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  1. I was thinking about this today. Would love to be able to establish the run to give Bryce some play action opportunities.
  2. Just tell your Wolfpack linemen to block better and we’ll be alright.
  3. If it was up to the huddle, Peyton Manning would've been cut before year 2.
  4. Probably pretty close. And that would be an improvement
  5. Doesn't change anything. He will have played 3 games.
  6. Unfortunately, in this day of “on demand” gratification, people aren’t willing to wait for success. Traditionally, rookie QBs do not come out strong. By the end of the season, Stroud may come back down to earth and Bryce may be trending up. Too soon to tell. I’m pulling for them both…and Richardson.
  7. Priority is to build around Bryce. WR will be a priority in FA and the draft. OL needs to be improved as well. Take a RB late. Defense will be upgraded, but offense is the first order of business. There are still some good young pieces on defense, but it doesn’t matter if the offense doesn’t improve.
  8. Good thing you were not the Colts GM in Peyton Manning's first year.
  9. Prayers man. We should all enjoy every day and appreciate our loved ones.
  10. Apparently the Panthers offense is much better than the Packers. This is why it is stupid to overreact this early in the season.
  11. UNC defense living up to their usual standard.
  12. Everyone knew that Colorado wasn't going undefeated. That doesn't discount what they have done so far. This program won 1 game last year. Let's see how this matchup goes in a few years.
  13. He is flashy and loud, but I bet he wasn't happy about what his players did there.
  14. Why does everyone have to bash the opponent? Act like you've been there before. Oregon has a lot more talent than Colorado. They will have their day to get smacked down, too.
  15. The first half of the season was always going to be ugly. Some of you need to take a break and come back in about a month.
  16. Yes because it is after church in the late time slot. When we play at 1, I am normally at church until about the 4th Q. Normally I don't watch the recording after church if we lose. I used to live and die on every play, but with 4 kids, there are more important things to do if we lose. Other - non-Panther - games are easier to watch because I don't care either way who wins/loses.
  17. Even with the team not doing well, there should be less whininess in every freaking thread. This was always going to be a rebuilding year with all the new pieces. Those who are reasonable know this. It would be good if those posters didn't get pushed out because the inmates run the asylum.
  18. Whomever it is, have to bring in some legit weapons that actually get open.
  19. Maybe our new RB toy should get some reps soon.
  20. This is funny. A week ago we I proposed the same trade, people said the Panthers would be insane for taking it.
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