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  1. Yeah Owen Wilson brought a lot of heart to the show. Glad they chose him. The cast all around was great. Ditto the post about Majors, he's a fantastic actor but the other stuff...
  2. Real question is why we haven't had Moton move over to LT because I think that would be a safer choice for right now.
  3. Yeah I never once thought we would be here this deep in the season agreeing that Rhule was a better coach. These are the worst of times indeed.
  4. Na he's just a bad owner. Even if Panthers fans stopped showing up the stadium would sell out to opposing fans, at least for a lot of the games. It's a profit sharing league so I think a team has to show it's obviously losing money and would obviously make more somewhere else. It's too valuable of a market IMO.
  5. I just finished this as well. It's still one of the best Marvel shows. I don't think any of them have been "bad" but it's just fatigue. Secret Invasion is probably the worst one IMO, what a snoozefest.
  6. Cowboys fans hyped about beating another sub 500 team.
  7. Pretty odd we don't get a replay of this phantom defensive hold on a run play. Oh NFL and officiating.
  8. Where was that hold ? It almost feels like it was on Dallas but someone said to change it around lol.
  9. Can it get worse ? Obviously it's a future play.
  10. Evero is a bright spot. Give him the team.
  11. Almost every drop back this game. And when there is time no one is open. He makes rookie mistakes as expected but hardly has a chance. I get people love to hate Bryce and I'm not in love with the pick either but come on.
  12. Lol how are people blaming Bryce when this offensive line plays like this?
  13. Idk why we are risking Bryce out here. It's dangerous with this line. Put Dalton in as a mere health safety reason.
  14. The line is worthless. Icky shouldn't be the LT right now either.
  15. Listen to the stadium lol. If Tepper keeps this coaching staff then he has no pride.
  16. And we didn't want to trade this guy weeks ago lol
  17. Yes. This is the worst Panthers team ever. There is no excitement to be found anywhere, no hope, not even the glimmer of silver of having a first the next year. This is rock bottom.
  18. I just don't know we give Reich and Fitt more time. If the team was at least on the same level as it was toward the end of last year I would be on board with giving more of a chance. But we're not even close to being as "good" as Rhule was last year.
  19. Fitt should be fired for not trading Burns to the Rams or at least to the Bears to keep DJ. Reich should be fired on the field goal choice last night alone lol. But in serious I just don't see anything from either worthy of keeping them around.
  20. This coaching staff makes me miss Rhule and his staff. I mean.... what world is this?
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