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What Are You Listening To Right Now....


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(i dont like this song at all, but my good deed for the day is to show you how to do it)


1. on the youtube page, under the video click on the "share" button.

2. beside the share button, click "show options".

3. select "long link".

4. copy the link, and paste it.

5. delete the beginning of the link that says


6. whats left of the link "c_TgoMm4q3E" put inbetween the figures

[.yt] and [/yt.] (disregard the periods)

-like this- [.yt]c_TgoMm4q3E[/yt.] (disregard the periods)

dude, uber complicated.

1. go to youtube page.

2. copy everything after the v=

3. paste into the yt thingies.


5. Profit

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