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  1. I met Braxton in Miami randomly at E11even and he’s mayyybbee 5’10. Still a super impressive play by Hasson
  2. Matt Rhule had been trying to get to the NFL for years with that and the contract Tepper gave him this is absolutely not happening. Word is he doesn’t really like recruiting that much anyways and likes to just coach.
  3. I know he’s a great guy but Teddy is without a shadow of a doubt my least favorite player in the NFL by a country mile.
  4. Nah not all Matt Rhule and staff obviously have a good eye for talent he even found some gems last year with Marty handicapping him. You don’t *always* have to be the contrarian my guy!
  5. Hey speak for yourself…some of us still like to look good I just also happen to be a Panthers nerd too lol! Lost and Found will be for some but not all. If you want a night club experience definitely go there but it’s exactly what you think. Overpriced booze but imo a pretty good atmosphere for my crowd but we enjoy clubs and night life. South End probably gives you a mix and y’all can hop around between Pins and other bars. If you’re into the more dive bar scene hit plaza midwood starting at Thomas St Tavern. Just my 2 cents!
  6. I’m confused I get the Rivera hate but why do people hate Curtis? He was one of the lone bright spots from our team last year and wanted to cash in on free agency and we weren’t gonna pay him what the WFT was. No need to hate on him I wish him a speedy recovery but I hope he’s clamped up by Donte when we play them.
  7. I will have a Sam Howell jersey literally minutes after I see they’re available if he becomes a Panther. It would be a dream come true to your boy CashNewton and Sam honestly as well I imagine…he grew up a Panthers fan.
  8. Slugging was supposed to be slightly and if he does that is roughly where I see us 9 wins and in that group of teams that are “in the hunt” but are still going to miss the playoffs. Pretty sure we agree.
  9. I mean pretty much how Darnold goes our team goes. If he over exceeds expectations we’re a playoff team. If he plays slugging better than Teddy we’re a “other teams in the hunt that ultimately misses the playoffs” if he’s close to the NY Jet Darnold we’re picking in the top 5.
  10. For sure I’m in sync with you on both accounts. I could have been them giving him the chance it could have been him asking but outside of Houston and maybe Detroit I’m not certain he’s a definite upgrade at qb at this point in his career. That’s why selfishly I’d like him to come back home.
  11. Judging by my username you can probably guess I’m all the way in on getting Cam back (as a backup I’m aware he’s not the former Cam) but who knows if he’d be cool with that/the staff and front office wants that. I think it’d have to be a situation where Cam absolutely knows he’s the number 2 and is accepting of that. I wouldn’t be shocked if Cam asked NE to cut him though to see if he could be the starter somewhere. Time will tell.
  12. This is Matt Rhule’s 2nd year in the NFL after a weird covid year. I don’t understand the consternation and hang wringing over him having a bunch of his guys that he knows on the team. If I were to get promoted as a new project manager I’m going to hire people I know and trust first. Since I’m still pretty new to this I want to surround myself with people I know and trust so I can get stable footing. Over time I’m sure I’ll make new connections/branch out as I get more comfortable with my position but initially you’re darn right I’m gonna hire people I trust and know.
  13. Sooo did we find out why it was canceled? I would read through the thread but something tells me it’s just 6 pages of mostly nothing.
  14. Smitty screaming “Nooo!” When he thought Slye was coming out to kick the PAT >>>>>>>
  15. Literally what I was coming to say. I get where Mr Scot is going but I think he’s a little off in regards to the system Payton/Brady run. Without getting too nerdy and football coach like the purpose of their system is to almost give you false confidence that the offense is simply looking for 4/6 yards per play. In particular early in the game you might see trips with a flat route a medium in/out route and a seam to open it up. Later in the game if that play is successful you’ll see double moves being built out of that stack formation so now the DB is thinking another medium route next thing you know the WR hits him with a quick double move and is streaking over the top. In Brees’ later stage it was way more dink and dunk because he had a noodle left for an arm and Teddy is Teddy he also lacks plus arm strength to make dynamic plays down the field. Brady wants just as if not more explosive plays than Rivera did our QB last year simply lacked the capacity to make some of those plays happen.
  16. LMFAO how in the world do they want this man??? I was at that unseasonably hot game last year watching in a hot mask as Theodore threw a 2 yard check down to a covered player on like 4th and 7 on the game losing drive. That very same game the guy they’re benching him for lit our secondary up. They saw exactly what I saw up close and said you know what…I want more of this.
  17. Most of the people that are complaining about Darnold not playing don’t really care about him taking live reps etc….they’re just complaining because they can’t see how he looks themselves. I definitely get it but we’ve waited months to see our new QB we can wait 10 more days (Rhule said he’s definitely playing the Steelers game) I’m absolutely positive you can find another position to be worried about instead of QB.
  18. I think he can live with effort flags within reason so the Robinson flag is meh…the many unearned flags by the ol are completely unacceptable however.
  19. I’ve been screaming it I believe he’ll be the best quarterback taken in this draft Trevor included.
  20. This is the real NFL not your Madden Franchise mode.
  21. These players have to want to sign with us too…Maybe he’s holding out for a surefire playoff team to reach out? I’m bullish on the Panthers but I think it’s fair to say that for most reasonable fans the playoffs would be more of a pleasant surprise this year than sure thing.
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