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  1. Special teams is the least of this teams issues
  2. Kubiak would be fine. There was nothing wrong with the Vikings offense. But yea doesn’t matter as long as rhule is here.
  3. I don’t know. Maybe the fact that attendance dropped off and the excitement of the fan base rivals 2010 should have him a little concerned
  4. This. I mean where is Tepper? Cant even address the fans.
  5. Yep jags, jets and Texans all looked better than us yesterday against playoff teams
  6. I would be shocked if it’s not Nixon
  7. Seeing the struggles we had finding a kicker earlier in the year we have to keep Zane
  8. Game was over as soon as saints went ahead
  9. I think the Rhule hire was all Tepper. He knew he would be firing Hurney so his input was nil
  10. I honestly question how much he knows about football.
  11. No way Cleveland fires their coach. If they are that dumb I would take him
  12. Joe Judge is 100 times the coach Rhule is
  13. And they will bounce back. Doesn’t matter if Fournette, Brown, Godwin, and Evans are all out.
  14. Yep, I don’t want to but too may holes to only have 1 pick in first 2 days
  15. There really is no point in him being here. Panthers are a get right game for whoever the opponent is.
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