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  1. It blows my mind teams aren’t aggressively trying to land Aiyuk. Like you said, one of the best route runners in the league. He’s a true WR1. Id have no problem giving up 39 and paying him the contract he wants. We’d definitely find out what we have in Bryce with Aiyuk on this team
  2. Yeah I wouldn’t want to pay Deebo at this point but I’d send 39 for Aiyuk in a heartbeat
  3. my guess is that they take Jonathon Brooks
  4. Bryce is such a timing thrower that a player like Mingo in the slot is a scary thing. Mingo’s route running blows and often times looked like a chicken without a head out on the field. Tough to trust someone like that working the middle of the field imo
  5. The exact way Mingo should’ve been used. It really seems like Mingo has an uphill battle to see the field this year. What an awful pick that was Legette struggles against press which is where the DK comps are silly We so desperately need this pick to work out but it’s tough to be excited about this one
  6. How often do these extremely raw route runners coming out of college work out?
  7. The compensation is a nothing burger it’s the fact everyone and their dog knew this was coming
  8. Trade up for a guy that would’ve been there tomo the more things change the more they stay the same
  9. Probably less than what this brain dead organization gave up for Darnold
  10. Person has Cooper and Rice in his final mock as well so as long as those guys are on the board when the Panthers pick I assume that’s who they’ll be taking I think Worthy will be gone and Person has us taking Leggette Yay?
  11. Yeah that’s the only other position I’d be cool with at 33 or 39
  12. It’s really the only one that matters. No raw 2nd round edge rusher is going to do much in the grand scheme of things for us. CB? Sign Gilmore if it’s that big of a deal This organization needs to find out what they have in Bryce this season. They absolutely should be double dipping at WR. If Bryce ain’t it then at least the next guy has a fighting chance This is an offensive league. You’re never going to have a complete team. You’re always going to have a weakness. Every year the league changes rules in hopes of more points being scored. Our offense was downright awful last year and people still want to spend picks on defense… I don’t get it.
  13. how many more bad new uniforms do people need to see before they’d prefer us to just keep what we have? These Houston ones aren’t good. Denver’s are awful. I don’t even want to see what Nike would do to ours these days
  14. This or id even think about trading for a 2nd next year because we don’t have one but I’m only doing so if the team we trade with has a top 10 pick (2nd round) in this years draft so we don’t fall that far down the board
  15. If you don’t look like a million bucks while stacking primo mast and test then you’re a f’ing moron As for as DJ Chark goes who cares
  16. I seriously can’t believe there are people who are actually defending Tepper in here good lord This wasn’t much of a secret about the play calling. Some of you can spin it anyway you want but as long as he owns this team we are f*cked. And while we’re at it, Tepper was the one that didn’t let Scott trade Burns to the Rams for two 1st rounders
  17. Texans met with Rattler today. He’s someone I’d definitely look into. unfortunately half this fan base and this organization wants to coddle Bryce so we’d never do such a thing
  18. Yeah it’s been a good offseason in terms of starting to build a competent roster for either Bryce or whichever QB we draft next year
  19. The only thing that matters this season is Bryce. They need to put enough around him so that we can get a definitive answer to whether he’s a franchise QB or not. This doesn’t need to drag into 2025
  20. I think it’s a lot more likely AD is there at 33 than Ladd still being there
  21. adding some muscle would help generate some more torque which would help with arm strength
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