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  1. We’d need to play another 12 quarter to score 15 points
  2. Tommy Devito with close to 300 yards passing and 3 touchdowns
  3. When was the last time Brian Burns made a play?
  4. If that’s our offensive identity then we could’ve just rolled with literally any QB on anyone’s PS right now
  5. Can anyone find a stat on where we rank for rushing that either result in no gain or negative yards?
  6. I really don’t know why teams don’t double team AT Young’s eyes don’t come off of him on any important down
  7. There’s no way anyone can defend that miss by Bryce
  8. Imagine turning down 2 first rounders for him oh wait
  9. There goes Burns flying by 5 yards behind the QB
  10. Your QB needs to be able to extend plays with their legs these days
  11. I can count on one hand the amount of big time splash plays we have this entire year That’s what makes this so boring/bad
  12. I’d take a flier on him too. We have nothing to lose at this point
  13. I mean… Dallas doesn’t get that possession if we have Stroud because our TOP would be drastically different
  14. Bryce takes a sack or throws that ball away 10/10 times
  15. He also makes things happen Which separates him from your average QB in this league
  16. Yeah that ball he just threw was dirty. Pressure in face twice
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