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  1. It's exciting to have a player that can stir up this type of nonsense though lol. JB has done a fine job. Melo and Bridges this season are tearing it up. We need a better big and this team is really, really good. We're getting close.
  2. I mean at least he has NFL experience. What did we really expect anyway for a coaching staff that most likely is going to crash and burn next year? At least we know he's probably taking this job to prove his skills since he'll need another job the next year. Motivation at least.
  3. I'm pretty sure the next three books are 30 years after. I don't think it's even the same main characters but I could be wrong, been saving that for when I read those books. I'm hoping Amazon has been in talks to doing those or a mini-series considering they kept showing that other planet but who knows.
  4. I'm not really arguing any of that. But how many times do we see this guy just run right past the play and contribute nothing? He should have 20 sacks a year honestly. But I don't disagree he's young and there IS potential, and a lot of it possibly.
  5. He hasn't learned anything, he's the same player he was when we drafted him. He's good no doubt, not saying that. But he misses more sacks than he gets each season and is a liability in the run game. But I agree he COULD have more potential and is younger.
  6. It just sucks that, even with that silver lining (possibly that is), we get to waste another year watching bad football.
  7. Yeah that's right and I don't think it was as easy to get over that as it is now. He had other nagging injuries too. It was smart to draft Luke.
  8. Reddick. Burns hasn't improved. He's still the same guy that is iffy against the run and whiffs on a lot of plays. He's not bad by any measure but Reddick feels like a more complete player. If we can't keep Reddick, obviously keep Burns. But if you can sign Reddick and get picks this year for Burns (we desperately need them) that may be worth it. It's a hard choice because Burns "could" leave and fix these issues and get better but he also could never improve. Reddick is probably what he's always going to be and is the better player right now imo. Ages does have to factor though and we aren't winning a Super Bowl next year etc.
  9. I mean Beason was coming back from a really bad injury right?
  10. At least in Charlotte, I'd rather lose power in the winter than the summer. You won't really freeze to death plus you have blankets. But no AC in the mid of summer? No thanks.
  11. Losing power is the stuff of nightmares. Just sitting there and it being all quiet. Please no.
  12. Why would anyone attach to Rhule? We will get whoever is left after teams pick their choice.
  13. Or maybe decided to not injure his ankle more?
  14. If you are comparing the NFL of 40 years ago or more to what it's like now, with the speed and strength of these players then you are completely clueless. Things are NOT the same. Also it's a terrible argument to say "well other people got hit why is EVERYONE not showing CTE damage?" I mean, we've all bumped our heads on something in our lives too, some more than others, but does that mean since everyone didn't get a concussion they don't exist?
  15. Let me guess this guy should just be happy he has a job and should go on the field and DEAL WITH IT and pull himself up by his bootstraps?
  16. The NFL let Vontaze play incident after incident after incident as well:
  17. Everyone should go watch the video when Vontaze hit him. People thought he may be just dead after it it was so brutal and intentional. You can ask any Pit fan and there is a lot of people that knew him before that that said after that hit everything completely changed. Unfortunately, despite the pleas of users in this thread you can't really test for CTE right now unless someone is dead. It is kind of sad that immediately people go defend the billion dollar franchises before the gladiator on the field who obviously should have better care going his way or something. Even if Brown had some issues before the hit, the fact is it's been proven that other factors combined with CTE is a bad recipe. Guys like Aaron Hernandez and Chris Benoit. It's been obvious something isn't right for a while yet we're letting NFL franchises off the hook that keep signing someone that needs help. Do we really think these people that were with him daily and for hours training didn't know something was happening? He was producing on the field so that is all that mattered. There are more reports coming out that say he just didn't feel like he was healthy enough. Many athletes have said that and aren't forced to go into the game. However they probably felt he was desperate to reach the contract incentives and they could force him into the game.
  18. Man he was fun to watch announce. Commentators now are just boring in comparison. Dude was up there just having the time of his life and made even the most boring games fun. The NFL was so different before Goodell.
  19. We are going to see what kind of owner we have as well. I worry his ego is the most important thing and he won't be able to admit that Rhule is just not that guy and we'll suffer another season because he can't admit HE made the wrong choice. We are talking about someone that bought his old boss's home just to demolish it and build a new one where it was. The money? The money is literally peanuts to this guy if he fires Rhule. I believe he's the richest owner in the NFL. Millions is nothing for this guy. His family is set for generations so he's basically just playing around right now owning an NFL team. If he doesn't move on from Rhule it's because of ego factors in my opinion.
  20. If Rhule is still here I think it may be the least excited for a new season than I have ever been. This season feels worse to me than the Clausen one for some reason.
  21. Honestly the only way for excitement is trading for a QB like Wilson or who knows. Even though with this line it won't matter. Firing the coaching staff may bring some. Yeah that's about it.
  22. Ofc Rhule keeps playing Sam. His job was always going to be dictated by it. That was the gamble they took. Didn't work.
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