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  1. If someone picks him up, that's cool. PJ is still going to be available.
  2. I blame the meatballs, if they weren't there. This hiring would have never happened.
  3. I'll be the first to tell you I don't believe in darnold-AS A STARTER- now as a back up? Sure. Keep him for cheap.
  4. This is the only guy I would want for the job. After he left Herbert, Herbert has been looking horrible. He gets to Philly and Hurts is an MVP candidate. This is the type of mind we need drawing up plays and coaching this offense.
  5. I had enough of Sam, Baker, hell even PJ. I'm checking out guys. Thank god for the World Cup. I'm not watching this trash team anymore.
  6. How can anyone in their right mind want to see Sam anymore?
  7. I was actually going to post the interview he had with some dude but then i figured, why the fug would I waste my time? lol
  8. Need NV and DEN to keep winning in the next couple of weeks. Raiders will likely move on from Carr and the way things are going with Denver, they might also move on from Wilson.
  9. If this is so, then I don't see why Corral can't get a shot. Besides the point of the next HC saying Corral is not his guy. But if Fitt stays, I think he has a shot to at least compete.
  10. Genuinely happy for him. He deserves this and so much. I hope he gets a ring.
  11. Gee it's almost like, you know, he's a Rookie?
  12. Honestly the conversation should be who the next coach will be. Dorsey, steichein whatever hsi name is. I just want a competent coach that knows how to fuging scheme an offense.
  13. That Cap relief is huge and no one seems to be talking about it. yeah I wanted a 1st but that cap the 9ers are taking from this team is going to help out as well.
  14. I want whatever OP is snorting/Smoking/Inhaling ...
  15. What the fug do you think they've been trying to do this whole time?
  16. His legacy will always be the Jay-Z 7 year plan.
  17. I'm late to the party. Good riddance.
  18. To be fair, Richardson didn't really make a culture of winning either. Mediocrity, sure, but winning culture? Nah.
  19. Does he know he has to make an Impact on THIS team and not the opposing one?
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