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  1. I don’t think they’ll move him to LT, after watching the Rhule presser it seems like they were just giving him reps to see how he did. He’s been good at RT, and nowadays it’s not always LT who gets the best pass rusher. Things are switching up all the time. But what Rhule says doesn’t always translate into reality, so who knows.
  2. I feel like we’ll put Fletcher on the practice squad this year and let JJ ride into the sunset after the season. I remember seeing somewhere that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to come back, but ended up signing the 1 year deal. I’m hoping Shi Smith can be our return guy. Sucks he’s been hurt, he has a lot of potential.
  3. I’m definitely in the minority, but I think Mick is hilarious. He made a comment about DeAngelo Williams’ chocolate dreads cascading down his back one time back in 2014 or so and I lost it. He’s not your run of the mill announcer, that’s for sure. Enjoy retirement fella.
  4. With the new CBA, Robby would be fined a ton more than he previously would’ve if he holds out. I don’t think he’ll do it. I also don’t think we’ll extend him right now, so he doesn’t really have much going for him in that regard. I think he’ll be at mandatory minicamp. Any news on Jaycee and why he wasn’t there? I haven’t seen anything
  5. I’d rather have Slye than Olindo. He was new levels of bad. Hurndog at his finest.
  6. That was the first football game I watched... to this day I’m convinced the Pats would’ve drove down and scored even if he didn’t shank it, but damn it’d be nice if he just didn’t shank it. At least there was Janet Jackson. 5th grade me was thrilled
  7. Whoa, who let that bear in the park?! But this is awesome and good to see. When super rich people donate money sometimes I see some comments (not necessarily on here) like “he is worth ______ and this is all he donates??” But he doesn’t have to donate anything, and $500K is a lot of money. It will go a long way to helping this park. Good stuff.
  8. Ian’s very physically talented. I hope he can put it together. The old regime didn’t develop any receiving TE, Olsen fell into their lap (easily one of Hurney’s best moves) and everyone else was a blocker. Maybe another year under this staff is just what he needs.
  9. Holy poo. I don’t watch many sports other than football, but I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more. When I was playing baseball as a kid this happened, the pitcher had a tooth or two knocked out. Thankfully it was just kids and not a grown ass man knocking the ball back at you. Hope he is okay. That was rough.
  10. So many things went wrong for us. We’d protected the ball really well all year and then lost 3 fumbles (4 total fumbles). The “no catch” for Cotchery. I don’t buy the conspiracy theories, but damn, 9/10 times that game would’ve been ours. In the words of the everlasting John Fox, we picked a bad day to have a bad day. also shula doing nothing about Miller
  11. Cox is a beast, I wanted him in that draft and my best friend’s an Eagles fan so I watch him play when I can. I kind of feel bad for him because he’d be talked about a lot more if he wasn’t playing at the same time as Donald.
  12. Yeah, he was actually a lot better than I thought he would be. 2 sacks and getting pressure was a pleasant surprise considering pass rushing was supposed to be his biggest weakness (from my understanding). Can’t wait to see what Baby Barack has in store this year. The dude is STRONG
  13. I mean, like I said, finding specific videos of a guy failing to make plays are hard to find. I guess you’ll see this year. Hopefully there are no strong gusts in Charlotte on game days
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