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  1. Your white fragility is showing
  2. Jesus y’all are miserable. Imma hope this momentum and hype continues!
  3. I have never caught a ban hammer (yet) and consider myself one of the more level posters here but sheesh. CRA is aight mostly but LG is a tired trope right about now.
  4. I’d pound beers at a tailgate with them 14/10 times before LG or CRA
  5. All these evals woulda been leaked a bit ago. Anything leaked on draft week is nothing but ECats & Pink Flaps.
  6. I’m firmly in the draft a high upside QB and swing for the fences camp. Willis all day. Even if it’s somehow Willis, Icky and Neal available when we’re picking. Prior post regarding Joe Thomas and the browns was spot fuging on.
  7. I agree with you and it’s fascinating. But be careful, LG nuked (not banned, but nuked) GJBC’s account and posting history and all threads he started because his fee fees got hurt.
  8. What were his assessments of last year’s crop? Real question, are they available? Would be cool to see his write ups on the Lamar class, the Murray class. Kalil the younger. Fischer. Cam, even.
  9. Smoke screen the smoke screen. I like it.
  10. I hope we draft Willis primarily for the god awful huddle takes from the good ol boys club. NGL.
  11. I suddenly remember why I confuse you with Sizzle
  12. LSD is my second favorite drug.
  13. You either approach things with aplomb or you don’t. You can’t teach it, but you can lose it, and if you lose it it’s damn hard to gain it back.
  14. No, but thread summary to save your time: - Zod whispers sweet nothings into our ear - Doom and gloomers flip out - LG does LG things (yawn) - Jon Snow still knows nothing
  15. Thomas Fletcher and Darnold for some team’s 7 rounder in 2025
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