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  1. And a super punchable face to boot
  2. Let’s say Ashley in that scenario was your preteen daughter and John was your coworker. is “sorry you been accused of rape bro, hope you and Ashley work it out” a good response or are you going to have a different reaction to John? I’m not saying Deshaun is guilty, quite just yet, but in cases like these I’d rather apologize to Deshaun after he’s proven innocent than apologize to the victims after he’s proven guilty.
  3. I’m curious if anyone has any insights on how they used him in college? Obviously the cardinals didn’t utilize him right the first few years.
  4. Injury history spotty production underperformed vs draft position in all seriousness though, he graded out well last year in pff in a limited role. I’m hopeful for this signing and we needed an ilb. Can’t be worse than whitehead.
  5. Conveniently my wedding anniversary Happy Pi Day you filthy pigs
  6. Pied to counteract the nonsense poo some ass bucket gave ya
  7. Obviously CMC just saw the Fresh Prince episode where Will, Carlton and Uncle Phil are stranded in the cold and find a duffel bag full of cash. They have to make tough decisions to survive the ordeal. They don’t come out richer, financially, but they enrich their souls and create a stronger bond in the process.
  8. What should we expect for Teddy? Kyle Allen fetched us a 5th last year if I remember correctly
  9. Lmfao YOoooooOooooOoooo Pink flaps and forehead kisses Every topic being tagged with male docking That guy who wanted to fight people IRL in south Charlotte
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