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  1. Finding decent vet LT’s in FA is pretty rare and very expensive. Same goes for a QB like Watson. That reason alone makes me prefer drafting Ickey and Corral. If you are cap strapped and don’t have high draft picks, you have a very small chance at a complete team. Complete teams can compete for a SB. Besides, no one knows if Watson will even play this year.
  2. He would have to take the team deep into the playoffs. However, I don’t believe he is capable of that regardless of staff or roster. He just isn’t an NFL caliber coach.
  3. Sometimes people (and teams) need to be saved from themselves. Never wanted to send so much draft capital and players for one guy, no matter how talented. We just aren’t close to being a SB team to do it.
  4. Rhule won’t pick a QB that he doesn’t feel can start right away. I worry that he sees Pickett as that guy. Wouldn’t be upset if we traded back and picked up Willis late in the 1st, but we really need to address the OL. Dreading the draft with Rhule calling the shots, tbh. Dude can’t evaluate talent.
  5. Rhule is the worst thing to happen to this franchise and I’ve been here for Collins quitting, 2001, 2010/Pickles, and the disaster that has been this franchise since we last made the playoffs in 2017.
  6. TB5 was gone because he criticized the coaching staff. At the time I was pissed too and wanted him gone, but turns out he was telling it like it is and Rhule couldn’t handle it.
  7. So much for the guy now being blackballed for suing the NFL
  8. Sadly, with Rhule in charge this will be the case.
  9. My question is this-do we believe that Rhule could get this team to the playoffs, let alone a Super Bowl, even with a franchise QB? He just seems so much dumber than Taylor, but maybe I just haven't followed the Bengals that closely.
  10. Any scenario in which Matt Rhule is no longer involved with the team in any capacity would definitely give me something to be excited about. Hope for the future…
  11. Only jersey I own has his name on it. The man came on this team its first year of existence and helped establish the team's identity. We had a nasty defense those first few years and he was an integral part of it. Sam Mills will forever personify what it means to be a Carolina Panther. #keeppounding
  12. I remember the start of the ‘03 season when Fox started Peete and I was sure he would keep him in for the entire game. About fell over when Jake came out and beat the Jags with that pass to Proehl despite the INTs. As fans we knew there was something there that season. Should have been a W in the SB. Now it’s known as the Wardrobe Malfunction SB. Sigh.
  13. Quality hire. Glad to have him back in his original role here.
  14. But we know it's working 100,000% because he said so. What else do we need? Certainly tangible proof isn't necessary to dumb fans.
  15. I still don’t understand why an owner would give final say on personnel to someone who had zero experience on an NFL level. Guess I finally have to agree that Rhule is one of the biggest BS artists to ever get a head coaching job in the NFL. We are so fuged.
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