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  1. Major injuries both sides of the ball....Sam Darnold settles down, steps up, and puts the team on his back and guts out the win. Give that man his mother fuging pie.
  2. I wouldn't be mad if we had a baker's dozens worth of pick sixes....we need a tune-up game to catapult us into the regular season.
  3. Riot Report having to review training camp like...
  4. So great to hear. I locked my doors after the blood 'n guts game... thought for sure he wasn't stopping til he got revenge on us all.
  5. All of these posts and updates bright and early this morning.... sounds like someone got lucky with their fleshlight last night.
  6. Go to your home profile page and then scroll down until you see your reputation ranking (see below) then simply click on your reputation number to bring up the breakdown. Share your results for a good time.
  7. Analytics! Since most of the updates for today have slowed down thought I'd share this little gem I stumbled upon while browsing through my profile. Thought it was kind of cool to see some insight as to the pie breakdown I've given and received (granted this is only for the last few years when these reactions were added). Personally, I try not to give out poo that often unless they are toxic or trolling...sorry TrainWreck but you probably got most of my poo.
  8. I have the handjob status
  9. He's in year 2 following a pandemic riddled year 1 with a very timid QB running the offense and missing his All-Pro RB....why in the hell would any offensive coordinator be on the hot seat given those circumstances??
  10. 4. CMC looks like a LT/FB when checking into camp at night in the middle of the day.
  11. My brain has moved on since that's the business side of this game, but damn there's a special place in my heart for Cam (Steve Smith too) and what he did for this community and organizing and I'm really miss him.
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