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  1. This. There is no positions we should be looking at besides these 2
  2. Not to mention rarely any signings during this time period other than camp fodder
  3. Definitely not to pick 1 overall. Baker is not great but he’s not as bad as he played in Carolina. He was much better in Cleveland and LA
  4. This. I know injuries, not fair blah blah. That’s what the practice squad is for.
  5. Pretty good numbers for a UDFA. Here is hoping for a diamond in the rough
  6. Who is their stud WR?
  7. Yes, especially if Stroud is starting week 1
  8. There is some truth to this but how do you explain the Browns and the Jets? Both have very strong fan bases and have had much less success than the Panthers the last 30 years.
  9. Bryce Young listed as depth. Lol
  10. Guard was a big need considering both of our starting guards were injured at the end of the season
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