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  1. yall always say this as if fatigue management isn't a regular thing done by coaches every game
  2. Could be reaching here but I've always believed that Jordan avoids "Queen City" for the Hornets because of macho BS. If it's true that Tepper has a problem with "Keep Pounding" I think I have an idea why.
  3. mans kneecaps gonna disintegrate on the opening drive if he's out of shape
  4. I believe them. The pregame confuses things because it makes people assume it's prompted like that everytime and it really shouldn't have to be. Yell "KEEP" anywhere in the stadium with enough gusto and you'll get replies.
  5. Yeah I don't think he had a personal hand in this he probably just laid off whoever did
  6. You ain’t been in the upper deck in awhile and it shows
  7. I think the Jets would have been better off rebuilding with Sam but thanks for the quarterback
  8. They're in for a long rebuild and I think anything short of a franchise carrying sort talent was a waste of that pick. He looked like Sam with some flashes of higher potential and I expect him to have a similar fate there.
  9. Yeah I thought Terrace played that ball well actually it was just defended perfectly. Can't win em all.
  10. People go to live events for the atmosphere not because our TVs aren't clear enough.
  11. Can't move him because he's our sole depth at PF/C now lol. It's a tricky situation for him. Ideally Kai will move to center eventually so PJ can take the reins from Heyward. I don't see him getting much better as long as he has to split time between two positions.
  12. More leadership than we ever saw out of Teddy already
  13. This mostly but swap PJ and Kai, and Thor could beat out Richards and/or Carey. Kai as a 5 is a pipe dream for now. They'll ease him into it slowly and I expect another year of PJ playing it a lot.
  14. I doubt it was the deciding factor but there's no way it didn't play into it at all. They're just covering their asses. The Player's Association is investigating Urban Meyer for cutting unvaccinated players.
  15. There was a lot more optimism in his rebound chances when it was just the Panthers who had given up on him. Cam believes in himself but he's not dumb; he has to know he's no longer in the position to make demands. The full quote is key here and foreshadowing a bit:
  16. I'm sure Cam would have no issue with playing backup. Problem is dude has a big personality and he's popular with players, so depending on the team and starting QB that could make for an awkward locker room. Kind of a reverse Steve Smith situation.
  17. I just don't want dude on the team anymore. I have no doubt he's the most talented option available but at least with Sam I don't have to worry about my daughter googling his name one day and questioning my character.
  18. LaMelo and Miles are the franchise now but I'm honestly not sold on PJ as a core piece. Like Monk his talent/potential is obvious but inconsistent and I'm high on Kai.
  19. There are like 30 guys on max deals and he's definitely top 25 rn. The way he stepped up when everyone thought the last deal was bad, I'm sure this is MJ's way of saying thanks
  20. They would have given Monk more time if he hadn’t been a brick head early on. I believe he’s matured but we’re building a young team here and buddy was sniffing coke and getting smacked by the team owner early in his career.
  21. The kid’s nice. We got us another NY playground baller. Loved what I saw from Kai too on both sides. Just has to work on his passing.
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