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  1. We’d likely have to take a bad contract as well.
  2. And the Giants didn’t extend OBJ to trade him
  3. Worst case scenario, the Panthers huddle around 8-8 for 2 years (our years without 1st round picks) and pick up when we get them back. Watson would be 28 when our 1st rounders return, this is the kind of player you hand Houston a blank check and shut up.
  4. Miami may have and still may be interested, but this speculation they're going to give up their whole 1st round stockpile is insanity. I think people will be surprised that the price the media thinks Houston will get, they won't get. I think the rumored 3 1sts and McCaffery trade is the one that ends up happening. That gives Houston a guy they can bill as "The face of the Houston Texans" after losing Watt and Watson, plus a 1st rounder to get one of the guys in the draft to replace Watson. Look at it from this perspective. NYJ: 2-14 atrocious team with a new HC trades thei
  5. Could've been NFL. I know the vetting was part of it, but I think the NFL wanted Richardson out fast, so the fact Tepper had cash and was vetted netted him a discount.
  6. Why is Miami all of the sudden being portrayed as this team ready to sell the farm to get a QB this year? Tua had a solid rookie season and I heard NOBODY before Watson say Miami was ready to move on. Why in the He$$ would Miami give up a top 3 pick and 2 other 1st rounders AND their 2nd year QB to get another QB? Is Watson better? Probably, but they're not giving up their whole stockpile of picks for him. NYJ have Zach Wilson in their grasp, I seriously doubt they're giving up the farm for Watson.
  7. That was because Tepper had cash and Navarro had an ownership group. Richardson wanted a clean write a check sale, and Tepper was the only bidder able to buy the team for 2.3 trillion cash.
  8. And zero Super Bowl appearances. That fluke 7-8-1 season had Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, and Drew Brees in that division, plus we actually won our playoff game and was competitive in the divisional round. We also have two Super Bowl appearances , Houston has ZERO, nobody cares about playoff appearances. I would not trade our two Super Bowl appearances so we can have some of Houston's mediocrity this past decade before Deshaun.
  9. How I look at 3 1sts Vernon Butler Kelvin Benjamin Shaq Thompson 5/10 1st round picks hitting is lucky
  10. There is no other team in the NFL that Watson could bring a major organizational change as big as the Panthers getting him. The Clemson fans would sell out PSLs and Watson Jerseys in days. Zero chance Watson goes anywhere else if it’s a highest bidder deal. Though, the Lions took a worse offer from the Rams, you never know what could happen.
  11. I don’t see how it’s such a crime to talk about the most popular off-season topics.
  12. Houston would also have a 36 million dollar cap hit annually for someone to not play for them. They will likely already lose 40% or more of their STHs this year.
  13. Teddy won’t be on the roster in 2021. I could honestly see him forcing his way out of Charlotte if the reports he was offered to the lions are true. also, there’s zero chance Tepper throws him out there when the team lost 90% of its ticket revenue last year, nobody would go.
  14. I’d personally frontload the cap hit in 2021-2023 and field a team that can make the playoffs, then when we have 1st rounders again, we go for a SB. Sign Watson to a 10 year deal like Mahommes
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