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  1. I went over to the Jet message board and they are ready to play the backup QB.
  2. I got the three pack. Rams, Falcons and 49ers
  3. I remember watching that game in 1995 after getting up bales of hay in the field.
  4. I remember running the Charlotte Marathon that morning and hobbling home to watch this!
  5. He did miss one field goal in the super bowl. Beginning of second half
  6. At this point do you just stick it out with Bridgewater?
  7. Matt Ryan is a bitch

  8. I said from the beginning I would go with D. Henry. Dont see how we can pass on him
  9. I would love to pick Derrick Henry. Just think he will be a hall of fame RB in the NFL
  10. Damn boys I have never been so amped and nervous before a game in my life. GO PANTHERS
  11. Minn is atrocious. Dont know how they won 11 games this year.
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