnold for Baker Mayfield straight up!
  6. Training camp to be held in Charlotte with free fan attendance every day?
  7. Russell Wilson was a centerfold.
  8. Yeah, wait until he has real pass rushers and he can get hit! Then he will see more ghosts!
  9. I have an authentic black Rodney Peete jersey still! I wonder if I can get a matching name plate for the back for Corral?
  10. Or Jay-Z. Then, he and Rhule could have been on the same 7 year plan!
  11. Thanks Ellis!!! Good job as always!
  12. I hope this doesn't happen. If Darnold poo's the bed (likely to happen), I want to see Corral play!
  13. I think I want Quinn Snyder! His teams play some defense and also score. Maybe we can get Gobert as a big man!
  14. Which is what should have happened in the first place. How do you give a guy that has never been a coach in the NFL (except that one year on the Giants) full roster control. I trust Fitty (25 years NFL experience) and Dan Morgan (2nd best MLB for the Panthers and front office guy). If Rhule can just become the executive rah rah coach, and let the experienced NFL coaches coach, if we get a QB, we might have something.
  15. I really want Howell!!! I think he could be really good!
  16. Yes! That's what I found interesting. If he hadn't of traded the 2nd for Darnold.
  17. It sounded like they might be thinking of trading to get a selection tonight. Fitty said there is still a couple QBs they had a 1st round grade on sitting there.
  18. Fug yes!!!! The tackle I wanted!!! Staying in Charlotte!
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