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  1. Hate to see all these injuries, rivals or not.
  2. Yeah, Newton can call it what he wants. Ultimately, Matt will be on the team in a month; PJ will not be.
  3. Yeah, starters don't play like they used to - 3 quarters in the 3rd game for example.
  4. We will see a ton of MC in the preseason games. After that, we will not see him again until next camp. The only way that changes is if the season goes completely off the rails and they give him the last month of the season.
  5. I figured the vets/starters would be off tomorrow the way the practice was going. MC will have extra reps to get ready for Saturday.
  6. Our DBs were winning these battles the first 2 weeks. WRs turning it around it seems. Of course, the DB injuries are at play as well.
  7. ...and, if you complain about the bots again you will be asked to turn in your cell phone and leave.
  8. CJ has spent a lot of time with the 1s. He has a real shot to make the roster.
  9. Like someone else said, this far surpassed everything the Panther media team has done this season so far.
  10. Well, there is one competition ending; time for the other one to end.
  11. I haven’t been since we stopped doing 2-a-days. I appreciate the updates, though.
  12. Absolutely wonderful and unexpected good news. Prayers answered!
  13. I am sure wherever he goes will have a strong established QB. If Baker balls out, that might be us. But, if that happens we probably will not have an opening at HC.
  14. Takeaway: Mayfield plays noticeably better in game like situations.
  15. I imagine Ickey will do just fine against the bull rush, but we will see.
  16. That is so cool, man. I have never been so excited for a preseason game. Even watching on TV, it was awesome!
  17. Tepper was wrong with 3 straight QBs - well, 2 so far - but kept swinging. I think Rhule is gone if we don’t make the playoffs or come real close.
  18. I’m keeping CMC in my league. Question: Should I keep S. Barkley in lieu of a second round pick or let him go?
  19. They will probably alternate snaps b/t Mayfield and Darnold every play.
  20. Sorry if I missed this posted elsewhere, but just saw this: The battle to be the starting QB is still too close to call, but coach Matt Rhule likes how Mayfield has picked up the offense. "We test guys every day," he said. "His tests come back in the hundreds. He's a pros pro." -- David Newton That aligns with what was said coming in about Mayfield picking up playbooks quickly. I had seen a comment from college coaches that Mayfield has a "photographic memory".
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