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  1. The dumpster fire inside is leaking
  2. Gase is a high school OC right now. Seriously. He was truly terrible. Ironically, I’ve been lurking on the Saints boards and apparently Jameis isn’t allowed to audible. Good stuff. edit - apparently he’s not, he’s just unemployed. I ate the onion and fell for a satire article… . But damn, he was really bad
  3. Yeah, I feel like he was hit a lot today before he really had a chance to make anything happen. He also slipped randomly on the turf, so not a good performance, but whatever. We got the W
  4. Love me some Fitty Cent. The Fiddler is my favorite nickname for sure, though.
  5. Virgin Chad vs Chad Darnold
  6. Sounds about right. CMC Jersey, sweat pants, and $5 Walmart slides section: free sofa from old roommate seat: on my ass vocal cords: in for a long day
  7. Hated Brady on the Pats, but he seems like he’s let loose and enjoying himself a lot in Tampa. Trolling the Falcons is always game in my book.
  8. Yep, he was pretty bad with Rivera but his game improved quite a bit last year. Good signing for what is likely super cheap
  9. At least Olindo Mare or Justin Medlock aren’t out there. I’m willing to give him another game or two before pounding the table. Although punt at the 33 was, admittedly, baffling
  10. Some of his takes have legs to stand on, but damn some of them are so bad. He’s on a podcast I listen to and he’s also a huge Teddy fan. So yeah, more often than not, if he’s ripping your team, prepare for some success.
  11. Our captains last year were CMC, Teddy, Okung, Shaq, KK Short, and Tahir Whitehead.. only 2 are on the team now so I wouldn’t look too much into it if he’s not lol. But, in respect to the thread….
  12. Pretty sure he was wearing a mask on the sidelines during the Colts game. I have a hunch he’s unvaccinated
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