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  1. First line of this post says it all. Rhule's ego told him that he could do for the Panthers what he did for Temple and Baylor. He came in and said all the magical words that Tepper wanted to hear and since he was already considered a hot candidate, Tepper opened up the checkbook. Whether he regrets it now, we have no idea. All we do know is that Rhule is so far in over his head that he will probably never sniff another NFL job once we do finally take out the trash here in Charlotte. Hoping it still happens before next season.
  2. If you were any good at your job, would you want to come work in this mess?
  3. He deserves some recognition for all he has done in charity work here. Don’t know why some people have such a problem with him. Well, I do, but that is an entirely different discussion. Happy for him.
  4. I am hoping that we won’t be the Lions or Browns.
  5. Steeler fans have been wanting Tomlin fired all year and he has never had a losing season. If they are talking crap about him, then yes, as Panther fans, we are within our rights to point out how horrible our current regime is.
  6. What is so depressing about all of this is no one is getting any younger and some older fans may not be around when we finally do with a SB. Not saying I’m ancient, but I don’t want to be in a nursing home crapping in my Depends by the time this team gets it together.
  7. Thinking the Rams will take this one unless Murray plays out of his mind. I just don’t have faith in a team that the Panthers destroyed this season (and yes, I know the Cards were playing their backup QB). Hoping for a quality game in general after the poo show games yesterday.
  8. Does anyone actually want to win this game??
  9. Cowboys need three more quarters just like the first one and it will be a great game.
  10. I really thought the Eagles would have made more of a game of it than this. Boring football
  11. I’ll be cheering for the Eagles, 49ers, and Steelers. Just can’t stand the Cowboys.
  12. Sad to see what’s become of our team especially after watching the Bills last night.
  13. Would much rather trade down for picks than trade any of our good players. Anderson is the only one I would be ok with trading for maybe a third. There are teams that might chalk this past season up to horrible QB and line play.
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