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  1. Terrible. Apparently it was also the kids’ mother’s birthday the day that it happened. I can’t even imagine.
  2. We’re extremely thin at CB depth so this could be really good for us, depending on the money. I’m hoping for OT at 8 at this point. Our team is shaping up. I’m gonna give Darnold the benefit of the doubt and say having an actual QB coach and competent weapons will make us a pretty decent team this season if we can get Bouye for cheap and draft Sewell/Slater. Of course, we could still go 0-17. This sport is weird that way
  3. He was great with the Texans and pretty good with the Jags for a year or two. I don’t think he was very good last year (was traded to Denver) and also was suspended for PED’s. He’ll be 30 when the season starts. I’d like it if it’s a cheap, short deal. Big money, though? I’m not sure about that.
  4. “They gave up two first round picks” Edit:to me, “giving up” means total loss. I guess that’s where the difference is
  5. Agreed, I really dislike the argument of “it’s basically a first round pick” and then calling a second a first, just because it’s high in the second round. I get draft value, a lot of the prospects around there are similar, but it’s still a second rounder. That’s why they have different rounds and not just one massive chucklefug round of drafting. Also a pet peeve, when someone says SF gave up 3 firsts to move up to number 3 overall. No, they gave up 2 firsts. They still have a first round pick this year and did not lose 3 total firsts. That bugs the hell out of me when peopl
  6. Good to hear, buddy. Wilson’s a great prospect and I hope he works out for you guys. Sam is extremely young for how long he’s been in the NFL, he’s like 23? Should be 24 when the year starts I think, but already has 3 years playing experience. Our coaching staff did wonders last season with our roster so they really could make a big difference with him. A capable QB1 was really the difference between 5-11 and a playoff appearance. So many games where we had the ball with the game on the line, and Teddy simply couldn’t make plays. It’s definitely going to be interesting. We we
  7. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want Darnold at all at first. But now that it’s already happened and I’ve learned more about his situation, I’m okay with it. I mean, we gave up a first rounder for Everette Brown. If we can potentially land a QB who can make plays with the guys we have on offense, it truly is a steal. We have playmakers, we just need somebody to get them the ball and not check down on 4th and 8 with the game on the line. I’m optimistic. Still wanted Trey Lance though lol
  8. Welcome! Seems like Jets fans have a soft spot for Darnold. He appears to be a good kid who has had poor coaching. Really hoping he works out. He definitely has more potential than Teddy, so at this point I’m all in. I’m hyped about our new QB coach as well, which apparently Darnold hasn’t had in a couple years. Pretty bad when your HC is Gase and he is HC, OC, and QB coach. I think you got a good one in Saleh.
  9. Apparently NYJ didn’t even have a QB coach on staff the last 2 years. It was Gase as HC, OC, and QB coach. Idk what they were doing up there but Sean Ryan has his work cut out for him
  10. At least we finally beat them once this year. That was the trigger that broke Arthur Blank and got Quinn fired. I was tired of them stomping us with Rivera. And Rivera not benching Haskins cost us as well. Damn you, Ron! *shakes fist at cloud*
  11. That 2010 season was truly something special. Lame duck coach, owner trying to save money for the lockout, and a quarterback who was devoid of any ability. We had some talented players too in DWill, Stew, Smitty, etc. but man that team was ass.
  12. Hey, I said I’m trying to be optimistic haha. If the Darnold trade ends up blowing up in our face and he sucks, then we’re in the same purgatory situation next year, it’s definitely worth getting concerned about. I’m just gonna roll with it until then
  13. I’m kind of looking at it like this: staff clearly wasn’t happy with Teddy. The contract for him was ass. We realized it simply was not going to work with him going forward, and we weren’t happy with who potentially would be there at QB at 8. I’m glad they made a move which still lets us keep our 8 pick, while still upgrading at QB. After watching a year of Teddy I’m really okay with anybody else. At least Darnold has more arm talent and potential. Teddy’s just going to be a highly paid backup until 2022, unfortunately. Sucks having mediocre players on big salaries, but whatever. I
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