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  1. Even if Watson doesn’t play they are far superior to us right now.
  2. Ted Ginn was actually very good for us. He had drops sure but was always a threat to score anytime he touched the ball. I would pair him with DJ as the starters
  3. Agreed loved what we did in rounds 1 and 3 this year. Didnt like rounds 4,5 and 7. Mays could turn out to be solid
  4. And we have a bunch of number 5 receivers at best besides Robbie and DJ
  5. Not even halftime but after the first drive. It’s amazing how many times last year we went right down the field and scored on our opening drive and didn’t score a TD the rest of the game.
  6. I would take anyone from 33-40 over Darnold
  7. Howell and Corral, huh? It really has a ring to it, doesn’t it? Well, what didn’t have a ring—at least to the franchise’s decision makers—was either of these two titles: Carolina Panthers quarterback Kenny Pickett and Carolina Panthers quarterback Malik Willis. I actually wished we would have picked Howell in the 4th
  8. That’s all of our receivers except DJ Moore
  9. Don’t worry that will be the case and one Thursday night game. No prime time games for us.
  10. Agreed and I think Fitterer realizes this and traded up instead of back this draft.
  11. I’d rather sign someone to stop the run or rush the passer.
  12. I wished we had tried to grab weapon in 4th round. Or TEs are terrible and need someone to compete for number 3 receiver
  13. Considering we didn’t have a 2nd, 3rd, and very late 4th I’m pleased what we walked away with. Unfortunately we are still a clown show with Darnold, Rhule and Tepper.
  14. They were tryin I think. They took a while to make their pick
  15. The Bengals went from worst team in the league the the Superb owl in 2 years but keep trying to sell us on the 5 year BS
  16. He has no choice but to be fine with it. After this year he will never be a starter again.
  17. I don’t think I would take that trade. If I am moving from 6 to 14, I would expect either a 2nd or 2023 first rounder
  18. Yea kinda funny Fitterer has spoken to the media like 4 or 5 times and Rhule and Tepper are hiding.
  19. I love the draft even though we hardly have picks. Agree that Tepper has sucked the life out of this franchise
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