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  1. We had a similar drill in high school, but involved all players. Win or lose, though, you got back in line. I tried to be ferocious in fumble drills and usually came up with the ball. Unfortunately, I broke a teammates arm in the 1-on-1 drill one day. But the drill did help as I recovered several fumbles during games.
  2. Well, he's already tried the worst way possible, so hopefully with this staff, it will be better.
  3. And to top it off, we have that damn movie "80 for Brady" coming out, too. Which I will not be going to see.
  4. Catsfan69 said: Tepper is the biggest idiot in the history of football. Jim Irsay says "Hold my beer..."
  5. I don't know that I'd say we ran the south for 3 years. That 2014 season we had to win the last 4 games to win it with a losing record. We had a 6 game losing streak prior to that. And the only team we swept that year was Tampa Bay, splitting with the Aints and Failcons.
  6. Actually, it was 3 consecutive. But the first (2013) and third (2015) were sandwiching a 7-8-1 record in a season where the NFCS was about as putrid as it was this season.
  7. Yeah, but we thought there'd be no way we'd beat the Lions after they kicked the Vikings ass in week 14, either. How'd that turn out? But, I know, we played the Lions at home while we'll be playing the saint in NO. But still...
  8. Norman only played a couple of snaps yesterday. There was a pass thrown his way on the first one that was not close to being completed although it possibly could have been with a more accurate pass. As for Darnold, he was not the reason the Panthers lost yesterday. That was more on the defense, particularly CB. Sam had a rather good day overall with the exception of one interception due to the pass being too short. Had it been about 3 or 4 yards longer it would have probably been a TD. He still threw for over 300 yards and 3 TDs. He also lost a fumble on a strip sack (from Icky's side) near their own goal line but the Bucs only got a FG out of it.
  9. I used to get very emotionally involved with watching Panthers games and would be very upset after every lose. But as I've aged, I still watch and cheer for them when I have nothing else to do, but I no longer set aside Sundays just for watching. My wife and I scuba dive and we usually go somewhere for that activity every Sunday up until late October or early November depending on temps in our area. I'll still record the games if I remember to set my DVR and may or may not watch them, especially when they lose. I was excited watching yesterday's game thru the 3rd quarter, but then apathy set in when it appeared they were not going to win, although they did not give up and had a chance up until the very last play. But I did not get emotional after the lose and accepted it as possibly being more of a benefit to the team than winning and possibly going to the playoffs. Perhaps it will be more positive than negative in the long haul as it may bring in better coaching and players. But I am still a fan of the Panthers as I have been from the day it was announced that Charlotte was getting a team and shall remain one. Just not to the point of getting emotionally wrung out like I used to. And @hepcat, sorry for the lose of your BIL. Your family is what is important right now, not some in the grand scheme of things irrelevant football team or game. Focus on them.
  10. No, that's the one pass they did not show. I kept looking for it but for whatever reason they didn't cover it even though I thought it was the best pass/catch of the game. That was a real big boy play there.
  11. That's what I was thinking but wasn't quite sure. That was a while back.
  12. I was there, too, but can't remember if it was Monday or Thursday night. The one image imprinted on my brain, though, is JStew planting Ronde Barber into the BOA turf with one of the nastiest stiff-arms I've ever seen..
  13. You do make a good point, but the Fatt Fhule years were so abysmal everything else seems like a bright ray of sunshine by comparison.
  14. Very standup type of guy. He owned the loss. Quite refreshing after what we saw for almost 2 1/2 years.
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