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  1. Starting to look like his ol’ grandpappy, the Marlboro Man
  2. Mark Sanchez and Kevin Kugler lol
  3. Yeah I’m past the point of caring about wins and losses until this year’s over. My friend bet me $75 at halftime yesterday that the Panthers wouldn’t score 21 points, so that last TD’s the most I’ve cheered for a TD in a hot minute
  4. The thing I liked most was the differentiation from Rivera’s blank stare and Rhule’s confused look. When Moore dropped that 4th and 13 catch or whatever it was near the end of the 4th quarter, he crouched on his knees and actually showed some fuging emotion. Idk if he’s the answer but I like him more than anyone else we’ve had in the past 4-5 years
  5. The play calling definitely has been better lately. I don’t think McAdoo sucks as much as others think he does (although that game plan against LA was absolute shite), so if the offense keeps it up and we keep them both, so be it. there’s just a history of successful OC’s getting hired elsewhere for HC opportunities. Constantly promoting from within is what got Rivera fired and Doug Pederson even though he’d just won a ring like 3 years prior. We’ll see what happens; it’ll be interesting for sure!
  6. Sucks that one of the only times DJ has shown extreme emotion on the field, he gets flagged and we likely lost for it. You know he’s gonna feel that weight on his shoulders whether he deserves it or not and probably will keep that emotion even more reigned in now either way, absolutely amazing throw and catch. PJ has a fuging cannon and those DBs didn’t think he could sling that far
  7. Even if we do well down the road and he hires a good, innovative OC, he’ll get poached by a different team for a HC opportunity. Then he’ll have to hire someone else. Rinse and repeat
  8. This 100%. “Let’s trade away DJ Moore and have Shi Smith be our #1! We can draft a new receiver, it might even be someone like DJ Moore!”
  9. Turf’s been literally proven to cause more no-contact injuries, yet we still use it here and elsewhere to save some cash. God forbid we make the players’ safety first priority over money; but living in this world we know where the priorities are. Agree with Pete 100%. BRING BACK THE GRASS!!
  10. Haha yeah I can see that. Smokin’ Quinn memes would’ve been fire
  11. Brady looks super gaunt and old now, too. He looks like Quinn from the last season of Dexter. Cheeks all puckered in.
  12. It’s no coincidence that the two best lines we’ve had in 10+ years were in seasons we went 12-4 (2013) and 15-1. Amini Silatolu can’t haunt us anymore
  13. He’s been making plays every game, getting penetration and getting his hands up when he can’t get to the QB. He looks like a new player; without a doubt one of the bright spots of this season. he was a first rounder so a lot of people know his name. He may get a Pro Bowl nod if he can keep it up. Some others will inevitably opt out. We’ll see
  14. And his erratic snaps were a constant worry. I’m loving having Bozeman in there. Having a good OL again feels fuging amazing!
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