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  1. Been a fan since 1995. Watched the games in 2001 and 2010 and haven’t felt as hopeless as I do about the team as I do today. Tepper has turned this team into a punchline and I will not spend one more dime including tuning in to the games until he is gone. Today’s tantrum further illustrates the point. F-ing clown show. 2015 feels like 100 years ago.
  2. This is what I get for tuning in today. More shitty play at the QB position.
  3. Not denying that Darnold has some talent, but he is easy to rattle once the pressure starts getting to him. You can have every skill player around him be an all-pro, but if he starts to panic, things will go south quickly. Wish him the best, though. Seems like a good guy.
  4. I can say that I am at least interested in the team again. For the first time since 1995, I went without watching the Panthers every Sunday last season because I was so pissed at how Tepper ran this team into the ground. He should have gotten rid of Rhule at the end of the previous season but instead left us stuck with crappy football to start off. Firing the idiot was a start, and the moves the team has made this offseason at least give me hope that it is headed in the right direction. Even if we aren't world beaters this year, I will watch again simply because effort has been made to improve the team by hiring real coaches and letting Fitt do his job without interference from the clueless moron and his "brand".
  5. Had to post this here again because it never gets old
  6. Can we just say it’s a rough time in Panther fan hood? I’ll be here with my nose plugged for the next couple of years, but I’ll be here
  7. Once the Phillies start at 2:30 it’s bye bye to awful Panthers play and hello to some amazing playoff baseball.
  8. Not expecting a win, or even a close game. Just so happy to see the college losers gone that I'll take whatever beatdown we get.
  9. I might actually tune in to next week's game now that I don't have to look at his face on the sidelines anymore. Dude just looked clueless every game.
  10. Been a fan since I moved down here in 1995. Went to Clemson a few times and made a point to go to at least one home game every year until the pandemic, including 2001 and 2010. Never at any point did I feel the apathy and lack of interest that I feel at this point. I will keep an eye on the final scores, but as long as Rhule and Fitterer are running this team, I will not spend another dime to support it. Like OP said, not even a t-shirt. It won't make a bit of difference to Tepper, but at least I can stop feeling like a sucker for falling for the annual bs that we will be an improved team.
  11. If a frog had wings, he wouldn't bump his ass a-hoppin'. If Rhule could coach a team to play 60 minutes week in and week out, he might have some room to talk about those stats from the second half. However, we've seen some terrible football under him over the last two years and no one wants to hear things like "2nd half 7.7 yards per play, blah, blah, blah". It gets old because it's the same BS every week and nothing improves. Put together SEVERAL games where for 60 minutes the team looks like it did those last 35 minutes and perhaps he would receive less ire from much of the fanbase.
  12. He has to be the head coach with the lowest IQ in the league. Can’t think of anything intelligent that he’s ever said in a presser and seems to be getting worse.
  13. Finding decent vet LT’s in FA is pretty rare and very expensive. Same goes for a QB like Watson. That reason alone makes me prefer drafting Ickey and Corral. If you are cap strapped and don’t have high draft picks, you have a very small chance at a complete team. Complete teams can compete for a SB. Besides, no one knows if Watson will even play this year.
  14. He would have to take the team deep into the playoffs. However, I don’t believe he is capable of that regardless of staff or roster. He just isn’t an NFL caliber coach.
  15. Sometimes people (and teams) need to be saved from themselves. Never wanted to send so much draft capital and players for one guy, no matter how talented. We just aren’t close to being a SB team to do it.
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