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  1. The gameplan talk has been encouraging but I'm waiting to see some edge or something unexpected from him. He's still in new hire best behavior mode but the youth pastor energy is going to get old quick when we're 0-3. Can you really foster a dog mentality in the locker room when the QB and head coach are Nice Guys?
  2. #1 defense since the trade deadline. Can't believe I'm saying this but they gotta consider picking up the team option on Clifford next year if the team finishes strong
  3. West Coast spread offense and a lot of play action under center from what I’ve read. His core philosophy is to try to minimize pressure on the OL. We’ll see if he pulls it off but he’s saying the right things. If we’re spreading the ball around effectively we don’t necessarily need a Mike Evans, and especially if Young really has a problem throwing deep. I think this was the idea when we drafted him (“point guard” sounds sexier than calling your #1 pick the franchise “game manager”) but Reich and Brown’s system just didn’t follow the plan. It’s probably where the rift in the staff stemmed from. I just want to see how Bryce looks when it’s not obvious to defenses that we’re passing. We would have to won more games last year if they had just done that, the bar is low.
  4. Every need you leave unfilled has a ripple effect though. If the recievers suck what would that do for Young's development? I'm hesitant on trading Burns because I remember how not having a good pass rush crippled the team on both sides of the ball. You're not wrong but kicking the can on a need is as big of a decision as investing money into it.
  5. I wouldn't read too much into it. We've been saying since last year got that we have to get some semblance of a run game and play action going for Bryce to have a chance. Tepper ran Reich out of town over it. I could have told you that was going to be the next coach's philosophy.
  6. Bryce has taken it multiple times since high school (maybe CJ did too but I didn't see any stories on it). I think it's like the SAT where the questions won't be the same but you can still practice the test to get a general idea.
  7. Idk all the prep Bryce did for it was probably better spent in the weightroom in hindsight.
  8. I think Bryce would handle it actually. Old videos of him and CJ ribbing each other makes him seem like a guy who's used to it and knows how to roll with the punches. Problem is he's nice so everyone just wants to adopt him.
  9. I agree with this except I think with the right coordinators he could be as good or better than Rivera. He's got the same locker room dad thing going for him that Ron did but even moreso. I don't like that approach to the staff though because 1.) you have to hit on the coordinators 2.) if they're successful you won't keep them for very long and there's no consistency. So yeah he's a good leader but I also don't want him calling plays. HC is more than just a supervisor role.
  10. They were the #1 defense in the league when he came onboard. This isn't the flex you think it is.
  11. Just like when he was let go here there are two different narratives playing out. The national media is making it all about the Super Bowl but Niners fans are saying it's been bad for awhile and the defense regressed this year under Wilks.
  12. Luke's career was definitely more consistent but peak Cam was otherwordly at times. Greatest football I've ever seen was him carrying defensive lines and that time he ran backwards like twenty yards, dodged every defender, and still picked up a big gain.
  13. Shannon Sharpe was on his podcast last weekend and said before the Manningcast he pitched the same idea to Cam. Those two would have been gold. Cam fumbled the bag.
  14. Think it would take a miracle for him to live up to the Mahomes and Brees comparisons but championship game manager is still very attainable. There's an argument to be made that he always has been.
  15. I don't like our odds of drafting a QB who will make an impact on day 3. Not when there are so many needs we could more easily address with that pick. The 1st pick in 2025 is what's TBD. Bryce is either going to make us competitive next year or put us in the spot to draft his replacement.
  16. Because teams respect his coverage and avoid him. A legit shutdown corner when he's out there.
  17. This. It's a massive upgrade in infrastructure and there aren't enough compatible TVs or worthy 4k broadcasts to justify the cost. And for network TV it has to be done in every market or you run into technical and legal issues. Same reason it's taken forever to get to 1080p (I'm pretty sure ESPN still broadcasts in freaking 720p, for example.)
  18. Because as we all know Rhule loves players with small hands and short arms
  19. You act like his rookie season never happened. Every group on offense got worse under Reich, so it stands to reason that maybe it's a bigger problem than Ickey. Got nothing to do with him being a local.
  20. Because we were so horribly wrong about the coaches. We were legitimately drinking the kool-aid and thinking we might have the best staff in the league and it turned out to be the worst. I really think that's the difference and not that talent. I don't think we were that off about the players. Burns and Sanders definitely underperformed but we also had guys like Luvu, Hubbard, and Brown who exceeded expectations. I think we can all agree Ickey was a victim of the scheme and the jury's still out on Young.
  21. Says he was put in a better situation in Houston.
  22. The Nicole talk is so tired. She would have been in Tepper's ear regardless of an official role. At least this way there's some transparency.
  23. Sorry to bust your bubble but that committee was just to give Tepper candidates. Ain't no way they came back like "You know what? Just promote the guy you have" and then happened to land on a coach who had a close working relationship with that guy. In the end it was your standard hiring process for a GM and HC.
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