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Tony Elliott declines interview with Carolina


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28 minutes ago, Pantherzack179812 said:

I forgot to add that most of the coaches have their kids enrolled at CU and they all attend for 0. When you make 1.2 million, you'd think they wouldn't care about that, but after taxes that is like 800k. 100K is a lot when you put it in perspective. That's a big reason Brent Venables hasn't jumped to HC, he doesn't want to uproot his family from high school or college. There are many things the media does not bother to consider. You can find Dabo at church every Sunday in Clemson, but I'm supposed to believe he is going to give that up and take a pay cut to coach the Dallas cowboys? To many I understand that's not important, but I can just tell you by all these coaches attitudes, it is a great means of consideration. 


Good onya mate...

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2 minutes ago, Tepper's Chest Hair said:

I mean.  He was the interim coach.  By default the interim basically always gets an interview, even as a nod for just finishing out the season.  I have zero reason to believe he ever had a real chance.  

I hear ya but on a technical basis that must not have satisfied the Rooney Rule because if it had there was no reason to invite the guy from Clemson...

...either that or the news of the invite was erroneous.

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3 minutes ago, SBiii said:

I hear ya but on a technical basis that must not have satisfied the Rooney Rule because if it had there was no reason to invite the guy from Clemson...

...either that or the news of the invite was erroneous

If Fewell didn't satisfy it, Bieniemy would have.  I am curious about the interview more than anything.  I don't think it had anything to do with the Rooney rule.  There are too many legit candidates that we were going to interview to need a token Rooney Interview.  And there are plenty of NFL coordinators to toss an interview to.  Saleh and Frazier for example.

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47 minutes ago, Tepper's Chest Hair said:

If Fewell didn't satisfy it, Bieniemy would have. 

Correct.  But Bieiniemy wasn't confirmed at the time.

Bottom line, I think we are on the same page. 

Cheers mate...

That said, I'm interested to hear who @Mr. Scot has as his first choice for the next head coach of the Carolina Football Panthers...

...Scotty, what say ya fella?

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