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  1. Idk why everyone hates on Cousins. He isn’t flashy but he’s actually a QB who came into the league pretty raw and has been steady with around a 100 QBR and 67% completions every year. Threw 33TDs to 7 INTs. I think if you’re looking for a stable veteran and not someone who’s going to be “the franchise” he could be a good pickup. You bring him in and then draft a LT and someone like Strong…I wouldn’t be mad at that offseason.
  2. Idt Icky is going #1. He’s an elite tackle but you better be Ogden if you’re going that high. I’d be happy with any of these tackles tho. I can’t remember a class with this much elite tackle talent.
  3. Yeah he’s the most impressive QB in the draft imo. He and Willis just flick it and it goes 50-60 yards. I really want us to get him.
  4. About 10 years ago McAdoo was one of the most highly sought after offensive minds in football. He’s worked with a ton of QB talent and OL talent. He had a disastrous stent as the Giants HC. But don’t confuse inability to be a HC with inability to be a good coordinator. IDT he saves Darnold. But with the amount of QB talent he’s been around I would trust him to spot a good prospect in the draft.
  5. Our best player has played 30% of the games the last two years. Our OL is terrible and he’s avg 4.6 ypc. We’ve also shown no desire to start him at a position he’s probably more physically suited to play. The Rams just straight up released Todd Gurley with a very similar situation and they carried 15 mil of dead cap. Hasn’t really hurt them too badly….. Idc about the dead cap. I really think as long as you’re not carrying a ton of contracts with dead cap the team can build and recover. More importantly it allows the offensive staff to move on and gameplan without CMC on their mind. Bc a gameplan WITH him is completely different than a gameplan without him. Unless that player is healthy 100% of the time it becomes a hindrance.
  6. So we’re keeping a lot of expensive dudes and we’re rolling with Brady Christensen as the only option at LT. Sounds promising.
  7. Tomlin is obviously a good coach. But you have to remember that is a franchise with FIVE Super Bowls including two with the current QB. So…winning a super bowl and then being “good” doesn’t really do a whole lot for you in that town. The Steelers have been good but not great (especially in the playoffs) since that last super bowl win and those minority owners aren’t the only people who wanted a different coach.
  8. im going to admit. Idk who most of those late guys are. But Penning is massive and is consensus 1st round tackle that is apparently very athletic. Strong and Ridder imo have the highest upside of any of the QBs. Strong is more polished so that’s who I went with. I like tight ends. They make great targets for young QBs.
  9. I don’t think that CMC is untradeable especially with how much some of these teams need sure hands. How many drops did the Pats running backs have last night? Id offer CMC to Belichick for their 2nd and 4th and see if he takes the entire contract. Roll with Chubba. Let CMC become the next Wes Welker. I could also see a team like the Eagles making a deal for him to really see if Hurts is the future. I agree with the Robbie trade and the DJ trade. I think you have to trade Robbie bc he’s a distraction and is only going to excel on a team that is good. I think you have to trade DJ bc he’s less than a year away from a massive extension. Idt he’s worth top 5 receiver money unless we get a legit QB. Which we aren’t gonna have by the end of the draft. You have to keep the D together. It’s the only path forward with this team. Gotta keep Reddick, Burns, Chinn. I’m not sold on Brown but give him another year unless he’s fetching a first. So if you trade CMC, Anderson, DJ I think you could net 1st, 3rd, 2nd, 4th, 5th. Build the OL. Maybe draft a guy like a Howell in the 3rd. Start over on offense. Keep the D competitive.
  10. More owners should actually probably do what Jerry Jones is considering and make a situation where they are able to get rid of a HC to promote the desirable coordinator. That’s what should have happened in 2017 with McD and Beane. Instead we lose both and that was the beginning of the slide. Hopefully having Fitt and Morgan in the building will right the ship.
  11. I would take Neal or Ekwonu. The thing about Ekwonu is he’s built like and quick enough to be an elite LT. But he has the mean streak of an OG. So…you literally could put him or Christensen at Tackle and be fine. If Christensen comes back to camp and looks like he can be a pro bowl left tackle then it’s not like you’ll waste Neal or Ekwonu. Either of those guys is going to the pro bowl as a guard and we’ve got our Quenton Nelson setting the stage for a 2000 yard rushing offense. As long as you don’t pass on those guys when they’re there then you will win the draft.
  12. Build an OL and I don’t have a problem taking a swing on Pickett. But they better not take Pickett and think they’re gonna protect him with 3rd-4th rounders and bargain bin FA. As far as the difference. The competition in college was a major one. Pitt lost to Western Michigan and Miami. They had basically two good wins. Clemson and Tennessee. Wake’s defense was absolute garbage this year. I’m not impressed with that win. Then the BIGGEST disappointment to me was that he didn’t even play against Michigan St. If he had been able to go out there and torch a big10 defense then I think he could have made a case to go #2 overall to the Lions (or whoever traded for him).
  13. He’s saying if it was him BC wouldn’t be the tackle. He’d be an all-pro guard and he’d play next to Ekwonu, Neal, or Moton. There is only one thing to do with this pick. It’s to take the best OT on the board. The best thing about Ekwonu and Neal is that they can both play G and T and can do both at an elite level. This is literally a best case scenario possibility for landing the 6th pick and getting a player that is elite and that we badly need. I feel like Darnold is probably beyond repair. But the next QB that comes in could have an elite line if we do this draft right.
  14. I would be shocked if they went DB again in top 10. I wouldn’t be shocked if they signed someone like Cam Robinson to try to fix the OT problem and then they trade the 6th pick for more picks and pass on Ekwonu, Neal, etc. Personally, I think the better move is to draft a player who can play OT ($20 mil per year position), sign a FA safety like Marcus Williams so Chinn can play strong safety and maybe get down in the box more. Chinn needs to be our Chancellor. Find a rangy FS to play the Earl Thomas role and draft the OT rather than signing one.
  15. Seahawks prob felt the same way in 2012 when they signed Flynn and failed to make a move for a guy like Tannehill…instead opting to draft defense and waiting for Wilson to fall. That draft realistically had ONE can’t-miss QB. So the Seahawks were smart and signed a guy who could potentially be good (Flynn) and were patient in taking BPA. We need to do the same. Sam Howell didn’t have a great year. Desmond Ritter and Strong have plenty of question marks. Both of them have just as much upside as the top ranked guys. So you build the line, acquire more picks, and yeah if one of those guys is available you take them and see if they’re the next RW.
  16. HAHAAHAH. So basically O’Brien, Gruden, and Pep Hamilton said heck no. So we are barking up the “I used to be a mediocre college coach” tree. Definitely sounds like Tepper is gonna be happy. I think Scott Fitterer and the management staff is actually really good and the moves they’ve made have overall improved the roster from when Hurney was here. But Tepper needs to can Rhule and let Fitterer do what he does….evaluate talent. Player talent, scout talent, head coaching talent. Let Fitt hire his guy and not waste another year. Bc if those are our OC candidates then that’s all we’re doing here. Wasting time. If you want to STOP wasting time then hire Daboll as the HC and hire Kafka or Dorsey as the OC.
  17. Bedard’s comment is spot on. Rhule is the anti-Belichick at pressers. He talks to much. Just be confident in your decision and let the results play out. If you’re a year 3 guy…then get it right in year three. Problem is that he’s trying to preach to Tepper through the media. FTR I think he’s right…if Jaycee had played people wouldn’t be questioning that pick. Jaycee was playing like a pro bowler. Hopefully he’s healthy next year and gets back to that level.
  18. Another potential approach to this is that they sign Tomlinson and an OT (either Robinson or Armstead) and put all of their eggs into the 1st round QB basket. I don’t love that plan bc if it blows up then it sets the franchise back an additional few years. But I could see this happening. I also don’t love OL FA. They tend to have a ton of wear and tear and get reinjured.
  19. IDTS. I think that if he built the OL and was able to land a rookie that shows real potential (6-8 wins) he could get a 4th year. Herbert’s rookie year he threw 31TDs and 10 INTs. If Rhule was able to get production like that out of a rookie and ride the defense to being in hunt week 17-18 then he wouldn’t get fired.
  20. Idt we trade back. I think we trade players. Fitterer is gonna want more picks for sure. But I think he’s gonna get rid of some players for picks even if they’re late picks. I think CMC, Burns, Brown are all players that could be dealt to lend more picks and more cap.
  21. Acquire as many picks as possible by trading CMC and D Brown. I actually think you could get two 1sts from those two players. That would leave us with 6th and probably two mid-late 1sts. I like the Tomlinson idea. Ekwonu, Linderbaum. LT - Ekwonu LG - Brady C - Linderbaum RG - Tomlinson RT - Moton
  22. CMC will not be on this team next year. I didn’t think he SHOULD be on the team last year. But now I’m pretty sure Tepper and Fitterer are seeing what a giant screw up Hurney was by signing another huge running back deal. CMC is a great player for a team that can contend. We used to be that at the beginning of his career. As soon as it appeared we weren’t that he should have been traded.
  23. Don’t underestimate what teams are willing to trade when they feel they have a “window.” I could definitely see a team like the Dolphins on the heels of 8 straight making a deal to get CMC as a final piece for Tua.
  24. Tepper has to realize that because Rhule has zero NFL name he isn’t going to find a quality OC. Maybe if there was a promising QB here then he could lure someone. But with Ian Rapaport reporting we’re reaching out to cast offs from the Vikings and Hamilton has returned the call I don’t see this ending with a a savior type of OC. So what is the realistic plan? Because I doubt that without an OL, QB, or OC the miraculous “3rd year results” come to fruition. The plan is a minimum of a two year plan to even compete for the playoffs. If Fitterer wants to be here long term he needs to stop with the “build AND win” plan bc you WILL NOT win without a QB and Rhule has poisoned the well when it comes to legit veterans. They aren’t gonna play for him. 2022 Offseason: 1. Trade CMC. Please. Just do this. I wanted to trade him last offseason when it could have net the team probably multiple day 1&2 picks (realistically I think it would have been a 1, two 2s and a player). Now I’d be happy if we get a 1 or a high 2 as long as the other team takes the entire contract. His production is amazing when he’s healthy. Trade him somewhere that will pitch count him and go to a super bowl on his big plays. (Picks 1&3) 2. Trade Derrick Brown for the right price. I think you could probably get a late 1 for him. The other interior guys we have are capable but honestly it doesn’t matter. We don’t have a QB so why keep him one more year for him to blow his value (Potentially what happened with CMC already in 2021) (1st) 3. Sign Reddick and Burns. QB and QB pressure is what wins. Have to try to keep these two for 3-4 more years (5-6 years for Burns). 4. Roll with Horn, Taylor, Henderson and Gilmore and be done. Let Jackson walk. Gilmore imo is critical to keeping the best unit on the team strong and teaching two guys who have massive physical potential (Horn and Hendo). 5. Trade Robbie. He’s not productive and he’s a distraction. IDC what you get for him. (6th) 7. Keep Darnold unless there is a good pick involved. Which there won’t be. I think he probably sucks. But Rhule is partially right. The OL would have caused 90% of the QBs in the league to play below their potential. Like I said 2022 is a wash anyway bc of prior decisions. 8. Sign Cam Robinson or Armstead. 9. Cut Cam. There’s no point anymore. Picks accumulated: 1st, 1st, 3rd, 6th. Spend the picks on the Offense. 2022 draft: 1st - Ekwonu or Neal. I think one of them will be there. Both are pro bowl caliber LTs and also have elite versatility. 1st - Linderbaum - He’s elite but he’s still a center. If we traded Brown I think 20s is where that pick would be. I think this guy would be there. 3rd - Pass on the QB. Take John Metchie if he’s there. Pickens would be a good pick. Need to replace Robbie and also develop behind DJ just in case. Rest of the draft - Grab another OG, TE. 2023 I’m gonna guess that with that offseason and a carousel of Darnold/Walker/Unknown playing QB we will finish with a top 3 pick…if not #1 overall. Fire Rhule. Idk who you hire. Josh McDaniels would probably be top of the list. #1 overall - Bryce Young. Smart, accurate, big arm. He’s a more polished Russell Wilson at this stage of his career. If he can stay injury free he’ll be the 3rd best QB prospect in the last decade behind Luck, Lawrence. Plug him in behind an OL with a bunch of future and current pro bowlers, Chubba, DJ, Marshall, Tremble. Let him go to work with McDaniels. Let the D do what the D has been doing…. 2024 - Playoff hunt behind a defense and running game. Sorry this is a little depressing. But short of some kind of miracle I don’t see another way.
  25. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say all these dudes turn Rhule down and Tepper’s hand is forced. Here’s the thing….if you have a good situation like Groh, Gruden, O’Brien then you aren’t leaving to come to a situation where we have a crap OL and no QB. Fitterer (and Tepper) are gonna have to realize that bc they made the wrong choice with keeping Rhule they are now being forced into fixing the roster FIRST…and getting good coaches next. 2022 is going to be a wash. It sucks…but it’s true. Do everything possible to keep the D solid and start to build the OL. This is why you CANNOT spend capital right now on skill players. They’re worthless without a good QB.
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