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  1. He’s holding out of OTAs in solidarity with Linville Gorge against the Darnold trade, haven’t ya heard?
  2. Kugzilla and Amini have dope ass names though. Wayyyy better than Blandy Christianson
  3. He’s the Chief Officer of Hugs and I want to hug him
  4. I’m rooting for Slye but GD you Hurney for the Butker fiasco.
  5. My fave part is this guy behind Fitt during the closing toast
  6. I hope so, but KR and PR are two very different beasts (especially with touchbacks becoming more and more prevalent) and his PR experience leaves a lot to be desired...
  7. Is the week 2 vet rule still a thing? Hooker might be waiting til that point if it is.
  8. That CB competition is gonna be a fun one this year. Jackson, 2 FA signings, 3 second year players, 2 2021 draftees.
  9. We drinking habanero infused tequila shots for Lagwagon Day.
  10. And lmfao I just remembered when Kris Jenkins went off on Sapp saying his breath stinks, his soul stinks etc.
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