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  1. The shoulder duck shimmy to the left to avoid the rush followed by a 57 yard off balance bomb to Anderson was probably the best throw I’ve seen by a Panthers QB since 2015. Nice to have someone who can move AND has necessary arm strength.
  2. I would say Joe Brady needs to figure out how to get the ball in the end zone with a top receiver, league MVP at running back, AND Darnold…then he may have his pick of jobs.
  3. Isn’t he a NE guy? I mean I get that he coached in Texas why would anyone think USC would interest him? They’ve had like 5 coaches (pretty good ones too) since Pete Carroll and have been a dumpster fire. I mean maybe if PSU fired Franklin and then came calling….
  4. I wonder how many of those pass rush wins were purely because of CMC play action? How are you that bad with a threat like him in the backfield?
  5. Our score was closer than the game. Solve the RZ woes and it’ll be fine. Didn’t even have to be TDs…just points at all. One more TD and a FG makes the score 29-14. Not particularly close. That would be TDs on 50% of the RZ trips which still isn’t great. I also like our chances of getting Jameis rattled early with him coming off a big win. I’m gonna say 17-3 at halftime. CAR holds on to win 26-24 with a sack/TO on downs as JW is trying to drive to win.
  6. I think the flow of the game is going to be a lot like the Jets game. Low scoring. Whoever can run effectively and doesn’t turn it over will win.
  7. Agreed. If you’re going to go for it inside of 2 yards to gain then split CMC out (or take him out altogether) and put a short yardage back in the game. Not everything has to be disguised and I think that’s what they want in a way with CMC on those downs/distance. “You don’t know if he’s gonna run or catch.” Sometimes you just have to line up and push the other team off the spot.
  8. Darnold is a 250 yard/game game manager who never turns the ball over and our defense is Denver 2015 good. CMC is good for 200 APY every game.
  9. There is no way we’re resigning him if Marshall or Shi show promise. I expect him to have another pretty good year. He’s going to be 29 though. So, I could see him cashing in on two good years with Brady and getting a 4 year deal for his last contract. Won’t be with the Panthers tho. So makes sense if Fitterer is trying to build to get something for him.
  10. Fitterer is about to build a monster. If Horn and Darnold hit then this the Panthers are going to be a problem...
  11. This is when analytics goes too far. I could argue that the Horn pick could have been one of the most important picks in the last decade if: Horn is a lockdown corner (very possible) and Darnold is a future top 10 Qb (also possible. Not as likely. But possible). Basically if Darnold is a 4500 yard, 30TD, 10 or less Int player with this team then the pick solidifies the Panthers as a future monster in the NFC much like the Hawks were with the Legion. Imo other than Lawrence, Darnold has just as much potential boom as any other QB in this class. Combine that with the EXTREMELY rare traits for Horn...it was the right pick.
  12. The Saints are going to be garbage. Brees made that team. The Falcons are going to be the Falcons. If Darnold is able to live up to expectations this team will be competing with TB for the South.
  13. I don’t understand why people are down on this pick? Consensus was that Horn and Surtain were head and shoulders better than every other DB in the draft. Our corners SUCK. We just filled a need with the best position player in the class who’s getting compared to Jalen Ramsay. I think he is going to take our D from good to elite. Then...if Darnold sucks and we need to draft a QB you’re drafting a QB into a situation where there is an elite defense behind him and a bunch of talent on offense. Basically a perfect situation. Build the team then get the QB...or maybe we have him already?
  14. I think Darnold could have a very Romo-like career here. Imo Romo lacked some elite pieces around him specifically on defense. It seemed like the Cowboys always gave him pretty good weapons but there was never an elite defense that could carry him in an off game. If you solve that for Darnold then he could have a really productive career here.
  15. Mahomes is the exception. Not the rule. Just gotta remember that. So if you can add someone who scouts are comparing to Jalen Ramsay and try to build the team with defense instead of taking a risk on 1st round QB..I don’t mind that.
  16. Alim is gonna be a monster. HS middle linebacker to NFL DT in 3 years....that dude is still growing.
  17. I think Darnold being more capable than Teddy moving the ball downfield and CMC being healthy will propel this team into the playoffs.
  18. We need to add an experienced, capable LT to this roster. Scott isn’t the answer. Little is a complete wild card. Christensen is a rookie. Not sure if they have any plans for Moton at LT. They’re paying him a bunch of money on a franchise deal. It’d be nice if he was able to make the permanent move. But if not I think you have to sign someone like Leno who was a cap casualty more than a performance casualty. The Bears were a dumpster fire with Trubisky and Leno was still within the top 10 tackles in the league as far as sacks allowed. Gotta assume some of those sacks are on MT. Bring him in on a one year deal. Let one of the young guys develop behind him.
  19. Whether we make the playoffs is going to be on Darnold. I know everyone wants to pretend that’s not the case...but it is. We were a one possession away kind of team last year...bc of the QB. We get CMC back. We added a lot of defensive talent. As was mentioned in OP the OL is good enough...not great. But good enough. The missing piece is the QB. Let’s see what he can do....if he’s not the answer then we’re probably looking at 2023 before we potentially have the answer bc it’s unlikely a rookie is going to come in and start next year.
  20. Horn - A+ if Darnold plays well as I think a true lockdown corner is second only to QB in rarity. The only other player on the board I would have preferred (if Darnold sucks) is Fields. Hence...why it’s only an A+ if Darnold doesn’t suck. Marshall - A - Needed to replace Samuel. Marshall is a more talented player with higher upside. Christensen - A - I’m trusting the RAS on this one. If you can find an elite starting guard potential tackle in the 3rd round it’s a home run. I think he’ll be one or the other. Tremble - D - Looks a lot like the other TEs we already have. Dunno who else I would have picked...maybe another OG? Not thrilled with it but maybe they have big plans. That’s like a B+?
  21. The quality of players matters a lot. The Jets were terrible at drafting and nobody wanted to go there in FA. Darnold is basically going from a bottom five skill group to a top 5 skill group. It makes a big difference if the route to the flat or a slant goes for 40 instead of 5...the quality of skill player makes a big difference in that metric. If you watch Darnolds highlights (not the best metric but it’s something)...he’s constantly making really really difficult attempts. His positive yards weren’t based on a great skill player taking it the distance on a easy completion. For the most part it was him making high level of difficulty completions.
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