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  1. the reason that i am as high on sammy is that he isn't the safe game managing option that teddy was. i want NOTHING to do with that. i don't want him to play i safe. i don't want him to be just a system guy. i want him to be in an offense that spreads out the offense, gives him lots of options, but also lots of freedom to play sandlot ball and be the scrambling gunslinger that i know can win us games and make it fun to watch.
  2. so what you are saying is...we've got legit options and a little depth?
  3. one advantage that sam has over carr was the situation that they came into. the coaching staff that carr walked into was not known for developing players, esp. QBs. fox didn't want anything to do with that. the OC at the time, Jeff Davidson..... The QB coach, Mike McCoy....he was a nice guy, but he wasn't a good coach at all. meanwhile, developing talent is this coaching staff's specialty. rhule is a teacher by education and a psychologist by nature. i just can't imagine a better situation and atmosphere to be brought into if you were trying to do a reboot on your career and were willing to put in the work.
  4. basic human understanding and perception. Some people are more broken than others. some people are able to handle adversity better. some people have endured more and bear the results more. any of these factors come into play here. darnold is younger and had less time in a bad situation with less battle damage than carr. carr was absolutely not ready mentally to start again. that much was clear from anyone around him or close to the situation. very few who know darnold or have been around darnold or who are close to the situation feel that he isn't ready to take on another starting job. there is a huge gulf between their situations and personalities and mental readiness in stepping into another starting job after their first one. carr ≠ darnold
  5. there were no redeeming qualities about that team. pure poo on all levels for years. much of the reason for that trainwreck was charlie casserly who was engineering that whole thing. that's why i can't stand listening to anything he says. he has NO credibility whatsoever.
  6. i wish there was some way we could get rhule to coach the senior bowl again without sucking. it's such a good opportunity.
  7. don't forget chuba is a good receiver himself and then there's dan arnold and it looks like they are going to be working up tremlble as well. this offense is frikkin stacked.
  8. a few years back i got into some argument in here with someone who said professional teams wouldn't and didn't use smokescreens thinking that it was just a myth. these guys know how to manipulate the media and other teams. they are always playing the game with each other. plus these upcoming players have agents who are also playing the game as well. you never know who to trust or not trust so you take every thing you read and hear with a grain of salt. teams that play it really well you never know what they are going to do.
  9. you could tell the bucs really didn't like that call but they did it anyways. i don't think it would have taken much for a full on mutiny. supposedly he treated every single player like a child and yelled at them constantly like they were idiots. gruden was known to be a demeaning and condescending jackass to the players, but i don't think he was anywhere near the level of schiano.
  10. that receiving corps is insane. can not WAIT to see it in action.
  11. i really felt bad for the guy, especially after getting booed off the field here. i remember his brother used to post in here when david first got here during training camp and he was so proud of david and you could tell he was really trying to pump the guy up in every way he could, but there was too much damage done.
  12. normally i am more than ok with a division rival having a crappy HC, but schiano was dangerous. i mean he was going to get someone killed. that whole poo with blitzing on the final play kneel down twice...i mean what a putz. if he didn't get someone seriously hurt with his crap, he was going to get himself hurt by either a player or coach from another team or by someone on his own team. EVERYONE hated him, probably none more than the guys on his team. i honestly felt bad about them. well...not really, but i could have.
  13. the big thing i remember is that he came in here shell-shocked. I mean the guy was absolutely pummeled for years. Sacked almost 250 times in 5 year, three of those years he led the league in sacks. i looked and in his rookie year he was sacked 76 times. the guy never had a chance. he had no help from houston at all. i don't know how mentally secure he was heading into houston, but by the time he got here he was a shell of a guy. he needed time to recover and i guess the plan was to sit behind and be mentored by an aging jake and then eventually take over. i think it was a good plan because carr had some real talent, but mentally he was beaten down. the problem was that jake got beat up by tommy johns and carr had to take over. they brought in vinny to take pressure off, but vinny was about ready to start receiving social security checks and enroll in medicare so he was limited in what he could do. carr had to take over before he was mentally able to and it showed. he got booed off the field and then got put on the injured list missing a game because of "fragile psyche." essentially, he wasn't mentally ready to play when he got here and he was forced into it and it was a disaster for him and the team. the biggest difference between carr and darnold is the mental shape they were/are in when they got here. darnold got out before he was damaged goods and it seems like he's got a stronger mental foundation than carr did.
  14. i think i am. i don't think we'll be seeing a consistent scheme. i see it being constantly changing depending on who we are playing and what they are doing and i think it will be something that keeps opposing offenses frustrated. I'm really hoping that it will more like belichick's defense than anything we've ever seen here. i see us rushing 4 consistently, but from a variety of positions and out of a variety of formations. i think he has the personnel he needs to pull off what he wants to do unlike last year.
  15. special teams is the only part of the team i don't have any confidence in. I just hope games don't come down to ST play.
  16. i think what we see this year will be much different than what we saw last year...much more creative and aggressive. we were thin personnel-wise and very young. first year with the new D, first year without Luke. there was going to be an adjustment. that just isn't going to be the case this year.
  17. good luck with that, because if you are the guy (which is how it's looking) we're going to need it. i hope the offseason work pays off. the guy makes me nervous.
  18. so that was you...hmmm. probably not a good idea to let that out.
  19. yes, but they weren't horrible last year. kind of middle of thee pack. they should be better this year. but yeah...the OL is the only thing that could hold him/them back, but i still don't think it will be much of a hinderance to their success.
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