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  1. Why we have an empty backfield for 3rd and 2!!!!
  2. I agree 100%! One game at a time!!! We're on to Houston!
  3. Fox loved him some prevent defense. Julius Peppers, Kris Jenkins, Brenston Buckner, and Mike Rucker carried that defense. Our secondary wasn't very good. This team's defense is much more balanced. It's too early to say they will be as good as 2003, but they have the potential.
  4. Fug the Saints and their dirty play. Trying to take out McCaffery with a blow to the head and then one of their dirty low blocks to the knees of an Offensive linemen. Same old dirty saints! Jameis can eat that L and choke on it!!!
  5. Feels good to start with a W!!!
  6. So, Sam is the opposite of Teddy Bridgewater! I like it!
  7. How bout them Cowboys!!!! Let's go big D!!! (I feel dirty)
  8. We might actually catch fire and win the division! We are undefeated right now!
  9. Yes! he caught zero passes in the preseason. But, he might catch one or two this week!
  10. I hope Darnold has a huge day and makes them look like fools!
  11. I'm not too sold on Howell after that VT game. Maybe he will look better next game!
  12. Panthers 21 Jets 13 Panthers Defense is pretty dominant. Panthers offense gets 3 touchdowns. Sam Darnold has a decent game, 240 yards 2 TDs , No int! Panthers win!
  13. Wow!!! NC looked terrible.
  14. For years we heard about how Cam was improved on his footwork, and then when the real games started he threw off his back foot often. I hope Darnold can actually improve and be really arcuate. He has the physical tools to be great. With our roster (except for a couple O linemen) I'm feeling pretty good!
  15. Grier looked like he has improved alot! I was hoping we would keep him.
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