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  1. yeah their arms might have been skinny but look how broad their shoulders are & the length of their arms & maybe just maybe that length × width has alot to do with the velocity on the football moreso than the muscle in their biceps & forearms look at Elway & Jeff George they both had a cannon for an arm & also had similar builds to Eli & Matt Ryan I am not even sure that muscles have alot to do with velocity sure some but no not alot...just saying
  2. oh yeah looks like Drew Brees thinks like Peyton Manning & plays like a mini Patty Mahomes this kid has been compared to some NFL Legends & that's exactly why he went #1 overall...just saying
  3. in 2025 we are according to oddsmakers favorites to have the #1 overall pick again...just saying
  4. did Seattle interview or request an interview with Canales for their HC vacancy ? for some reason i was thinking the Panthers were the only team in the NFL that offered Canales an interview ?
  5. but i love Canales personality & positive attitude.i am just not sure how much of that will translate into winning football
  6. i just think Canales ihonestly s way to green for this job as HC in Carolina & that David Tepper made once again another knee jersey jerk decision out of desperation in an attempt to fix Bryce Young
  7. Penix is 6'& 2" & 215 lbs. runs a 4.5 / 40 can jump out the gym & has a cannon for an arm.& is accurate at all 3 levels & is the most pro ready Qb in the draft & some people just can't understand why Atlanta would waste their 8th pick on him ...lol yeah bingo that is my big issue right there with the Panthers they say one thing about wanting players that have that dawg mentality & well in my mind your Qb has to be the big dog the alpha leader of the pack
  8. okay & if you don't think Penix looks like a legit NFL starter & was the BPA at Atlanta's pick then you need to go watch the game he had against Texas. & i'll tell you what I seen ... i seen the best performance all year of any Qb in college football...just saying
  9. well yeah i ageee that Penix age is definitely a legitimate concern of course but all at the same time it's not also inconceivable to think that history would not once again repeat itself & Penix play in the NFL 15 plus years just like A. Rodgers & Steve Young ...just saying
  10. yeah for example the Green Bay & San Fransico model of drafting your young Qb 2 to 3 years prior to starting for the established vet has been a successful philosophy to follow in years past ... Montana...Young Favre...Rodgers maybe yeah just maybe Cousins...Penix makes sense...just saying
  11. the Falcons are absolutely headed in the right direction & anyone that denies that is just simply jealous I have them as the most complete team from top to bottom in the NFCS...just saying
  12. lol we don't even have a top #32 Qb yet we ignore drafting one even in the latter rounds ... so Panthers ...just saying
  13. yeah the thing that really gets my attention about Sanders is that he played behind one of the worst oL in the Pac12 last season & still put impressive numbers
  14. it just amazes me to no end how everyone & their sister said that the Panthers had assembled an All Star coaching staff prior to last season & how the Paanthers was a perfect place for a rookie Qb or was it that we simply drafted the wrong guy with the #1 overall pick & as a result the coaches could not attack the whole field beyond 20 yards of the line of scrimmage & instead had to dial the playbook back to suit what they had to work with under center...just saying
  15. that's the thing that really concerns me about Bryce Young is the the fact that he led the league almost in uncatchable balls last season & did lead the league in uncatchable balls when passes were thrown 20 plus yards. lord help us...just saying
  16. yeah the deep throw inaccuracy is going to make or break Bryce Young .Bryce almost led the league last year in bad throws & a majority of those bad throws were where he threw the ball 20 plus yards
  17. it's already going to be painful enough watching Caleb Williams throw TD passes to DJ Moore on a regular basis week in & week out & naturally not sit there & reflect back & say to yourself woulda should coulda ...especially if Bryce never looks remotely similar to a #1 pick & the odds are not in his favor of doing so because according to Vegas/DraftKings right now there is about only a 9% chance that the Carolina Panthers make the playoffs ...just saying
  18. it's already going to be painful enough watching Caleb Williams throw TD passes to DJ Moore on a regular basis week in & week out & naturally not sit there & reflect back & say to yourself woulda shoulda coulda especially if Bryce Young never looks remotely similar to a #1 pick
  19. this makes perfect sense because the Panthers need a Qb & will need one next year more than ever oh wait well this year too simply put yes we need a Qb...just saying
  20. yeah this looks like the BPA at our pick in the 2nd round so it's really hard to complain with BPA..just saying .
  21. XL the more I see him play the more I like his game.the only real concern is his route running which with time should & will improve with more reps & the right coaching after that he could become one the best WR in this draft class
  22. sounds just like a Jets fan several years ago talking about Sam Darnold...just saying oh wait a minute was it a Panthers fan when they traded the Jets for Sam no no I think it sounds like pretty much everyone several years ago when Sam left the Jets saying if Sam had this & that & the other how he would be soooo much better ...
  23. I like the Xavier Leggette pick at #32...just saying
  24. yeah unless you are blind to the facts it's hard to argue otherwise...just saying
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