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  1. Or 2002. We were 7-9 cause of offense was historically bad
  2. Or one of our 5 TEs. Seriously why do we have 5 TEs?
  3. Trading a 6th rounder for someone you are not suiting up makes 0 sense
  4. We have a newer owner, GM and head coach and we still do not prioritize the oline. The chiefs were exposed in the super bowl and they made a splash trade and prioritized the line in the draft.
  5. I wouldnt call the AFC East bad. Buffalo is one of the best teams in the NFL. Miami and NE are playoff contenders
  6. It’s weird how our last 3 GMs have all not prioritized OL
  7. As long as we don’t cut any of our tight ends we are good
  8. And only 2 of those 5 are any good
  9. Thanks. Makes sense. I guess I was only looking at it from an unexpected retirement like Luke’s.
  10. I still don’t understand why retired players count against the cap. That’s a player decision not the teams.
  11. Unlike placekicker, the punter position has always been pretty solid on this team
  12. As long as 1 of them is not already on the roster that’s fine.
  13. Luvu is another guy with great work ethic
  14. And the fact that Fields wasn’t even mentioned in the list of potential picks is mind boggling
  15. Exactly. It’s not like teams are lining up to put in a waiver for these guys
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