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  1. I'm not saying you're wrong, but Baker did have a ton of tipped balls early last year.
  2. Absolutely - we’re going to be bad either way, might as well make it just a tad more exciting. What we have on the field right now (offensively) is hot garbage.
  3. I wear Croc sneakers on game day. These particular ones...they're comfy just like the rest of 'em and everyone is always surprised when I tell them they're Crocs.
  4. Any Spiritbox fans here? Here's the first song that I ever heard from them a few years ago. I've always enjoyed her live, one-takes, too.
  5. PC has to sit under my desk in this config. I built a new PC back in November and put an album together to show my family how it's done. It's here if you're interested. https://photos.app.goo.gl/tBTtHULwoxiuqbtW7 Specs - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/tZKqH2
  6. It's top 5 for me, possibly even top 3 but I don't want to put too much thought into what games would round out that list for me. I'll say this, it's the only game in a really, really long time that I haven't taken a break on about 3/4th of the way through and then gone back and finished around a month later. I'm talking about longer games, mind you (single player games under 20 hours don't affect me in that way.) Witcher 3...I took a break. RDR2...I took a break. Never finished HZD even though I got pretty far and I know it's a good game. Elden Ring kept me hooked for the full 95 hours that I played it over the course of a month and I immediately wanted to start over when I finished.
  7. Agreed. I was also one of the guys who preordered both of those games...
  8. Just finished last night! What a fantastic game. I don’t know where it ranks all time for me but it’s the first in many years that I’ve loved this much and it’s definitely high up on my list. For reference, I’d gone in beating DS1, playing bloodborne and sekiro but never finishing them. I got pretty far in sekiro but I played that immediately after beating DS1 and I needed a break and simply never picked it back up. I think I’ll give bloodborne another try now (it was my first Fromsoft game and I didn’t understand how the games worked at the time.) I kept track of my time and deaths during boss fights throughout my Elden Rings run. It took me 95 hours to beat and I was level 152 when I faced the last boss. All in all, I spent 1369 minutes (22.8 hours) and died 600 times on boss fights lol. I’m not going to do a second play through just yet but I would like to eventually. Again, had a blast playing it!
  9. No, heart disease. It was speculated that it was a head injury at first, but the autopsy report went with hypertensive heart disease.
  10. @d-dave First off, you read fast as hell. Secondly, I don't think you'll have problems getting through the series, but there is a serious lull between books 6 and 10, apparently. Everyone who has read the series says so. I'll be interested to see if you make it. Apparently, the last three books (which are written by Sanderson after Jordan's death) are worth it though. Me personally, I've tried to read the series twice and I gave up during the middle of book 6 twice! I'm a pretty slow reader in that I don't dedicate much time. I really want to give it another shot, but it's a commitment for me and I'm afraid I'll just give up again.
  11. Then, take whatever you wouldn't need to survive for 6 months and invest. While I do have a "play money" investment account that I manage, I also use Fidelity's GO Robo Advisor to manage an account. I have a 401K through them, two Roth IRAs (one for my wife, one for me), a joint investment account, and my fun account. All but my fun account are ran by their Robo advisor. Under $10k in an account is free, $10-50k is $3/month, and anything over $50k is 0.35%/year. You'll get more return having most of your money in an investment account over what a savings account can offer.
  12. I have it pre-ordered, but can't play it until the 19th. I've heard it's a mess right now, but that doesn't surprise me and won't stop me from playing.
  13. I wouldn't say hard seltzer has fizzled out, just that the market is too saturated. I still know a lot of people that drink white claws or trullys.
  14. The gang’s getting back together! Gaming, for me, has been getting boring with the lack of releases. Can’t wait for this.
  15. The app you're looking for is TV Time. You mark what you've watched or are watching. It notifies you when a new season starts. You can browse for new shows. I'm not sure if it recommends based off what you've watched, but I've definitely found new shows using their search feature.
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