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  1. david johnson has one year left on his deal before he’s a 31 year old free agent. he could be cut and save the team almost $7 million. also the texans FO looks more like some weird cult than a functioning football team and i just have this sneaking suspicion that mcnair and co would really appreciate a guy like mccaffrey, even if it makes less sense than taking an additional draft pick
  2. need to purge the fan base of the 30% who say they wouldn’t do two firsts and mccaffrey
  3. not a prediction as it’s difficult to say where he goes if he goes at all not knowing the full context here but if he were to be traded to carolina i think 2 firsts, a 2nd/3rd and mccaffrey gets it done. they’re probably taking a player or two back in any deal so it’s hard to say exactly what he goes for but i get the feeling houston would value mccaffrey at roughly the value of a first round pick. they have very dumb ownership, mccaffrey is a “star” and tbh his complexion is going to appeal to that franchise. so let’s say ~3 first round picks in value. i know watson is worth way more than that so i don’t need anyone to pipe up with how it will never happen on the basis that it’s an underpay. what he’s worth as a player in a vacuum and what the texans will get in return are two different things. houston is going to eat a loss on any trade. the question is how much of a loss. without knowing what teams he would accept a trade to it’s difficult to say for sure. we can only speculate. but if anyone is in the driver’s seat right now it’s watson.
  4. that’s not that big of a return relative to the value of harden (especially the pick swaps lol houston may very well never exercise those options) but beyond that i don’t think anyone is arguing that if watson only wanted to go to one team that the texans would just accept like a 5th round pick for him. they will get assets but those assets won’t compare to his value and unless they’re getting nothing but ridiculous lowball offers they will be hurting themselves if they keep him out of spite. 5 teams bidding against each other and 20 teams bidding against each other is a very big difference and will be reflected in houston’s return. and that’s not even getting into the franchise’s historic willingness to eat poo on trades. honestly wouldn’t be surprised if two firsts and mccaffrey got it done given what we know about that organization. and that’s a deal you immediately accept. there’s no real precedent for watson’s trade value in this era. with his ntc i think it’s pretty obvious that whoever gets him will win the trade on pure value. obviously houston will think they’re winning if they turn a player who doesn’t want to be there into future assets but value wise houston is going to take a massive loss. huge disparity in leverage here.
  5. james harden already provided the blueprint. watson can make the organization miserable while still getting paid. if he wants out he will get what he wants or things will get even worse for houston.
  6. this is at its core a labor dispute and i expect a shitty organization like houston to try to exert control. what watson is attempting to do could change things for players.
  7. Hey whats the pink and purple triangles mean in your background pic

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