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  1. I think we have a better bet on doubling down in the loss column.
  2. Yeah I like Peterson but there are a bunch of interesting names out there. I would love to see Lefwitch and Kellen Moore too.
  3. Kelly was at least a really successful HC too.
  4. It was said that Hurney started the process of hiring Rhule before Tepper knew what was happening. It was because he was a Rookie owner and didn't really have the experience. Next hire I would say Tepper probably will be more involved not less. Hurney wasn't the guy you really needed doing this process and it shows in the product.
  5. I think he could be a game manager but this team needs more than that.
  6. Not going to argue there but there are a lot of people who will never see that Cam isn't what he was. The euphoria has worn off but honestly it really doesn't matter. Like you said we are not going to win unless this team is stacked and honestly if that's the case why didn't we keep Rivera?
  7. Now explain to me why I should and what moves have been made to show this team isn't trending downward?
  8. Yeah the FO needs to stay in place. Rhule imo is a holdover from hurney and needs to go. Tepper screwed up letting Hurney stay.
  9. Well what I'm trying to say is not really. The Cowboys are just a really good team. We are not a really good team. Tbh all the choices we had were crap.
  10. We need a franchise QB and it shows badly. Brady is also very basic but it could completely be that the QB and OLD situation dictates that.
  11. McCarthy is actually terrible. That team wins in spite of him. I would love to hire his OC though.
  12. Possible I mean but Bill Belichick actually had the Browns playing better than usual. He also got lucky and drafted Tom Brady too.
  13. If you think this team is moving forward with Cam as QB then you are very ignorant. It's not 2015 Cam anymore. He's not riding in saving this team and he had some ugly picks that were totally his fault. When Cam moves on I really wish you guys would leave because half you bitch and the other half moan.
  14. I always saw it as a boom or bust pick. Especially when he hired solely college coaches.
  15. Sometimes people are just really good OCs. Last time McDaniels was a head coach he looked a lot like Rhule.
  16. What Fitters does moving forward is more important. We need talent and franchise players. I'm not really sure how he's going to go get that with Rhule having total control and running a college program.
  17. His contract is brutal and any respectable GM would have balked at it. Either way Tepper just needs to take the spanking and move on.
  18. I mean you can't really blame people. Really what has this coaching staff done to prove we are moving forward. They def could have bought themselves more time by drafting a QB and building an offense that was capable of putting up more than 10 points.
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