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  1. That OL and what they have tremble doing. Also, who is doing punt returns?
  2. If you are drafting and developing well you shouldn't have to be giving out too many long term deals. Just keep churning out that talent and keep plenty of room to keep/bring in special talent. Btw...I'm not saying that's what we have a history of doing. Would like for it to be trilue going forward though.
  3. Cutting Boston loose was not an iffy move. He was a liability that we were paying too much for. And all the comparisons between Fields and Horn or Fields and Darnold are silly. If you are going to compare him to either, compare him to both, because that's essentially what the choice was...Darnold + Horn or Fields.
  4. I could see him go to Denver and be with Teddy. Who do they have over there?
  5. Might be on to something. Kind of crowded here. He'll be the 3rd or 4th option now.
  6. I think he probably just wants to go to Florida.
  7. And S.A.M. is a weaker nickname than sCam. A troll that keeps it up won't be here much longer.
  8. The open man with the best opportunity.
  9. i used to be able to change people's names in here. I may or may not have had a bit of fun with a few trolls back then.
  10. relevant to who though? i mean if that's their market then fine, but still...why?
  11. We'll roll with who we have on the roster and try to find the answer...unless one miraculously becomes available. Yes. Most likely the answer is on the roster. (It was tough writing that) They'll play around with it, though, to find the right combination on the left side.
  12. @Trainwreck the fact that you throw so much poo is further evidence that you are full of poo.
  13. i'll buy that. i'll buy about anything other than TB was just better in all facets or aliens/conspiracy theory revealed through numerology.
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