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  1. He doesn't like the niners, not a fan of the hawks, and doesn't respect kanye. I'll be the first mofugger to say aight den to that.
  2. 18-0-1. In an unprecedented instance we tie the Bengals in the Owl.
  3. Hands down the best show I've seen was Govt Mule opening for Primus. I went to see Mule and left a huge Primus fan. Les was getting ready to hit an encore and he said "do you want beavers or puppies?" Right then some idiot threw a shoe and hit him in the face which prompted Les to leave the stage. I saw the shoe thrower get his ass kicked. I've never seen a show live that sucked by any band with a big name. I did borrow a pixies live dvd that was the worst crap I've ever seen/heard. I thought I liked them, I was wrong.
  4. It's an excellent signing. When you consider his age, experience, and pricetag it's the ultimate low-risk, high-reward pickup. As others have already mentioned, it seems we have an excellent locker room focused on winning and not BS.
  5. Sign Jennings, draft a rookie, cut Cotchery, develop Philly and Benji, then call it a day. Use Ginn as a returner and #5 or on screen plays getting him the ball quickly with space. Stash Hill on the practice squad until the injury bug strikes. That's a decent combination of speed, power, and possession and should be good enough to beat anyone with a healthy Stew.
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing cam run some more no-huddle. It always seemed to result in points when used last season.
  7. I think i'd rather have Strong and his 42 inch vertical. That's just insane.
  8. Veggie omelot, few strips of bacon, hashbrowns, english muffin with jelly, & black coffee. Ill be good till suppertime.
  9. I agree, the tone of this game was night and day compared to the Tampa game last year.
  10. I believe it's worth noting that the offensive line only forfeited one sack. I do remember Cam doing some escape acts but I believe they played competently.
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