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  1. They should have traded Burns and the 8th pick overall, for the number 1 pick and possibly kept the other picks. How good would DJ Moore be with Bryce Young?
  2. I think when better plays are called and Bryce has an offensive line that gives him time to throw, he will be good! It looks like a Gotdamn jail break on the O line almost every damn play. He has no time to throw, and especially pressured up the middle. There is a reason New Orleans always had those stout pro-bowl offensive guards, it allowed Brees to step up in the pocket. Bryce can almost never do that, so far.
  3. The Carolina Panthers have been abysmal at drafting Wide Receivers for some reason: 2023- Jonathan Mingo | Round 2, Pick 39 WR, Ole Miss 2021- Terrace Marshall Jr. | Round 2, Pick 59 WR, LSU 2021- Shi Smith | Round 6, Pick 204 WR, South Carolina 2019- Terry Godwin | Round 7, Pick 237 WR, Georgia 2018- DJ Moore | Round 1, Pick 24 WR, Maryland 2017- Curtis Samuel | Round 2, Pick 40 WR, Ohio State 2014- Kelvin Benjamin | Round 1, Pick 28 WR, Florida State 2012- Joe Adams | Round 4, Pick 104 WR, Arkansas 2011- Kealoha Pilares | Round 5, Pick 132 WR, Hawaii 2010- Brandon LaFell | Round 3, Pick 78 WR, LSU 2010- Armanti Edwards | Round 3, Pick 89 WR, Appalachian State 2010- David Gettis | Round 6, Pick 198 WR, Colorado State-Pueblo 2007- Dwayne Jarrett | Round 2, Pick 45 WR, USC 2007- Ryne Robinson | Round 4, Pick 118 WR, Miami (OH) Wow, look at this list!!!! Something I noticed is the Carolina Panthers would often go two years without drafting a single Wide Receiver, but damn they had to take a Linebacker almost every single year! When they did draft a WR with the exception of DJ Moore (good 1st round), Brandon Lafell (serviceable) and Curtis Samuel (just ok). They have almost NEVER drafted a WR in the first round! This organization needs better talent evaluators on Wide outs!!!!!!!
  4. Trade Burns straight up for Tee Higgins!
  5. Clearly a catch, foot and knee hit inbounds, retained possession to the ground!
  6. If he doesn't live up to that top Edge rusher contract tier this year, he will be devalued next year. Should have traded him when his stock was high!
  7. Salesman (SCP) is the goat of huddle posters! Great write up and I hope we win!
  8. Straight up! Take that deal and run!
  9. All of the national media is all over the Falcons as being a playoff team. I just don't see it. I can some what understand the Saints, but not the Falcons.
  10. Didn't the Patriots do that to the Panthers before?
  11. How about a Troy Hill Superb Owl thread!
  12. Despite the O line getting constantly stunted and beat, Bryce had great footwork and threw with anticipation. When is the last time we had a QB that had both of those? I don't ever remember. If we can get the O line problems ironed out (I am sure we will), our offense can getting rolling!
  13. I know it’s preseason, 27-0 still made me feel like:
  14. Zavala absolutely will make the final roster!
  15. They could do something like the MLS or NBA luxury tax, and give some kind of QB position exemption on the salary cap. Like 50% is not counted towards the cap space. Of course, the owners probably wouldn't like it because that's more money out of their pockets, because they don't make enough money on tv deals, tickets, merchandise, food, etc...
  16. Don't get me wrong. I am glad we lost and then could make the trade up to number one to get Young. I hate losing, but it was a blessing, in hindsight. My point was, this team is not a bottom dweller, win 4 or 5 games type team with this talent, imho.
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