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  1. As the giants OC under Coughlin he took the offense from 28th to 6th. The giants then fired Coughlin because McAdoo was getting offers to be a head coach elsewhere and the giants didn’t want to lose him. He was obviously overmatched as a head coach, but as a coordinator he did well. There are a lot of guys who are fine as a coordinator but flame out as a head coach. I think people are focusing too intently on his HC stint, as opposed to what he did as OC. And I’m not sure why some of you are blasting him for Cowboys clock management issues. He’s an offensive consultant on the #1 offense in the NFL. Not saying he’s my guy, but he’s had success as an OC before.
  2. It was Cam Erving. He, (Cam) said as much during an interview. "Chuba, when he makes a cut, he's very good, and when he's decisive, he's really good," veteran left tackle Cameron Erving said. "Like anyone in this league, if you think too much, you don't react and you don't play as fast and as well as you'd like to. "The only thing I've told Chuba this week is just be yourself. Don't go out here and try to be Christian, just go out here and try to be you. Show people why they drafted you. Continue to do the things you've done your entire career. And everything else will fall in place. Once he gets into a rhythm, the sky's the limit."
  3. Who has the strongest arm in the NFL? The NFL's Next Gen Stats service has been tracking the longest completed air distance for quarterbacks since 2016, giving five seasons worth of data through 2020. Using that five years worth of data, these are the 10 players with the longest regular season throws since 2016 — the main disclaimer here is that for the throws to count, they have to have been completed. Player Team Year Completed Air Distance (yards) Jay Cutler Bears 2016 65 Russell Wilson Seahawks 2020 64.4 Cam Newton Panthers 2016 64 Josh Allen Bills 2018 63.9 Baker Mayfield Browns 2018 63.8 Deshaun Watson Texans 2020 63.4 Justin Herbert Chargers 2020 63.2 Derek Carr Raiders 2016 62.9 Kirk Cousins Vikings 2018 62.9 Jared Goff Rams 2018 62.7
  4. Shaq Thompson signed a 4 year, $54,433,000 contract with the Carolina Panthers, including a $16,000,000 signing bonus, $27,525,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $13,608,250. James Bradberry signed a 3 year, $43,500,000 contract with the New York Giants, including $31,980,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $14,500,000 one million difference in annual salary, paid the wrong guy.
  5. I would expect that after 15 years with the same offense in New Orleans, you could probably focus more on situational football than a first year coach and coordinator.
  6. Christensen may not be the opening day starter, but I’m positive he’ll get an opportunity before the quarter pole to see what he can do. Production, even though it wasn’t the SEC, Big 10, et al., is still production, and he did well at BYU.
  7. Eichenburg is a liability in the run game, don’t think he fits what we do.
  8. If you trade back, and still get one of the three 1st round graded left tackles, that’s great. But it depends on how far back, and what the compensation would be. Sewell Slater Darrisaw You have to get one of them to finally replace gross. Also I’m all for double dipping in the second round. Taking Humphrey, Davis, Dickerson, etc, solves the o-line, and gives Darnold a real chance of success. There will still be CBS or WRs available later in the draft.
  9. 1 Andrus Peat OT 2 Nelson Agholor WR 3 Mario Edwards DT 4 Donovan Smith OT
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