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  1. This hire would maybe at least inspire a tad bit of confidence. Maybe.
  2. 1 year vet min. Not a big deal. p.s. I hate Rhule too but going berserk over this competition signing is funny.
  3. Y’all saw Cam battered, bleeding and bruises last game. Let’s trot Sam out there so we cement the big L this week and don’t get Cam murderballed. I’m for it.
  4. Firing Rhule doesn’t necessarily reset the 3-5 year rebuild. We built up the D, we have (on paper) the right skill position players on O. Just need an oline and QB. Heck, a new coach could potentially expedite the 3-5 years from this point if they can use this young roster to its strengths while rebuilding the oline
  5. Wife setting up a charcuterie board for some brunch and mimosas. Then grilling some burgundy hanger steak and some shrimp for a delightful surf n turf action. Also made Jell-O shots last night to keep it classy. KEEP POUNDING
  6. Y’all, I’m self proclaimed homer and eternal optimist I want this to be foreshadowing of our LT void being filled. It was against Ron. ‘Member all those times Ron defenses would make an undrafted backup rookie LT look all pro? I ‘member. If he’s starting next week and fairs we’ll, then I’ll queue up the pants tent.
  7. It’s a Ron Rivera coached team. If we have a coaching staff worth ANYTHING at all, after the second series, they should know what the D schemed for. Then change your O to something slightly different. Ron won’t be able to adapt.
  8. Y’all this thread has me dishing pie to ickmule and frankw fuging-A
  9. Y’all, Cam is gonna ball out this year and sign a multi year deal that’s team friendly in year one and will offset the Sam money. We good.
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