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  1. I'd say Oubre's days are numbered but the uncertainty around Hayward makes it hard to dump him
  2. For tall teams maybe but PJ's better than Kai on both ends. He's like an undersized 5 and Kai is an oversized 4. Both of them playing the 4 is the dream and will take the team to a new level I think.
  3. They'll match whatever. Same folks making this controversial would be clowning them if they gave him a max from the jump..
  4. Jordan’s not going to let his plan C head coach run his moneymaker out of town that much I’m sure of.
  5. If they knew sacking him meant having no coach by the draft they probably would have bro
  6. It's disappointing but y'all are crazy if you think MJ and Mitch are going to give him carte blanche to run the team the same way again. This is the LaMelo show now and they all know that. My hope is that with this roster he can be pretty hands off offensively and just give them defensive discipline. And that he was given a stern talk about player development.
  7. I don't blame Khalina for that Columbus goal at all. Defender should have cleared it, had no business tapping it to him with one attacker breathing down his neck and another in the box. We've given up multiple goals this year passing back with zero regard for the opposing team's positioning.
  8. Everyone parrots this because of who Jordan is but ask for details and it's just vague references to him being cheap and assumptions that he constantly overrules his staff. Fitting you used Skip here, same dude who constantly attacks LeBron for attention. Jordan isn't the worst owner in sports. He's the most famous so the expectations are higher and he's an easy target for clicks.
  9. My only issue with Baker is that it's a lot of extra drama for someone who may not be much of an improvement in the end. I'm not usually one to worry about locker room culture but when we have Darnold in his fragile state and we're trying to bring up Corral I'm not sure if adding a diva to the group who may be mediocre helps.
  10. Played his last year in college as a WR. Big Ten's TE of the Year before that.
  11. Need some halfway consistent play from the offensive line first. A clean pocket every now and again doesn't mean much if the QB has no faith in his protection.
  12. Having to learn the playbook and get it called by two different OCs in the span of three weeks is an “ideal situation”?
  13. Based on context you're ignoring to make Cam out to be a bum. You're comparing them on equal ground when he was under worse cirumstances in that stretch.
  14. Board lusting over Garoppolo and Mayfield but giving Cam a full offseason here is crazy
  15. Y'all who are actively against Cam coming back in any capacity are weirdos idc
  16. You should go buy a lottery ticket. Cool news though. The NBA ladies are better dancers, maybe Justine will change that.
  17. They've been saying this for like three years now so yeah, they gotta show me. I'm on the other side of the coin and only play online. Still sucks and never really changes. The only mode they EA puts time into is Ultimate Team, at least FIFA was a solid game at its core.
  18. On pure talent do we have the worst team in the league? I don’t think so.
  19. Swiderski’s gotta come back as the greatest MLS player ever or he just sank the inaugural season on ego
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