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  1. Great playbook, but sometimes he's got some bonehead play calls. The overuse of CMC concerns the fug out of me.
  2. The Panthers need to bring in a RB that is opposite of CMC. 6'2 240+ pounds battering ram. You have to think about it, CMC runs between the tackles AND catches the ball, he's getting hit on every single touch. He's gonna wear down. I know Brady is smart but for the life of me I do not understand why he can't design plays that use CMC as a Decoy, use his presence as a threat to your advantage, I've seen them use maybe one or two times. But if you lean so much on CMC you become so one dimensional and as we saw this Offense Stutters so badly when CMC is NOT in there. Yes use CMC but don't make the same mistake that Ron did with Cam, you're going to run him to the ground and he's gonna be an afterthought that you're going to have to pay anyway while he's in the sideline.
  3. Wasn't he good with the Browns? I might be thinking about someone else.
  4. ....sooooo this game was a really weird one. A dub is a dub but, the cost was high. Injury bug and all. One thing I liked was seeing the O line have mostly good pass protection. One thing I did not like however is the RUN blocking by this same o-line. What about you guys?
  5. He showed up towards the end but he was not doing good at the beginning. He was tripping all over himself and then going down on first contact man...
  6. If you want to watch the TV And you want to do it 247 Then do it in the .US The end of each sentence should go in your browser...
  7. Short week, I'm gonna have to make some chicken quesadillas, something quick and easy, later tonight.
  8. What's the one thing that you've said before the season started that has proved you wrong. Confession time huddle. What are you eating crow for as of week 2? I'll start. I have been vocal about Shaq Thompson and how he's been over paid and has under performed, also the fact that he has not been a leader even with TD and Luke gone. Well he's literally shut me up. He's out there commanding this defense and flying to the ball. Coming into his own as a vet as well. He's the lead dog now. He's acting like it. I'll take my crow medium rare.
  9. Right? I fuging laughed so hard thinking that they are struggling with this defense then.
  10. Jesus christ, everyeone else is at least at 60+ but Efflien...ugh.
  11. Must not, I see Darnold get constant 3+ seconds in the pocket. Also Darnold has really great awareness most of the time and good movement.
  12. When we're 5-0 people are going to bitch that we played poo teams. Is this how the Pats fans felt like when Brady ran through their division with poo teams?
  13. Panthers D. That whole unit is nuts.
  14. Gonna be making some chicken fajitas and putting it on top of a bowl of totopos.
  15. In hindsight, he shouldn't have sucked balls so much in order to get rid of him. You forget, many forget, he was ass when he was with us, so much so that he HAD to be cut.
  16. This isn't directed towards you specifically, but the huddle is the epitome of Bipolar disorder. You have threads about Brady being in the hot seat and overrated, and now he's got the pick of the job. lol
  17. This team just needs to play that hard for 60 minutes. The "comfy lead" curse is still there. They need to unlearn that shiz and keep the foot on the gas pedal.
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