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  1. Tremendous fail on BoA security’s part and Tepper should thank God that no one was seriously injured or worse.
  2. Cam’s mad he couldn't reenact Wedding Crashers with Greg it’s probably for the best.
  3. I'd feel so bad for Raleigh. It just doesn't make sense in Charlotte. Too close to the Braves and you won't get a better location than the Knights have already. Even Greensboro I think is a better option.
  4. Yeah I don't know why anyone takes this seriously. Can you imagine how much he saves having both teams share a stadium? The cost of relocating the Panthers would be over $650m and untold millions over the long run. They're going to give it to him but the city should be playing hardball on this.
  5. she's fine as hell in every commercial
  6. Obviously his health was the reason but the state of the team definitely helped. Luke doesn't strike me as someone who cares about individual accomplishments much at all. He loved the game and he wanted to win with the Panthers. He wouldn't risk his life to go chase a ring elsewhere. It was difficult for him to step away from a team that was bad, if the Panthers were serious contenders I really think he would have tried to see it through. Everything worked out the way that it was meant to in the end. It was sad seeing his career cut short but if he had a suffered a serious injury from football I can't even imagine. EDIT: To be clear I don't think the medical staff was part of his decision at all. It just helped that the team was far from winning a SB when he bowed out.
  7. Hard to beat the worst NBA season of all-time in 2012
  8. His juke was ridiculous his first two years I pissed a lot of people off online
  9. I think this he was more burnt by "Mama Tepper" than about not being picked first if they got as close as claimed. Imagine developing a personal connection with a team's owner and still getting passed over for your buddy the little goldenchild. The ironic conclusion to this photo
  10. I don't even believe New England fans like Brady's personality. They were kinda celebrating his arrogance towards the end but I think they dropped that bit when he dumped them. He'll probably be ok but what will make it insufferable is the entire network slobbing on his knob constantly
  11. I still think he can be. If he's the dynamic playmaker he was billed as then the playbook last year didn't give him much room to work. Canales coached Wilson so I expect him to be better than Reich in that regard from day 1.
  12. This is the craziest part of the whole situation to me. It wasn't just that he's no Mahomes he was truly bad at improvisation last season. I'm pinning my hopes on it being the coaching because I can't believe that he could have so much success going off script in college, despite his weaknesses, and then not have that carry over into the NFL at all.
  13. Works great when you have prime Russell Wilson and Beast Mode. Tall order for our guys.
  14. I like to see the fire. Ian's timid reaction to replacing Greg was a red flag looking back:
  15. Hate to see talented careers cut short. Good luck to the man.
  16. I was worried they would always overshadow his accomplishments but they're just footnotes now. He put in the work to become a better man for his own sake and his family's. One of the best redemption arcs I've seen.
  17. I disagree. For better or worse Bryce likes to throw floaters to predetermined areas regardless of what the reciever is doing and bringing those down is XL's bag. I wanted Ladd but I think this was right call. Burners and slot recievers are a dime a dozen but legit jump ball specialists are not.
  18. Why is it so hard to accept that Reich just can't coach? There doesn't have to be a conspiracy behind it. Indianapolis knew. Doesn't even make sense. If Reich didn't want him why protect him with that Fisher Price ass playbook? He could have just drawn plays without any regard for Bryce's ability and let the kid embarass himself if he couldn't execute.
  19. I just don't want him on a low snap count all year. I hope you're right but I fear they're using Sanders as a premium insurance policy.
  20. I get it but I feel like dude's going to have to be Gurley 2.0 to justify redshirting him a year. We have more pressing needs and $30m already tied up in RBs.
  21. I think this is cool actually and a much better way for him to be "involved." Tepper popping up around the city being the teams most an obnoxious fan.
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