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  1. We were down 14-0 at halftime but went down 17-0 early in the 3rd. Peete was so slow that by the time he dropped back, he was under pressure. And that was with a good line. Jake started the first drive of the second half and immediately, the offense looked faster. Jake would drop back in half the time Peete did. Jake led the comeback and did, indeed, hit Ricky Proehl on the endzone sideline on 4th down with :16 on the clock. Jacksonville did get the ball back but had a long FG partially blocked as time expired. And what made it more amazing, Delhomme did it while throwing 2 interc
  2. I think he was really pissed that no one from the front office went to his mother's funeral. I think that had more to do with it than anything, although getting cut right after that probably made it that much worse in his view.
  3. That's what I thought, just ribbing you a little. But like I said, it works either way. He did scare the crap out of us on multiple occasions with his decisions. ETA: And scarred us a bit, too.
  4. Was the word highlighted a typo and supposed to be scarred? Or was that the word you intended? It works either way, just wanted to clarify.
  5. I took it to men it was 4:30 their time on the west coast and them not being used to the time here.
  6. They're working on one that might would work.
  7. Thus why posters are saying they want to see them with the 1s and 2s in the final 2 preseason games.
  8. Like most, I wasn't real impressed with him to start with. There will more than likely be a training camp casualty from another team that we can pick up that will be just as good. So I don't see that this is a problem...probably is a good thing for us.
  9. I never got into any fights either in practice or in games when in high school, but my sister's boyfriend and I would sort of go after each other. He was a RB and I was a DE and when the play came around my end, he would try to seek me out, especially if he was blocking on the play. He was somewhat of an a-hole at times and thought he had to prove to me how tough he was. Just made me go through his blocks just that harder. Or tackle him a little more intensely than I did the other RBs. I never got mad and I don't think he did either, but I do think it made both of us better. But I could
  10. ​Sorry, but Ricky was taken in the third round by the Cardinals in 1990. Everything else is spot on, though.
  11. ​Oh, God, you had to bring that nightmare up, didn't you. I had done a fairly good job of forgetting it and now it's in my head again. Damn you.
  12. Makes no difference. It would still be an illlegal forward pass.
  13. If he's taken you for granite, you must be stone cold to him.
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