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  1. "...With the right Coaching." Um...isn't this the all-star staff that everyone in the league was wishing they had a couple of months ago? A
  2. lol the panthers get rid of the most consistant WR they have and now don't have consistancy at wr. Color me shocked. Should have gave up someone else...But hey, we got our QB right? with no weapons. xD
  3. Losing season with no 1st round pick to help Bryce...yikes.
  4. Bosa takes over a game though. When's the last time you can saw Burns took over a game? There are so many things that aren't in stats that Bosa does that Burns just does not. Bosa commands double teams, he commands offenses game plane SPECIFICALLY around him. Burns is good, he's not Bosa good. The one thing he has going for him is that his numbers are getting higher every year and you'd be paying on potential. Bosa they are paying on consistency, he's already proven he can be that guy.
  5. People keep harping on the Rams 2 1sts, like bro, when? 2054? lol
  6. I still believe that Dalton will be let go and they'll just keep Young and Corral. Dalton is only here for the transition.
  7. I absolutely hate that caveat. "If he's not injured.. If he plays a full season... If this.." Until that person plays a full season without Injury, there will always be that doubt. Jaycee is a talented player, all he needs to do is stay healthy. That's it. That's the real challenge.
  8. I don't understand the people complaining about this pick. Smh. Strengthening the line is never a bad move. Especially that you now have your franchise QB.
  9. Dude was ass, and will be ass in the next level. He should never been in the conversation.
  10. Our very own Smitty giving some of the best content with Underdog Fantasy. Honestly miss Smith so much. His roast game is like always, on point. Give it a watch, you will be entertained.
  11. I hope that it does happen because I strongly believe they are all in for Stroud but want to get picks back and swap with the Texans.
  12. I can point out several QB's that have had stellar cognitive tests and never amounted to much. This is the 40 yard dash for brains man. I trust the staff will make the right decision. I just hope they don't put so much emphasis on certain tests that can or cannot translate to the NFL.
  13. Those analytics are fascinating. I'm still a Stroud guy but if they get Young I won't be mad.
  14. I don´t think they are going to trade it away. I am sure they are set on their guy.
  15. I absolutely forgot how many Ohio State QB's were absolutely ballers in College but absolute busts in the NFL. RIP Dwayne Haskins. Forgot about that young man. Stroud is definitely the best of the all of them. His touch, placement, ability to feel pressure, and throwing people open is hard to teach much less master. Incredible that he has room to grow. If he gets the pre-snap and Post-snap part of the game like Bryce or better he's gonna be amazing.
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