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  1. I don't want to return to 2015. I want to win a lombardi. That only happens if you move forward.
  2. Go get Stafford and spend the draft and off-season focusing on the OL.
  3. saw them open up for def leppard on this tour. what a night. from beginning to end just an incredible show from both bands.
  4. getting ready for a backpacking trip with some friends next month. got this song on my brain.... i guess i like this version a bit better....
  5. which is an incredible cover of this song that was favorite of mine long ago....
  6. my brother turned me on to these guys a couple days ago. very strong king crimson vibe. totally dominates aural space. whole lot of orange in there as well.
  7. one of only a couple songs i ever wished i used a pick to play on bass. really wore my fingers out. loved that bass line.
  8. when julio had that ball stripped and the defender was running downfield my 8 year old daughter asked if the falcons were playing tag football. lol
  9. just bumping this back to the back of the thread....just in case anyone still thinks this is possible or a good idea and that it is something he wants.
  10. its funny. last week a gulls fan was talkinv about us being frauds becaus we haven't played any teams with a winning record, but seattle didn't have one either so they fit the narrative that fan was running with. this week an eagles fan talks about us being frauds because we havent faced any good QBs tbis year (which i agree), but they have bradford. do they not see what they are doing?
  11. knock it off. if you want to talk about baseball, take it here: http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/forum/20-mlb-major-league-baseball/
  12. watching the jaxville fans take over that crappy boat field may make that game worth watching. well...maybe for another 10 minutes before i start feeling bad for the bucs. ok...so i won't feel bad for them, but still it would only be a novelty that would wear off after just a few minutes of watching. overall, i just can't imagine any game be worth me staying awake for (which i don't really need to do because i have to be at work at 10:30 tonight).
  13. wow, that would be like watching the ravens play here when we had wolverine playing QB. actually probably worse. on the upside for raymond james, it will probably be the best concession sales they've had in years.
  14. hoping for a miracle in atlanta today. just can't see it happening. saints..meh, they were about .500 as an away team when they were good. now that they suck again i just can't see them winning in philly, even tho i think philly is overrated. i want to say that the TB/jax game is interesting just because of how bad both teams are, but i'd be lying. i can't imagine watching more than 5 minutes of it.
  15. Well, That Was A Quick Attempt To Hijack A Thread.
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