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  1. "I probably just would have taken another job. I mean, it's a great place. Wonderful people. I just don't know if I was a fit there. At the end of the day,"
  2. Hayward was/is the best player that's been willing to sign here. Before LaMelo the only way they could get talent to come Charlotte was to overpay fringe all-stars like him, Nic, Al, etc, and pray. We don't have the luxury of signing the stars with no question marks unfortunately.
  3. We should probably stop jumping to conclusions about QBs after one game
  4. I wouldn't feel great about picking Richardson in the top 5. Would love him in the second but I doubt he's getting past New Orleans at 34.
  5. Maledon really stepping up with the other point guards out
  6. Gordon gotta be averaging 1.5 travels a game
  7. Team ignores Kai on the offensive end a lot I'd like to see him more involved. Great agility.
  8. The ref sucked but we win that if Zimmerman didn't commit the dumbest foul I've ever seen
  9. Want Bryce simply because I'm tired of investing in QBs and worrying about their accuracy. I'll take the durability concern over wondering if he's any good.
  10. Check out FIFA Uncovered on Netflix. They've been taking bribes to host the World Cup going back decades. Pretty sure the only reason it got investigated is because we were mad we lost a legitimate bid.
  11. Yeah I don't really trust Tepper's internal findings Yeah I don't trust Tepper's internal study on the money grass. This stats misleading because teams play on different surfaces. Show me the number of leg and foot injuries on turf vs grass.
  12. We're probably stuck with Gordon. They've been trying unload his contract in deals for Terry and it's scaring teams off.
  13. No one ever said that. I don't know how this devolved into "was Cam considered a foolproof pick or just another prospect" but neither is true. His potential was rare and it was recognized as such at the time. "There's no Cam in this draft" is about his ceiling. It's not to claim that he was the consensus top player in his class. Young isn't either, but he's the only one in this class being discussed like that and ironically it's for the opposite reasons.
  14. Yeah I don't get why anyone would oppose this. They won't be on the team next year as things stand and starting Baker comes with a cost. Just go with the hot hand and let them fight for it.
  15. For sure but I agree with @frankw that it's looking unlikely. He showed more remorse when he threw his mouthpiece at the fan. The redemption story fits the man we thought he was but it's becoming increasingly clear that the real Miles Bridges is not that guy.
  16. Agree on bringing the youngins up but note that bigs tend to dominate the g-league. I’m old enough to remember everyone on JB’s ass because Vernon Carey looked like Zion on the Swarm.
  17. lol @ this team not knowing how to use the best dual threat in football
  18. Glad they won so I don’t have to hear about a black helmet curse
  19. They had other finalists for the job. The way they jumped to Clifford suggests that none of them wanted it after being passed up for Atkinson. It sucks but Kenny and Miles seriously boned us this season. With all these injuries I doubt JB would be doing much better though.
  20. A QB who could take a beating was important when the o-line was paper mache. We need someone who can pass and this dude has elite accuracy.
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