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  1. I don't know about 'hate' but I am very disappointed and really indifferent about them. I think the indifference is what gets me the most. I know it's gonna be LONG LONG year until Rhule is gone and I don't want to deal with that crap.
  2. The clown show gets better and better.
  3. Getting all that draft capital in a deep draft for O line....I'd rather take the 3 picks and FIX that damn problem in one draft.
  5. anyone else notice the commercials for the winter olympics and how they blatantly ripped off the Panthers Font?
  6. lol i just made a thread about this. Crap. xD
  7. Just listened to the Interview he did on WFNZ (Fitterer) yesterday on the Kyle Bailey show. Everything about Fitterer screams business. He even sounded more in touch about how the season went. Even took responsibility. There are some key points that he touched that shed light on some things. Like the whole 5th year option. Apparently, they had to may 8th to do it and weighed their options. I know, hindsight, I know I know.. Darnold is Ass...But how he explained it made sense AT THE TIME they did it. Basically they wanted to play it safe in CASE Darnold light it up and did what they expected him to do. In theory it makes sense. NO I'm not saying it was smartest thing to do. Just taking a step back, it was what was available to them. Just wish they would have gone a different route. IN the same interview he acknowledged that the O-line needs fixing, there was no mention of Slater, kind of wish there was but the interview was short so I guess it was a time issue, either way he said that will be a focal point moving forward. He was asked about the draft and how they are essentially picking once in the top 100. Was asked about the QB class and he said it was a 'good' class not a 'great' class. This leads me to believe they will not be spending that #6 pick on a QB, but he didn't really take it off the table. He basically said that he wants to make sure they get a player that will change their team at #6 but was open to trading down. Also the thing that concerned me a little was the part when if they could still be in play for the 2nd and 3rd round, basically saying there are ways to still get in those rounds after spending that #6 pick. I don't want this team to mortgage more future draft picks, that's the only thing I don't agree with. Personally I wouldn't mind just taking a player at 6 or seeing if we can get more capital by moving down a couple of spots. But trading away future draft capital to me is not a good recipe for this team right now. Overall his interview was 1000 times better than Rhule, Fitt is very analytical, precise. He doesn't lay on a huge layer of fecal matter to his words when he speaks like Rhule does. I just hope that internally Tepper grows a pair and tells matt that he is no longer taking care of the personnel side and he will solely focus on the team and coaching side. The pessimist in me just knows that no matter who Fitt Gets Rhule will not know what to do with him.
  8. Who care's we have Sam Darnold that can do the same thing. Graph is pointless.
  9. Made my peace with it. We're gonna have to endure a full year of this clown show again. He will be fired next year. The proof is in the pudding, and this pudding is made of fecal matter.
  10. Just listened to the second interview he did on WFNZ....First thing he says that he learned about himself and the 2021 season was not blaming others and throwing people under the bus... I'm sitting there...sipping my beer....thinking about the time he told the media that Cam was responsible for the turn overs...even though his linemen stepped on him and he even got the damn ball in the RB's bread basket, even after the freak accident... ...throwing Cam under the bus plenty of times....Thinking...This guy can't be serious. Everything this man says makes my stomach turn and blood boil. The fact his hand picked crew is all but gone and he still remains is such a huge red flag and tell tell sign that HE IS the problem. Tepper is a bigger disappointment. He knows it. He knows that Matt is not it and he will not swallow his stupid ass pride... You even see that bleed through and trickle down to Matt now swallowing his pride about Sam... fuging disgusted by this franchise right now.
  11. He was a dead man walking. Even so, the Panthers are still stuck with the worst HC in the NFL now.
  12. I just listened to the whole interview and I'm more convinced he should be fired immediately.. fuging Tepper.
  13. This is the situation I don't want them to be in. You don't get that "Rockstar" OC, Tepper decides to fire him (yay), but now you're behind on the HC search and have to settle for a HC. You're back into this poo. This is why he needed to just rip that damn band aid off and swallow his pride, Tepper I mean. You're delaying things more and more and making struggles where there should not be any. But that's the Panthers way, doing things ass backwards.
  14. At this point, I want to hear Tepper. Not this clown. He's going to just sling his poo to see if it sticks. I've heard everything he has to say and I don't want to hear it anymore. Tepper needs to nut up and speak to the media.
  15. Thanks for being an asshole about it. But yeah I'm not so far in the Panthers ass like some of you, jesus christ. I did not know. Now that that is settled, since you chose to answer, answer the rest of the questions.
  16. Hold up hold up.. Someone help me understand. First off, where is this idea of him being in complete control of personnel coming from? Secondly, if he truly is. What would make anyone in their right mind think that taking that away from Rhule will make him a better coach and things will somehow magically get fixed? Third, if it does get fixed that simply tells you you'd be better off to just cut ties with him and hire someone else. If all it took was to take his autonomy away.....
  17. I just woke up and saw this twitter thread, ellis and all the other Panthers boys in it too. I'm honestly livid. Tepper talks the talk but has not walked the walk.
  18. Get rid of everyone else but not the problem at the source.
  19. Gardner Minshew you say? Nah, don't bring that name up bro.. WOW! will get his panties in a bunch.
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