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  1. I don't mind losing as we see flashes and glimpses. I do mind that there's a thing called an ickmule that exists and lives for these moments.
  2. Does the huddle remember bashing DJ week in and week out for not "taking over games“ lmao. I love this place.
  3. Lose the turnover battle, lose the game. We gifted them all of their points, including that weird ass punt return where we got horse collared and had to start the drive at the 1 to flip field position. hate to see it, but there were some encouraging developments from today we can look at.
  4. We're currently lacking speed on special teams coverage imo as well.
  5. This is the most Huddle Karen thing I've seen in quite some time.
  6. Y'all need to take some breathes
  7. Continuity is key. If Moton is worth fetching a 2nd in a trade (as a rental) then he's destroying the world and a 2nd wouldn't be worth it. The key is protecting your franchise QB, not trading those proven pieces away for lotto tickets.
  8. That's who I was referring to.
  9. He's a project. I don't prefer drafting projects in the 3rd, especially trading up for em. But we'll see. TE wasn't a need with Hurst, Thomas and Tommy. Edge was (still is). Panic move, but it is what it is and we'll just have to see if he starts clicking in year 2. This year will be a bench year for him. Maybe even a mystery injury trip to the IR, as the two undrafted edges seem to be making more initial noise.
  10. This season: fresh sushi made by experienced, seasoned sushi chefs Last 3 seasons: gas station sushi
  11. Mills and Smitty jerseys hanging in the background. Subliminal short king messaging.
  12. Tepper is a fool saying we don’t need to draft WR and can focus on Defenxe!1!!1 lmfaooo great ass pick!
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