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  1. Yeah I fear that last year may give them the confidence to try this. We have a rare chance to solve a long-standing need. Don’t get cute.
  2. I think it’s dumb to to do that with any draft pick before they even put the jersey on. And back then I still trusted their ability to evaluate players.
  3. A good number of us were. Some serious revisionist history going on here.
  4. Dude was all-pro at the position your “profiles” are worthless
  5. To be fair to Rhule, everyone in that room co-signed that list and the decision to go CB or WR if Sewell was gone.
  6. It's at the 6 minute mark of this video. The fugged up thing is they got the general order right. Those guys were the picks from #6-#10.
  7. Slater was not in play at all for the 8th. They showed the shortlist in the war room video Penei Sewell (Went 7th) Jaycee Horn (8th) Patrick Surtain (9th) Jaylen Waddle (6th) DeVonta Smith (10th)
  8. This was the Monday after the first loss to the Bucs
  9. Give anyone over 6'5 a teal jersey idc
  10. They had a Fire Matt Rhule chant going at a Hornets game last week lol
  11. Lame duck year implies that he's gone regardless but this is not that. Rhule's getting a genuine shot at turning the ship around next year because Tepper bought in on a two year rebuild and wants to see it out before cutting his losses. Whole reason he gave the dude 7 years is because he thought he would be winning in 3. He's not ready to call it a bust yet. If it looks like that's not happening I do believe he fires him midseason, but I think what some of ya'll are missing is that Tepper probably hates getting humilated over that deal as much if not more than he hates the team being a laughingstock. At least there are other factors to blame for the team being bad.
  12. This is what am I saying. What does Sam bring to the table in a 2 QB system? We're going to sacrifice all momentum so we can sub in a marginally better passer?
  13. It's Neal > Cross > Ekwonu for me but the pick has to be one of them. I like them all but Cross's potential is the most exciting.
  14. That would be a contender for Tepper's dumbest decision yet. I'm not sure Rhule can convince anyone to try and save his ass next year and every day he's given handicaps the search for his replacement.
  15. Hard disagree. Would rather just solve LT once and for all then try to press our luck like that. The other spots aren't nearly as hard to fill.
  16. Definitely caught this too. Lowkey confirmed that passing on Slater was Rhule's call. I'll give the front office this much: Someone said Tepper reads the huddle and other fan sites and I absolutely believe that. Fitt and Rhule appear aware of all the criticism being tossed their way and the timing of the decisions lately seem like they're in direct response. Having fun imagining Tepper calling Rhule into his office to watch a slideshow of huddle hate.
  17. If you have o-line problems I feel bad for you son...
  18. Greatest rushing QB of all-time and Sam Darnold.
  19. At least know without a doubt that Rhule is insecure about Cam.
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