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Haason Reddick Mini Camp Press Conference

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link:Haason Reddick describes his outlook on what leadership looks like (panthers.com)

Tough to evaluate the group, we're running in jersyes, this game is played in pads. There has been a lot of guys making plays.  You hope it transfers over when the pads go on.

Coach Rhule is pretty much similar to when he was in College. Hearing some of the same stuff I heard at Temple.  It's good to see because it's worked for him.  Getting players to buy into the process, to understand and build a culture.  It worked at Temple, it worked at Baylor, and that's how he got here.    He is  sorta little more relaxed...at certain points he's a little bit calmer due to the fact that he understands that he is dealing with veteren players and guys on the highest level of football....its different than college.  Not so hard on the players like he was in college.

Feels good to have OTA's, but feels strange to be able to have them especially for a guy like me on a new team.  To be here to come in now and get the know the guys before training camp.  I can start building bonds with guys now and build my presence as a leader.

David Newton asks about Darnold
...Darnold's completing passes.  He looks like he's playing intelligent football.  I don't know what he needs to work on.  I'm just concerned with getting to him most of the time.  I'm not his QB coach.  I'm not his position coach.  I don't play football on the offensive side of the ball.  What I have liked is he's completing a lot of passes and thats good to see.

On the Defense
I do think the sky's the limit here man.  We have a lot of great young talented players.  We have some veteran players that has done a lot of great things in the league.  If we can get the  veteran players to show the younger guys how its done we can get the full potential out of the young guys and they'll be big assets.  I do believe we have a lot of young guys with a lot of talent.  
We just have to put it all together.

On Player Flexibility
Now we're putting a lot a strain on the offense...when guys aren't in their usual position, they see a guy who usually has his hand in the dirt or usually on the line of scrimmage and now he's off the ball... you don't know if he's going to be covering, you don't know if he's blitzing...helps us keep the offense guessing.  We're going to cause some confusion.  Making plays.

I wasn't on the team last year.  The last thing you want is a guy coming in...trying to tell you what to do...its hard to just come in anywhere are start giving out advice.  You need to build relationships with these guys... so they can come to you for advice on or off the field.  Being in person now is a head start on that.

OTA's are very important.  In free agency a lot of different people went to a lot of different places this year.  Minicamp gives new faces to the team a chance to get a head start on the playbook and also bonding with teammates and coaches. For the teams that didn't do that, we have a head start on them.

How much is familiar
A lot is similar to what I did in college under Phil Snow, and what I've also done in Arizona.  Some of it is new.  I like it .  I really like where we're headed.

Playing Opposite Burns
Its special.  When you look at the talent between me and him...it should be scary...its nothing to take lightly. On the edge we're going to be good, but also look at the interior man,(laughs) and the talent that's there...I would definitely be worried.  The front 7, the d-line, we've got some dogs.

On 5 sack games against Giants
My main goal is not to be complacent.  This is what separates... people get a little bit of the success and fall back of the gas pedal.  I want to be better than I was last year.

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When you look at the talent between me and him...it should be scary...its nothing to take lightly. On the edge we're going to be good, but also look at the interior man,(laughs) and the talent that's there...I would definitely be worried.  

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This was one of my favorite interviews because Haason was giving actual answers and not all just player or coach speak.  He seems like a cool guy.  The input into Rhule’s coaching now vs college was cool to see.  Really rooting for him this year, I was surprised we were able to sign him but he loves him some Rhule.  

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