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  1. It's good if you don't notice a CB. You should be asking what happened to Shaq. Dude disappeared this game after looking like a pro bowler last week. Guy needs to find some consistency.
  2. That's why Robbie's not a coach. Everyone and their cousin knew we had to pass the ball on that last drive, and our interior OL were dominated when they knew we were passing. Darnold barely had time for quicker developing routes and couldn't hit his throws unfortunately. Brady has been up and down with his play calling, but our OL is hot garbage. We've invested hard into our defense, but this off-season absolutely must address the OL. Two decent OL seasons in the last decade is unacceptable.
  3. Not to mention that we've played from behind for a lot of his career, so he's put up those stats on teams that should be running more than passing.
  4. I think there's still plenty of offensive talent, but for some strange reason that Horn makes me want to say screw it and keep going on defense lol. I love good defense, and I want us to get back to that.
  5. Good stuff! I'm open to The Darnold Experiment (still coping with losing next year's second rounder though), and this makes me feel better about the decision.
  6. @verge Woah! Wasn't expecting the Full Monty, but I appreciate the insight into your observations. Controversial prospects are the most fun, and Jones's difficulty to evaluate fascinates the heck out of me. I see valid points from people who love him and hate him. Really interested to see how everything plays out for him.
  7. First off, I really appreciate the thread. Always look forward to you keeping the draft season fresh. That being said, what specifically do you think makes him look "not good" in that ND game. I see a player who nailed almost every throw (yes, a lot of short passes), quickly went through his reads when necessary, displayed great pocket awareness/movement, and (despite constantly being criticized for his time in the pocket) executed well when he was under pressure. I'm not saying he's the next Tom Brady, but I think he still looks like a great prospect (definitely better than top 50). I think what scares people is that Alabama players can be tougher to evaluate because of the overall talent level on the team and the fact the he's more of a traditional QB prospect. Should that scare teams off from picking him in the first round? Maybe, but Trey Lance (who I like) was a one year wonder, playing against far lesser competition, on a roster said to be much more talented than other teams at that level, and he hasn't really played in over a year. Are physical tools really held that high, that one can overlook all of those other problems, but not for Mac? IMO Mac does indeed have the physical tools to succeed in the NFL, despite being less athletic than his peers. I'd probably still take Lance over Jones, because I'm a swing-for-the-fence guy, but I wouldn't be upset if we took Jones. This definitely isn't my day job though. Just wanted to try and see what you're seeing.
  8. Started watching football via the Panthers since the beginning of their 2003 season, and I've been hooked ever since. Only game I've been able to attend was us vs the Broncos to seal an undefeated record at home back in 2008. Technically the Panthers haven't lost every time I'm there! Good on you for this contest, Igo. Regardless of who wins, I think we all know that Huddlers are going to be loud and proud. Good luck, everyone!
  9. http://gnb.scout.com/story/1532354-tackling-machine-mayo-s-path-started-in-shed Well he's a definitely high effort guy. So we got that goin' for us, which is nice.
  10. This is classic Gettlemagic. Raises eyebrows at first, but drops jaws later.
  11. So he wants special treatment over other teammates because he thinks he's a star? Sorry, this isn't the NBA.
  12. I will always love him for this play alone. That was one of the best Panther games of all time, and it ended with us on top because of him.
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