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  1. Did y'all complain this way when the horse collar tackle was under scrutiny? When they created face masks? And then when they said don't tackle by the face mask? Y'all seriously sound like the football versions of "they terrrrrrk err jobs!“ rabble rabble rabble
  2. This is the same board who ran off Peppers for disappearing in games (first ballot HoF). Same board who lamented DJ as not being a true #1 WR then cried when we traded him (I wish we kept him ftr) Same board who shat on "glass“ CMC and now that he's iron man in SF pretend that they weren't part of the angry mob. Half of this board actively rooted for Cam to fail. Panther fans are a weird bunch. Of course the huddle hates Burns when the rest of the NFL fans salivate over him.
  3. @Mr. Scotany chance you have the Time and mental capacity to make a thread with connections that the 2nd interview dudes have for potential staff? I love / hate them when you do it. Love the content, hate that we sucked so bad we had to hit reset again. Lmao.
  4. Bryce kicked ass. TB called a helluva game. Refs jobbed us. You're still worse than ickmule as a poster. Merry Christmas to you too. God bell us, everyone.
  5. Those routes. That protection. The shitty run designs. The lack of motion. The scheme that promotes negative separation. Woof. Frank gotta go. I'm convinced CJ would be booty here too after seeing that poo.
  6. Have fun scissoring Linville tonight, peaches
  7. Yes. He blocks for himself and catches his own passes. You are so smart.
  8. You, sir, are the chodiest chode to ever chode. With all due respect, fug all the off you greasy turd. Lmfaooo at you.
  9. I don't mind losing as we see flashes and glimpses. I do mind that there's a thing called an ickmule that exists and lives for these moments.
  10. Does the huddle remember bashing DJ week in and week out for not "taking over games“ lmao. I love this place.
  11. Lose the turnover battle, lose the game. We gifted them all of their points, including that weird ass punt return where we got horse collared and had to start the drive at the 1 to flip field position. hate to see it, but there were some encouraging developments from today we can look at.
  12. We're currently lacking speed on special teams coverage imo as well.
  13. This is the most Huddle Karen thing I've seen in quite some time.
  14. Y'all need to take some breathes
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