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  1. I personally like what they’re doing with Singletary & Moss in Buffalo (Although think they’ve got some downsides as players). Same with Gordon and Williams in Denver. Cleveland with the Chubb and Wacko McHunt. I, however, prefer not to have a SF, PHI, LAR type situation. Dat’s gross right der
  2. I agree. Not trying to jump on him like a mob here, I just think his growth should be monitored this season. It’s important to our success and closing out games. As I said above, Rivera’s squads never had the close out mentality Brady has. But we have these weird stall outs where it’s like he gets too cute when he has sooo many weapons at his disposal. Highly optimistic he’s a top OC by years end but there were a few moments if slightly off could’ve been big momentum swings. B-
  3. Thanks for the candid replies. I’ll remain optimistic. Trust he’s got the trajectory and acumen. He’s been highly touted for a reason. We never closed a close game like that ever with a Rivera (or very rarely)
  4. Or we could just limit his load and find a complimentary situation on a rookie deal. Maybe we found that in China. I’d rather run the O through a QB leader and committee than being over reliant on a bell cow but your analogy is way off
  5. Notables for consideration: -off tackle weak side on second and shorts -a slack of early 1st and 2nd down in the gun -lack of true spread (don’t know if it’s on Darnold’s progressions though) This is the moment where Hubbatd, Arnold, Tremble, Marshall can step up and am looking at them. But there are questionable hiccups. Not consistent, like I said “almost” but he has these moments where it’s almost like he’s thinks he’s in 4D when the opposition is looking at it for what it is.
  6. Yeah. My weird thing is he makes me feel more comfortable on 3rd and longs than 3rd and shorts. He’s young and bright so I trust he can learn and adjust. Hence my patience but he’s got some short yardage head scratchers. We could’ve had some easy bootleg TE tds in the redzone this year that were 3 pt drives.
  7. I’m trying to stay patient but he leaves me with some very head scratching calls no matter the personnel we have in. Today was hard with our main dudes getting dinged, but I’ve gotta say, the short yardage play calling and poor protection scheming on misdirects just kills me.
  8. His game looked small but he got adjusted and ended it with good awareness and security. I’m hopeful with him and Royce. A ton more than with Mike Davis and Bonnafon. More upside, more big play potential.
  9. Hubbard started to shake of the nerves, Freeman looked great. Hold that for 4 weeks and CMC gets back at 5-2 and we could be ready for a run. Positive thoughts. I love you all
  10. Great time for Bouye/Jackson/Taylor/Chinn/Chandler to show what they’ve got At least we’re not in years like Melvin White and whosyamamma back there
  11. If CMC is a strain or sprain, we give him 3-5 weeks off, stay in contention and come back with fireeeeee
  12. Depending on the break, that’s not even season ending.
  13. Jesus Brady. He is not impressing this year. Didn’t impress last.
  14. Both injuries happened after we’d be off the field without bullshit calls. fug this
  15. We’re getting beat in the trenches tonight. Offense and defense. Defense just doesn’t have the collapsing effect tonight.
  16. I believe teams these days should identify a QB to run an offense through rather than a bell cow. Bell cows are awesome but you need a QB to elevate the team. If this is serious, I’m genuinely curious to how we change our franchise direction on offense. If not; still something to consider in the long run.
  17. This entire team looks demoralized, stripped by refs, like their leader is injured. Someone needs to step the [email protected] up on offense and corral this unit. DJ, Sam, Robby, Brian, Brown, Chinn…we’re looking at you
  18. We need to spread it early downs, misdirect on 3rds. Brady seems backwards after the first two drives. Texans adjusted, he needs to twerk.
  19. Time to react very instantly and very intensely! Hope he’s okay
  20. From the easternly side of this place we call home An Easterby fudge steps out of his sh*thole It's H-town! The worst realm in all of the land The basketball, football all join in the bland No more beards, no more weirds, no more good teams to flop with the tears Hidden, covert, avoiding the looks They scurry to peddle with Christ fearing hoofs Now from the afar, comes the Pantherian dawn Encroaching from a neatly cut Charlottetown lawn The Mills will get wrecked, yes, their Mills will get checked, by our dearest most daunting Sam Mills effect And the men led by Sam & Dan (...and Zanie Zan Zane) will lead us to the next...
  21. That is the feeling I get, when I look to the west. It makes you wonder...
  22. YGM has been effective while being under 30% def snaps. So his impact will be missed, but it's not a huge void role wise. Fox has played awesome so interested to see how they configure the rotation in the front 7. (or is it 6...or 8 with this defense? lol)
  23. We haven't even had a ton of splashy big time plays but I find myself seeking Panthers vids and highlights 10X more since probably 2017. Maybe even earlier than that. I think we've put the right guys in place. The OL and QB spots still have a magnifier on them but it's looked better than expected thus far after feeling so deflated with two-gloves.
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