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  1. As much poo as Ian gets, Ebron is not a better blocker than Thomas. That's the only thing Ian is good at.
  2. Nah, fam. Darnold has gotten too many chances and has played like ass. Even when he has had protection, PROPER protection. Honestly tired of guys like him getting all the chances in the world and people like Cam getting the short end of the stick. This is BAKER's job. Point. Blank. Period.
  3. Stupid stupid stupid move. A long snapper in the 6th. I know it's 6th but fug that man...they easily could have gotten other players that could have helped.
  4. Crazy how these types of interactions are somehow shocking in this day. Wilks is old school, courtesy, treating people like you want to be treated. Just being a decent human being. It goes a long way today, simply because it's a scarce interaction or event.
  5. So much wrong with this. The fact that suspending him does little. Then Washington's asshat of a owner is still not punished. Shows what the NFL has as it's priorities. Tom Brady should be suspended as well.
  6. Wilks found what he needed to get him out of his shell. Speaks volumes about Wilks tbh.
  7. Honest assessment from Hayward. Touches on the starting position and if the Robby "Nooooo" comment makes a difference. Training camp next week fellas.
  8. Pour out a lil liquor to the homies that didn't make it, to see this beautiful day, and those amazing helmets.
  9. I was gonna post this as a seperate thread but this seems like a good spot to post. Not sure if people have talked about this but Apparently Ikey attended the OL Masterminds Summit '22 this past weekend. Here's an interview, brief, about him going there and what he hoped to gain from going there. Also some extra content about Baker vs Darnold (like we all don't know Baker isn't winning that job lol), anyway it's the first minute and a half.
  10. Baker has never been a game manager. If anything, he's a gunslinger. Dude reminds me of Brett Favre.
  11. "Embarrassment of riches in the offense." A broken down OBJ and a Average Jarvis Landry isn't an embarrassment of riches. lol. Chubb and Hunt are good tho. I'll give him that. This dude talking like he had Kelce, Hill, Watkins, etc.
  12. Not sure if it was posted, but here we go. Really cool down to earth interview wit Charlotte sports live.
  13. I think Coach Camden's addition is going to be impactful as well.
  14. Been on that wagon before the trade. I was always willing to have Baker but for a decent price and for the price they gave up, it's fuging a no brainer to jump on this train. If you hope that the panthers don't produce just to be right, you're a piece of poo. Root for this team. Even with dumbass Rhule. Here's hoping that Rhule learns something and this team gets back to winning.
  15. Thanks for the shoutout.
  16. He should be #13. Baker's dozen.
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