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  1. Would rather just roll with who we have than give up any more assets. Jimmy’s a solid starter but we’ve given up too much on poo QB’s to give up even more for an average one. Bite the bullet and stick with what we have, please. We just drafted a young guy with a lot of talent; let’s see what he’s got, first
  2. Yeah, if Brady sucks they’ll get rid of him. I’m willing to give him a chance. He’s actually kind of funny and has really let loose since leaving NE. Still a smug prick, but when you’re the GOAT with a supermodel wife
  3. Good for Greg! He’s infinitely better than Witten was, and is better than Brees, too. Quite the rapid ascension but I love it for the guy. He gave us everything he had and was clutch for years, always supported his teammates, speaks highly of the organization, really nothing bad to say about Greg except that his third leg may simply be too long
  4. Doesn’t matter about the grass itself, but it’s statistically proven that players are more likely to get injured on turf than grass. Ligament injuries specifically. But grass is more expensive and Tepper loves his soccer teams, so here we are
  5. People seem to be confusing OC Ben McAdoo with HC Ben McAdoo. He’s a poo HC but he knows offense. I think he’ll be quite solid for us
  6. The team has talent. Does it have coaching and heart? Who knows. Talent can only get you so far, but they have to stay healthy too, which our best player hasn’t been able to do for the last couple years. I’m excited about the possibilities with these new coaches with actual NFL experience (Campen specifically). OL has plagued this team for so long. With good QB play I’ll throw out a “yes.” Trying to be optimistic. The NFC is weak and the Bucs are obviously good, but we have the ability to make a run if we can get some luck falling our way
  7. Yeah, I watch a lot of their moves since they’re basically my #2 NFC team. Howie can’t draft receivers to save his life, but he really did make some good moves this offseason. Doesn’t matter if you suck at drafting if you trade for them I guess, right? Lol AJ Brown is great and they were able to get Fletcher Cox back on a 1 year $14M deal, well worth it for a guy of his caliber. People sleep on Miles Sanders, too. Biggest question mark is Hurts. If he doesn’t stink it up they can go far
  8. I think they’ll be great this season. My buddy’s an Eagles fan and said they would sign Bradberry. He said the Bengals would go to the Super Bowl before last season even started. He said Nick Foles would win them a championship back in 2012 before he went on that insane 27 touchdown 2 INT run. He now says he’s feeling the Eagles making at least the NFC Championship. So I’m not doubting him anymore and I’m putting some money on them this year lol
  9. Me too lmao, almost had an aneurism. Gonna check it out now, though. Love me some Mills.
  10. Rodgers is who I think of when I see his play style. He won’t be as good as Rodgers because let’s face it, who is? But I’m stoked about Corral and what he can bring to the table. The mobility and accuracy, especially while on the move, is huge. And the guy has an edge to him that our offense has sorely been missing. If he stays healthy and can get the mental side down, oh wee mayne
  11. Adams struggled with drops early in his career and I’m doubtful he’d be close to as good as he is now if we drafted him. KB was solid, but his effort was always questionable. His mom passing away definitely didn’t help, but that happened after the 2016 season, and that’s the year where he basically gave up and had Cam fug up his shoulder the first time by chasing down an interception. I wanted Brandin Cooks that draft and was extremely hurt when NO got him
  12. Mick Mixon is somewhere salivating about his ample chest
  13. Yeah, Cam’s always had flaws in his game but he’s nowhere as dumb as people try to make him out to be. He stumbles over his words sometimes and people think he’s an idiot. But you can watch a simple video like this: and you can see that he indeed knows how to read a defense
  14. Loving this guy. He has an edge to him that Darnold just doesn’t have. The good ones have that extra drive and Darnold’s way too chill for his own good lol. Luke was chill, but he’d turn that poo on whenever he stepped on the field. Plus, who can’t like a guy who beat up Wayne Gretzky’s asshole son? I love hearing Ikem talk as well. He has a good head on his shoulders and is good at explaining things. We may be on the upswing if we stay healthy.
  15. Basically where I’m at. He’s an arrogant, insufferable bastard but when he’s your arrogant, insufferable bastard it’s easy to tolerate. Having an actual competent offensive-minded head coach would do wonders for this team. No way he would actually come here, though. Just a pipe dream
  16. Tarik’s a real one. Met him a couple times in downtown Greensboro and he was nothing but a nice dude. I didn’t know a lot of this stuff, so damn. People shouldn’t have to go through hardships like that. Love ya, Tarik!
  17. Feels weird having drafted a QB who’s considered great in athleticism, arm strength, and accuracy by the mainstream folks. People dogged on Cam’s accuracy but he wasn’t near as bad as the pundits made him out to be. He won MVP with only 2/3 of those according to them. But having all 3 skills clearly visible I ate too many gummies after work man, I’m so stoked to see this dude throw the ball
  18. Same. It’s the fuging Browns. They literally went 1-31 over a two year span, drafted Baker, and make the playoffs within a few years WHILE ALSO getting a playoff win over their Steelers rivals. Not to mention he broke the rookie TD passing record his first year. Any other QB from that draft would’ve flopped big time with them imo. Dude’s whole persona is having a chip on his shoulder; he’ll come out of this better than the Browns after it’s all said and done edit - Baker would’ve been an upgrade over anybody on this roster, but I’m glad we did what we did with getting Corral. Cheaper, younger, more upside. We’ll see how it plays out
  19. He is 70 now, he might finally be losing it. All the gum chewing rattled his noggin. Poor bastard
  20. The way he talks about Corral, the sidearm ability and throwing off balance while still slinging it with great accuracy, being agile and still getting his feet set, etc., it sounds kinda like Rodgers’ play style. Not that Corral will be anywhere near that good, but they sound similar in how they play. Can’t wait to see the kid in action. Simms is probably the best out there out of the mainstream guys with his QB draft rankings
  21. Foles’ teammates seem to love the guy (except Wentz) but he’s only been good with Philly. People often forget about that wacky 27 TD 2 INT season with Chip Kelly in 2013. Something about Philly is magic for Nicholas Foles. If he was mentoring Corral, sure. But I don’t want him playing
  22. He admitted that in his first couple years he didn’t really watch tape or put in the work he should have. He was an overconfident 18/19 year old. He grew up a bit and hasn’t had any issues in years from my understanding. I’m not worried about the guy
  23. We’re watching a bad relationship in real time, my guy. Just sit back and soak in every step of the way
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