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  1. when he got hired, vick was the QB...which is why petrino took the job. vick got into trouble before petrino could start coaching him and never got to use him, which is why he bailed.
  2. my goal was to stay awake through the whole game this week. for the most part i did but it wasn't easy. i caught myself snoozing more than a few times. i'm not really interested in seeing if i can do it again.
  3. they weren't just proud. they were talking about being a for sure playoff team and they were getting things lined up for a playoff run. it went straight up to their heads so fast it lifted their feet off the ground.
  4. rhule tried to eliminate that....which he actually succeeded in doing. thanks, rhule. new culture rhule was bringing in was absence of character and excitement.
  5. no it doesn't. we've seen several teams recently that go from top 5 pick to top 5 teams within a couple years. a coach that knows what he's doing doesn't need more than a couple seasons. if it takes more than 3, you've got the wrong coach.
  6. i see people post poo like this often. last week it was "if he cured cancer people would still hate him." what i want to know is where is the ridiculously unfair criticism that supposed level headed fans see so much of? people dislike him as a coach because he doesn't know how to win on the pro level and barely had it figured out on the college level and even then never saw any sustained success. so again....these unfair criticisms, if people are actually doing it enough that you and others feel the need to call it out, please share..... i'll be waiting.
  7. Please let all rhule love stay in here so other threads aren't polluted.
  8. Responsibility of coaching is to get the players ready to play to win.
  9. He was actually pretty much completely in the Richardson should be gone camp, so again....not sure what you were trying to say and your explanation didn't help. I seriously doubt he misses JR even if he doesn't like tepper. It is possible to be glad JR is done and wish we had a better owner. I know I do, just like I am still glad Rivera and fox are gone and I want Rhule gone.
  10. He was actually pretty much completely in the Richardson should be gone camp, so again....not sure what you were trying to say and your explanation didn't help. I seriously doubt he misses JR even if he doesn't like tepper. It is possible to be glad JR is done and wish we had a better owner.
  11. We lost. That's the only thing that matters. We lost. We've been losing. We keep losing.
  12. Pretty much where I was and now I just want to move on. I saw the flaws last year in spades and realized that this isn't going to be getting any better.
  13. Why the hell does this matter? Have you never been wrong about anything? Meh... worthless thread that doesn't do anyone any good.
  14. I'm no bandwagon fan. Don't accuse anyone who has been a fan of the team for 25-30 years a bandwagon fan. It's not just because we are losing that I don't care. We've had horrible seasons before. Remember there were two years we had the worst record in the league and most of us stuck around because we had hope that things would turn around. Even if we finished winning no games, at least there was this sense that next year would be different with a new coaching staff. And before we had those bad seasons, we had some good ones. When we got a new coach last time, it was supposed to get better.....it didn't. Now it just feels we are stuck and the worst part of it is we are stuck with a coach who isn't getting better and an owner who won't let him go and we've been promised 5 more years. Its been so long since we've had a winning team and we are committed to a holding pattern of suck. Now I can't say this is the case for anyone else, but it's just not fun for me anymore. Before I planned my schedule around Panthers games and my family has had to put up with a lot. They've been ok with it, but I've still felt bad at times. Days where we lost and there was no hope of us winning, I hung in there till the end and my family waited. Panthers were that important to me. They just aren't anymore. And the thing is, I don't feel bad about it. If the Panthers turn the page from the Rhule era, I might start to care, but I've got no confidence in this era with Rhule. I've got no hope it faith in this team anymore and I have no reason to believe that it will get any better with Rhule. I've seen nothing to inspire any confidence whatsoever. I'm just tired of it all and don't see much reason to waste my time with this team I've loved since i first heard was coming to the Carolinas nearly 30 years ago. If Rhule goes I'll give it another chance, but as long as he's here I'm just going to find something else to do. I'm no bandwagon fan, but I am a tired fan who is likely going to move on from watching if we don't move on from Rhule. I won't be trading my jersey in for another. I'll just be finding more interesting games to watch or finding more interesting things to do.
  15. I have a hard time getting excited about anyone in this team because I don't expect them to be used well.
  16. I stopped caring last year. It's just pathetic. I hate it. I want to have a reason to believe, but until we get rid of that college coach, we're going to keep looking like a college team playing against pro players.
  17. This was a match between two not very good teams, a first year coach and someone who looks like it's his first year coaching, two defenses that looked better than they actually are playing against bad offenses built around great runningbacks that they don't use very well. Overall just a bad game between bad teams who are going to be picking in the top 10 next year and the worst managed team lost. It was hard watching all the way to the end, but I did and I can't say it was time well spent. Point is, it really isn't going to get any easier for us. This was probably the most winnable game outside of maybe the falcons this year, and Rhule didn't have this team ready to go and couldn't manage a win against a bad team led by a first year coach. We've seen what he can't do....win. I think we've seen enough. Problem is tepper will keep letting Rhule have his way. I just don't see the axe falling any time soon.
  18. Sorry....the same entity loses every week. The Panthers led by Matt Rhule. Winners find a way to make it happen. Losers keep coming up with excuses.
  19. The problem is that all of training camp need d to be the starting OL working together developing chemistry and the starting center developing chemistry with the starting QB. But no...we had to have a "competition".
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