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  1. Pretty much this. Not much to leak when you don’t pick until 33.
  2. Don’t like the white/black. Love the blue/white and black/silver. They all look pretty good when we win.
  3. This place is going to become a ghost town if every thread turns into this crap.
  4. Year before last when we got hot and almost made the playoffs was fun. Before that, 2018?
  5. Either way, we will come away with 2 very good players at 33 & 39.
  6. I think teams who pass on him will regret it.
  7. I bet Diggs thrives in Houston. I understand there was a needed change in scenery.
  8. Well, you can’t teach that nimbleness of feet. A rare trait. UDFA and I’m willing to see how it goes. for the record, I thought Russell Wilson would bust, so what do I know.
  9. I’m a State fan, but it seems far fetched. He has great footwork, but it would take year to get him caught up.
  10. This is what I keep saying. Do people just love to wallow in misery? Find something to do that makes you happy folks. Some of you spout negativity with every post. If I was like that I think I’d avoid coming here. If you’re so convinced we will suck, go find something else to do.
  11. It’s okay to be excited about the additions. Some will work out, some will not. That the way it goes.
  12. Not a bad idea. Some teams may be willing to overpay for the first pick in round 2
  13. Some of y’all are some miserable people. Find a hobby.
  14. He seems like the type of guy that many teams will regret passing on.
  15. I'm glad the decision-makers don't share your thought process. Tampa was supposed to suck last year, too. I guess they should have just accepted that projection.
  16. Nothing wrong with trying to win. The defense - and offense - do not look as inept as they originally did. One-year contracts are perfect for teams not wanting to cripple future cap situations.
  17. If DJ can get open, which he seems to do well, he is exactly what we need and will get a ton of balls.
  18. He isn’t getting anything close to what he was getting.
  19. Yep. Diontae Johnson catches that ball 9/10 times.
  20. A lot to pay for a dude who half-stepped last year by his own admission and who gets beat up in the running game. To me, he is worth about half of what he will be getting.
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