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I think Jordan Addison could erase the stigma of being a USC WR.  I like his combination of size and speed. If Hooker ends up being a thought at QB Hyatt could also be on the radar.  Zay is my favorite for us. Speedy and nice route running. Johnston and Jaxson give me pause.   Johnston looks like a contested catch monster but I worry bout route tree and separation a bit.  Jaxson does not give me worries bout separation and route but injuries and scheme fit does he might be only a slot guy. 

It's a interesting group. I don't feel we need to rush the process. There will be prospects in all first three rounds to fill a variety of needs at WR for teams. I'm starting to see the WR class like the RB class.  You can wait and find diamonds. 

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Marvin Mims jr folks. That's the real riser after the combine. He was overlooked in the draftnik community,  even though he had 3 QBs and produced 20+ ypc the last 2 years and 16+ in 2020. Dude averaged 19.5 ypc at ou. Dudes a slot burner that can take the top off the defense and give TMJ and DJ space to operate or you air it out if you don't respect it. He doesn't have the advanced route tree yet. As a bonus he was a fair/good returner. As a slot guy, can definitely be the primary returner. Also he's a true junior I believe so a young guy too without the milage and has growth left.


also the TE class is hella deep. I would 100% pass on meyer for one of the 2-4 guys after him. Musgrave is my #1 in the class now. Sam LaPorta out of Iowa is underrated this year, and I'm fine with him as the 5th guy off the Te board, and everyone's favorite Darnell Washington is a risk with aky high potential at multiple positions, a longer term dev guy in Zach Kurtz who scored a damn RAS of 10, and Dalton Kincaid. If we pass on TE this year oof.



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