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  1. Mahomes going two picks later is pretty funny
  2. Young’s not your average rookie qb and we’ve got more cash than any of those teams. Hopefully he realizes we’d become contenders with him.
  3. Cam wants to play but he's trying to avoid walking into another dumpster fire. Problem is only a dumpster fire of a team would put him on the field in 2023. He's only willing to ride the bench on a team that could can get him to a ring. Problem is these teams don't want or need a high profile backup. I imagine he's turned down offers already and that's why he came up with this oddly specific list. He should have done something like this (or preferably the XFL) once the calls stopped coming. Same with Kaepernick. Showing the league you've still got gas left will go much further than workouts and wish lists on social media.
  4. I love this. Bryce hits it dead center with perfect touch and Matt fires a missile.
  5. His father's profession is emotional intelligence brother he's not like a coal miner
  6. It worked out for everyone. I don't think we would have found a QB in time for him if we hadn't traded up. DJ's a solid receiver but not the sort that can carry an offense.
  7. Surgical. We had to trade CMC because him and Bryce would have been unfair to the league.
  8. How do you grant a penalty in the 92nd minute and not go to replay
  9. and he's signed to puma too? welcome to charlotte scoot
  10. Hard to coordinate in football when there's so much downtime between action and specific moments when crowd noise hurts the team. You gotta remember that not everyone in the stadium is actually following the game. In soccer you can just show up and yell for 90 minutes straight and it helps the home team.
  11. Love southern California's class disparity and cost of living but hate the nice weather? Oh I have the place for you....
  12. - Awesome finishing from Cambridge. There will be calls to start him but I think he and Lindsey's skillsets compliment each other well and should give Lattanzio lineup versatility - GREAT game from Malanda. Anchoring that back line. Best single defensive performance I've seen from anyone on the team. - One of Swiderski's worst matches. Choked a lot of opportunities and just seemed a step slow to everything. -Lattanzio really got it together right when things were looking bleak. I think the veteran leadership of Westwood and Meram plays a large part of that. They're playing like a real team now instead of looking lost out there.
  13. I feel the same about those who say LaMelo's leaving every opportunity they can. This is a genuinely miserable fanbase though.
  14. It's not ideal I'm just thinking about how he could share the court with Ball. Better than Terry is a stretch I'll give you that, but everyone had the same concerns about LaMelo and Scoots a better shooter than he was coming in.
  15. Smith said the fighting was immaturity on his part and his only regret is how he treated his teammates. We can acknowledge the greatness without glossing over his flaws. The passion was a double edged sword.
  16. There wasn't really any misconduct on Miller's part. Teammate left the gun in his car and he returned it. He'd been doing that pat down intro all year. It was a bad oversight not to drop it but nowhere near as recklessly stupid as Miles or even Bouk and Trez committing actual crimes.
  17. Wemby could end up an all-time great but he would have been an awkward fit. From a roster building standpoint I'm not upset. Y'all saying trade LaMelo gotta be trolling or have lost your damn minds. I think everyone's getting carried away locking Scoot in as a PG. He's only had two years of the NBA 3 point line but his midrange is nice, he just needs time. He hasn't been jacking up Steph Curry shots from halfcourt since childhood like LaMelo. He's a better shooter than Terry was he transitioned to the 2.
  18. so no single team option for Sunday Ticket and less nationally televised games thanks NFL real cool
  19. Mahomes has great instincts but he's not a game tape and nose in the playbook sort. The Favre comparison fits; I don't consider either one "high football IQ" QBs. They never had to be because they could just force it through with their arm strength. Bryce has to overcome his lack of arm strength with prep and work ethic.
  20. That was nice. The comparison seemed like a bit of burden on a DJ.
  21. I like the front of the second level the best outside of the primo end zone seats. Being closer to the benches is cool but it’s harder to see the action from the lower level and the fans aren’t as active.
  22. Team’s passing really well rn. Meram is a pro’s pro, I’m sure Lattanzio loves that guy
  23. He's small for an NFL player. Either it will matter on the field or it won't. Tired topic because there's just nothing left to discuss about it.
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