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  1. @davosthats bad ass. Drop them references!!!
  2. Where you at these days bro?
  3. Make two of them stack up and wear a trench coat.
  4. Appreciate it! I got some already but where y’all hanging?
  5. If you’re down to have a few beers with some poors, let me know tho!
  6. I actually asked @DFivethis same exact question. We decided to roll in gear and embrace the shitty team and shitty season. Good question.
  7. In all fairness, you can say what you want I guess, for other point than to piss in people’s cereal, as that is your m.o. As much as I can’t stand your shitty internet persona, I’d have still had a beer with you because there’s no way you’re actually this pissy and miserable in real life. Anyway, please feel free to simply just not respond to the thread asking who’s going if you’re not going.
  8. People who call it SoCal shouldn’t come here anyway.
  9. Heck yeah man. We always end up running into you so I will count on it again at some point Sunday.
  10. Unfortunately we’re not sitting near big kat. Homie could buy the stadium if he wanted to.
  11. Woulda been rad! I’ll buy you a drink one of these days my dude.
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