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Post a pic, any pic.


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Hate to break it to ya, this is fake. There are plenty of these same exact letters on the Internet photoshopped with various universities.

For starters, University-issued letters have the official school seal on the letterhead, not one of the alternate athletic logos.

My friend who's at App right now posted this on Facebook from his phone. Makes it seem more legit.

And upon searching Google for another posting of this picture, I couldn't find anything.

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I think you should tell Lilly that the gangsta grip on the AR is adjustable. Magazines work better with ammunition in them. Also, scopes work great when the covers are off.

Those are illuminating covers, I think... They have a slightly yellowed plastic that drowns out some light while enhancing other types...

My comment would be that she's aiming with her forehead in the first shot, and I'd hate to think that I had left-dominant vision while aiming right handed...

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    • Thought I remembered that name. https://www.si.com/nfl/video/2018/08/15/josh-norman-praises-sam-darnold hope he’s ok, doesn’t try to be all macho and come back before he’s ready.
    • lol at all the folks laying that at Paradis feet. Even if Paradis and Miller had handled that stunt correctly, Sam was still getting sacked.  They brought six guys against our five protection.  Someone was getting free, and the first guy to the QB came off the left. Now, as I understand it, the goal is to make the QB account for the guy with the longest path to the QB in those situations.  The correct line call here was shift left.  It looked like Daley and Erving did that, but Paradis, Miller and maybe Moton were shifting right. The question is what was the line call and who went the wrong way. If shift left was the call (and I think it should have been), then the stunt that beat Daley and Paradis wouldn't have worked.  Additionally, Chuba could have chipped the wide defender on the side he went to.  If you watch Moton's footwork, he wasn't postured to block a wide rusher.  I just can't tell if that was because his guy stunted inside, or because he heard shift left. If shift right was the call, the stunt might have worked anyway, but in that case, it would have been the guy Erving blocked who would have had a free rush at the QB, because Erving would have blocked Daley's guy and Daley would have blocked the guy who ultimately got the sack. Basically, it looked like the line call may have been misheard or something, because the line was executing two different calls there.
    • Listen I dont think anyone is poo pooing this trade.  A few of us are looking big picture at how we are going to fix the line going forward.  We used FA this offseason to try and fix it but you see how that is working.  Not having a day 2 pick is pretty big and I am not sure how you are going to get those picks back outside of trading down in the first.  Which I would hate to do if there is a tackle within range.   I do love the trade just playing devils advocate on how we can make the line better.
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