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  1. It’s not that. In all my time here I’ve never once seen you post anything resembling positivity. Like, it’s just sad.
  2. It’s only half time. We gonna come out on fire and and it’ll be an ugly win coming up. Rum is usually pretty even keel
  3. Happy birthday to your little one. Kick ass seats you filthy rich bastard. Have fun, keep pounding.
  4. Did you even read through the thread before you provided your inevitable shít take on things? 0% in this thread cheered this injury. Most said you play who you play. You are a complete dweeb and should prolly stick to the SaintsReport with Alice and the other swamp rats. You are Donny in TBL and outta your element here.
  5. TBH DJax doesn’t strike me as that type of dude. He’s got that attitude that won’t sink. I think he wants to be one of the best and he’s still got room to improve.
  6. Y’all we can’t reinvent the names. We earn them back. The pressure we are generating is Monsters Inc (reboot) and the secondary we have will again be Thieves Ave (reincarnate). We got more history in our franchise than you give us credit for.
  7. Prove it. Would you wear a Panthers polo to a job interview?
  8. I been here just as long as you old man, and no one gets a pass on the huddle. I’d call out @SCPif he pulled some lame ass poo (but he wouldn’t)
  9. I’ll always carry that Fox and Ron PTSD with me, but I think Rhule is different. I worry about him letting up when we have a lead, but from last year and the start if this season, he’s always had us prepared even if we were overmatched.
  10. Our pass blocking has been surprisingly adequate. Our push in the run game is oof tho
  11. But if you take away DLo’s 78 yard and 43 yard TD runs then the Saints clearly won that matchup.
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