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  1. The 2001 team at least competed. The 2010 team, games were over midway thru 2nd qtr.
  2. I really hope they don’t think Irving is the answer
  3. 100 percent. Even a bad QB wins 1 or 2 of those
  4. So if season started today I assume Donte and Melvin are out starting corners?
  5. He csn throw farther than 10 yards. Not same level
  6. LT just became their number 1 need to protect their 500 million dollar QB
  7. I do as well. We were a drive away in like every game but 3
  8. I really hope McClain is not a starter. Also where is JJ going?
  9. Wow our secondary on paper doesn't look good at all. Possibly worst in the league at this pount
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