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Interesting Sam Darnold interview. (Satire)

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    • I agree. Darnold has a lot more upside potential than Teddy but just as importantly IMO is that he has far more massive bust potential too. You know what you're getting with Teddy. Straight up mediocrity. Darnold is far more boom or bust which is a good thing in my mind. Better chance to be the answer and also a better chance to land us a premium draft pick of he's not. Win/win in my book.
    • Always a joke in My book.  He thought Bortles was better than Cam.  Was all aboard the Pickles hype train.  
    • Of course there will be disagreement, and when some Huddlers disagree with me, it strengthens my confidence in the stability of my points.  Others make me question my thinking and consider alternative ideas.  I prefer these posters, but this thread welcomes all, so I color coded it.  At any rate, I digress.  This chart may be missing a name or two--I omitted people I did not think had a chance to make the roster, and of course, there will be draft picks etc. to knock some out, but this is where we are in my mind. Red:  These are areas of concern for me, even if we addressed them in free agency. Orange:  These areas scare me, and I would not be surprised to see a player added here. Blue:  I think we are OK to maybe better than OK in this area, depending on who shows up. Green:  Forget about needing help THIS year in this area.  However, later in the draft, developmental prospects might be needed. (Players named in parentheses are depth but this may not be their primary position, so they appear beneath another position) Specific Comments: OLB vs. 3-4 rush OLB vs. DE---gets confusing so I tried to break them down as best I could.  QB:  I am of the mindset that you have to give Darnold a chance with coaching, blocking, and weaponry.  So he is average for now. LT and LG:  We signed 2 players early, and I am not sure that they are more than insurance, but we signed them for 2, 3 year deals and for $$$.  Confusing, but I think they are still below average. TE: Might be average.  If Arnold has a good year, Thomas is decent depth, and I think Sullivan is going to make the roster and contribute.  DT (3 Tech):  We have nobody to put there. CB: I am scared.  Very scared. S:  How is this not more of a focal point? Slot WR:  I understand the Waddle love now.  How awesome would we be? Once again, sticking my neck out by sharing.  It just helped me see the big picture, so I thought you might like to see it as well.  Enjoy.  
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