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  1. This is not a good sign. He is quickly becoming injury prone. We go from the penthouse to the outhouse when he goes out.
  2. I really don't care about the respect or lack thereof as long as we keep winning. I'd be happy being the worst 3-0 team, worst 4-0, 5-0, 6-0...
  3. The Texans have certainly played much better than I thought they would so far.
  4. also, this... When asked whether there was a chance that Deshaun Watson, who is on the Texans' 53-man roster but was inactive for Houston's first two games, would play on Thursday, Culley said, "We'll have to see." Watson, who requested a trade in January, is facing accusations of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior in 22 active civil lawsuits.
  5. CMC is on my FF team, so no concerns here. No, I'm sure they will work the backups in more as we go along. I want CMC around for many years to come, so here is to hoping we take care of him.
  6. We could still go 16-1. There are always overreactions, win or lose.
  7. Howell stinks. I'd rather have Darnold.
  8. Sometimes "what the defense gives you" is the deep ball. Have to connect on a few of those a game.
  9. ESPN has our RB scheduled to catch a bunch of passes for a bunch of yards, along with with our top 2 WRs. I mean, someone has to throw them the ball.
  10. We need both of them - they are both top WRs.
  11. Yeah, judging by tonight, the #2 QB job is far from being decided.
  12. I think it is safe to say that Luvu will be on the roster.
  13. The second team unit has looked pretty good the last 2 weeks, actually.
  14. I'm convinced that is the backup plan (as soon as massage-gate settles down).
  15. Chinn is very likeable. Rhule is fiery, which I like. Hopefully we start willing this year or next, though. I imagine that he probably gets annoying if the team is not winning.
  16. They will be good, but it will not have anything to do with Trubiski.
  17. The defense. In somewhat of a homer move, I just picked them up in FF. I am looking for comfort that I am not overreacting to my fanhood. To my defense, Kay Adams has them as a top 5 FF Def on her board. I am super excited about their potential, but hopefully I am not a year too early.
  18. Grier has never shown anything in any of his playing time to me. At least PJ shows flashes. Ideally, PJ would be 3rd string or PS, but...
  19. Posters on the board are coming out with the same intensity as the team yesterday. Let's enjoy some football tomorrow gents. Seeing players like Marshall & Tremble should be fun.
  20. Yeah, not worried about the fights today. Panthers needed to match the intensity of the Colts and not back down. Sounds like they did that today. Now, if personal fouls are a thing during the season, that is a different story. Before Game 1, Coach needs to ensure they can bring the heat without hurting the team. I think yesterday was partly a result of the player who got cut after the hard hit last week. Young players may have backed off too much after that. Vets are better at turning intensity on and off when needed; young pups have to learn how to do that. Rhule needed to see that intensity today and he did. Now to get the kinks works out, which may take awhile with such a young roster.
  21. I think we win, but its not "must win". We could lose and still go 15-1. Stranger things have happened.
  22. We have a player who has played on both sides of the ball (offense/defense). It happens, though rarely. Regarding Moton, I think he is our best shot at having a strong LT. And, it does matter unless we are starting a left handed QB.
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