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  1. This is a typical move I expected. It's like Rivera after hiring CHUD. He went to a guy he knew couldn't take his place. It wasn't till years later he hired Norv and we had a decent concept and scheme. Rhule is going to be Rivera with a lot less winning.
  2. I wish I felt that sure about it.
  3. That's our 1st round pick right there.
  4. CMC when healthy is a game changer in the passing and Running game. The only thing is he's never going to be healthy because he has so many miles on him. That's also why you don't pay great RBs. Because most of them have a lot of miles on them.
  5. Goes back to understanding how a defense works. He understood match ups but not concepts. Still to be honest, with what he was given to work with he could have been a great OC and still failed because if you have zeros at OL and QB not much is going to happen.
  6. Damn you couldn't tell with the Panthers.
  7. Too soon to tell imo. He's screwed up pretty bad out the gate though.
  8. Actually Sean McDermott was a Hurney call when Rivera couldn't get Steve Wilks as DC. Sometimes unfortunate events work out. With that said Hurney hiring any NFL HC is a bad idea. It's been rumored that he didn't want Fox or Rivera but he loved Rhule.
  9. I started worrying when Tepper gave him a 7 year deal and kept Hurney. Dude hasn't a clue and now is hiding.
  10. Just shows how trash our organization as always been.
  11. He was never a OC. He was a passing game coordinator. His ideas were used to make a championship team. His play calling wasn't.
  12. It's the owners who think they have the next Bill Belichick that hold on.
  13. NEW has always struggled against running QBs.
  14. Or we could have looked like genius when that par delivered us a SB. Our standards are absolutely bottom basement with this fan base. You completely ignore we were exposed to a embarrassing extent in SB50.
  15. Ive never seen a owner stick with such a terrible coach.
  16. Buffalo has done extremely well with drafting and in FA.
  17. Damn imagine if we fired Hurney and Rivera we could have had McD and Bean. What terrible FO choices we have made.
  18. Tepper is bitching out and being called out for it is deserved. What a terrible owner he has been.
  19. Why pick QB when there are plenty of CBs to be had.
  20. I distrust any coach who comes in as a rebuilder and then goes win now year two. I honestly think he was trying to get a college job last year and he couldn't juice the team enough to get it.
  21. I don't see us getting a high profile OC thus I doubt we get a good OL or DL. Coach. Rhule has zero connections as well.
  22. We should have traded Burns last year. He's not a complete DE but is a great rush artist. We could have gotten a 1st back for him at least. Now we get nothing.
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