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  1. This I can agree with. Reaching for a player and giving up a tremendous amount isn't worth it. Trading up a couple of slots is one thing, but I consider reaching as more than 10. It gets expensive.
  2. Good information. I appreciate and respect your analysis. You have a great relationship with the front office that many on here don't realize. Keep up the good work. Your humble servant, all mighty Great one.
  3. You guys posting your dick popping out of your pants, what do you think the ladies on here think? Now if they had titties popping out then it would be even.
  4. Why would he have particular interest to play for Rhule? You mentioned a couple of things but I don't see any of that being a big issue. I just don't see paying the price he would demand. Just my 1/2 cent worth.
  5. Uhhhhhh.....not worth the effort.
  6. I wouldn't go that far. Many on here is football savvy. You are correct that no one player will turn this team around.
  7. Too expensive. I wouldn't give up 3, 1st round picks.
  8. That is so true. I would rather go out on top and forfeit $ than push it and be a disaster.
  9. It would be expensive. We need more player's than just QB.
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