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  1. Sure as poo sounds better than Darnold to Arnold, don’t it?
  2. I feel like we need a terribad res pic of X Woods tho. This thread feels incomplete.
  3. Give @klummea break. He’s Nordic or something iirc. Maybe Danish.
  4. Best part is he gets to pair with a fellow great coordinator who was passed over a million times for HC gigs until we took a shot on him. He gets (hopefully) full control of the offense and can learn from the forever a bridesmaid turned 2 time coach of year. Not a bad landing spot. Minus the lack of QB talent.
  5. Great recap. Count me in on the Shane Train. Kafka 2nd. Please no picks for SP.
  6. That last part should be the baseline for everyone, and that’s what these trainings are for. There’s a large large swath of people who don’t quite grasp that concept, and for the rest of us, these trainings are an easy, mundane, refresher to easily knock out then. Current training effectiveness is definitely debatable, but maybe that’s why they came out with this new program for NFL higher ups, to try Sand make ‘em more effective. Either way, thems the rules and corporate entities should be knowledgeable of them and should be compliant of them. Hopefully it’s not a big punishment, and Nicole just simply does what she has to do and we all move on.
  7. Not a bad take. But Oct 22 in the business world is a quarter ago and anyone in upper positions should be compliant with these changes, as a quarter is an eternity.
  8. I can’t and won’t speak for esteemed poster @AggieLean, but I ain’t mad. Just shaking my head at the people in here who don’t understand why these programs are in place and are important. @TheCasillasis right that these programs are flawed, but they sure as hell beat where we were many years ago and at least are trying to make difference in the way our work world is shaped now. As the only minority director within my company, I’ve watched and endured many a shitty video, but I can see in my practices that they actually do make a difference in my every day workflow, and I’m thankful I’m “forced” to take part. But you do you, WarHeel. I’ll do me and I’ll be proud of the way I interact with my fellow humans.
  9. A couple pages in and some mouth breathers showing full face lol. These trainings, though some of y’all roll your eyes, are important. For every slackjaw that calls it woke and sounds the alarm on themselves, there’s some good to be gleaned and we learn. There’s a few here who are very much signaling how they would be behaving towards Ruby B right about now. Hopefully our ownership takes this for what it is, and makes the efforts to learn about diversity, equity and inclusion. poo me now F-150 PFPs
  10. Yeah. Thread made from cherry picked failures and ignoring very real success. Lmfaooo.
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