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College BBall 2022


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8 minutes ago, MillionDollarCam said:

I’d like to keep Hubert because he’s recruiting well but watching our guys swing the ball around the perimeter without any penetration to only throw up some wild ass shot is maddening. There’s no movement on offense, the ball moves around the perimeter and then someone has to go one on one once the shot clock hits 10… and it’s nearly every single possession.

The team basically getting hot hitting 3s all day last season seriously masks how bad Carolina was before the Duke game last season.  They can be the best team in the nation but they have to play to their strengths and stop playing without any real offensive sets.  They are so crazy streaky because they aren’t playing smart basketball.  Frustrating to the point I considered not watching this game

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3 minutes ago, jayboogieman said:

You would have watched no matter what. Your fandom demands it.

I mean Carolina has a better team and are way more experienced.  This should be a blowout.  But here we are

Again..#1 problem the entire season is Caleb Love shooting UNC out of the game

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2 minutes ago, Shocker said:

I mean Carolina has a better team and are way more experienced.  This should be a blowout.  But here we are

Maybe, maybe not. Duke has been depending on the one and done freshmen for a few years now. Their current team is no different but isn't working for them quite like it did under K. On the other hand, the Heels aren't that good under Davis.

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    • I agree to an extent.  I definitely think smaller qbs have some disadvantages, such as seeing over the line and stuff like that.  Im not saying smaller qbs are better, im saying statistically the injury thing may be overblown by fans who are set on Stroud anyways.
    • I 100% agree with this, and generally my nature is to lean risk so that explains my Bryce lean here, but I'm in the camp they both end up pretty good and I'll immediately be team Stroud the second we take him. I think if we take Stroud and he busts which isnt impossible folks are going to lose their job as well. They both have some elite traits and downside that makes this one not necessarily a slam dunk, but thats why we are able to discuss this so much.
    • You are correct there isn't enough data. Specifically for Bryce's height and weight. We have examples of QB's 6 foot 210 range. But not 5'10 185-190 it just isn't there. Well Doug Flutie but I mean cmon lol. For me this really boils down to weighing risk vs reward. That is what the staff and Fitterer will have to decide on. If they think he's worth the risk based on his other intangibles then make the pick. He could go on to become a star. Of course there's also the possibility on the other end of the spectrum. And that one ends with folks losing their jobs.
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