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  1. I know you are a company man about these things but this isn't true. The analysis on this game was like 20 some missed calls against us, it was actually insane. No calls on personal fouls, batting fumbles, Cotchery catch, a lot of stuff that adds up. I mean not to mention the many many "storyline" super bowls since Goodell took over. But really just watch this game, it's quite obvious. This is a league that just keeps bad refs each year. The NFL can legally push games one way or the other, they are the same filing status as the WWE. I don't think it always works but they went heavy handed in this game. They couldn't have Manning lose. And ratings drops in the SB means advertisers get to pay less I believe, or it was like that.
  2. Pike moving up the charts. This show has been so good imo. I think Discovery gets some undeserved hate and it's enjoyable. Picard season 2 was..... I don't know what they were thinking with that one. But Strange New Worlds feels the most Star Trek a movie/show has felt in a long time.
  3. The trade makes sense bringing back Clifford since he won't play any young people anyway lol.
  4. What even is this franchise? That trade last night and now this. Melo gone for sure when he can.
  5. We should have just traded Lamelo for multiples first before he inevitably leaves this goofy team.
  6. I grew up in a small town and golfing was pretty much out of most people's price range but maybe things have changed. The places to golf growing up were clubs basically. I feel like growing up there was a lot of other sports that were far cheaper to be honest. But I remember some years ago my nephew was doing sports and everything is pretty pricey now to play.
  7. I'm not saying Brown is a bust yet, but if someone actually offered a mid-round first for him (I have strong doubts) and we passed then.... I'm not so sure that is wise.
  8. Finally. A pick no one can complain about.
  9. I mean I'm kind of numb. I think another CB would be crazy, but I don't expect that. But at this point I'm expecting anything.
  10. Yeah it's hard to tell. I wouldn't want to make the choice. Obviously we need some Oline help but if you pass on a QB and he becomes great it's going to hurt. Time to sit back and enjoy the show.
  11. This will be David Gettis' year I'm feeling it.
  12. This is good. Gives them time to flesh out what they want to do. People sometimes forget that it takes 3-5 episodes for a show to really find its stride usually.
  13. I think show is decent so far. It's not going to win awards but it's something to zone out and watch here and there. When you make a TV show of such a loved game you just aren't going to win people over completely. I would say that this show probably has a good chance of not getting a season 2 although Paramount has actual stream numbers and whatnot so they'll be able to judge better.
  14. Yeah Sam was handed the keys to everything without really proving anything. The fifth year, the starting position, etc. It's like they felt they would just jinx it if they had any backup plan lol.
  15. It's OK to hate this dude's coaching style and other things but damn I think we're going just a little far on the hate at this point lol.
  16. I mean I hope not but Taylor was such a large part of the band and was one of the faces of it, more so than most drummers. Every interview with Dave and Taylor. Dave JUST came out with a solo metal album where he played most of the parts (called Dream Widow) yesterday as well which turned out really good.
  17. This one stings. I've been a fan for a long time and loved his drumming style. I wouldn't be surprised if Dave just ends the band and moves on.
  18. This came out of nowhere. Hill is a beast but I can't help but feel Chiefs won this trade but that may be wrong.
  19. Yeah like others said, this was a money decision. With that in thought, he was smart and probably made the right decision. The fact that they saved him from losing money for a suspension may be the next big news story and I wonder what the league office thinks of this kind of structure. I thought it would be fun to have Watson here but realistically we're not often at the top of destination lists but I hope this all works out in the end.
  20. DJ Moore is liking those bombs.
  21. What a huge fail if Tepper loses this to the Saints. Not like he had a chance anyway but definitely will cement Rhule into failing too. There will be pretty much zero excitement for the team heading into next season.
  22. Zaximus

    The Batman

    This movie was a masterpiece. It may not be what people expect out of a Batman movie but I loved it. It was Batman but also different which is pretty impressive. The cinematography was fantastic. I loved so many scenes. This is probably my favorite version of Batman we've seen in movies.
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