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  1. Added Guentzel, Kuznetsov, Svechnikov (injured last year), and Orlov to help us get over the hump… but we are on our way to getting swept again. Eventually it’s not the players, it’s the system.
  2. Blew our load in the first and only got one goal out of it.
  3. New staff, new ownership, new front office. Don’t think we can put the past on them.
  4. Should be getting a PP soon, it’s about that time where Trouba does something stupid.
  5. Fantastic breakdown by Biz on Svech’s shift.
  6. If we’re trading Ball, I’d rather have picks than a player. Four first rounders to be exact.
  7. For what it’s worth, the last time we played the Rangers in the postseason, they were the one’s in a 2-0 hole and they dug their way out. I guess it’s our turn.
  8. Need Jesus to raise Quickie from the dead because our PK desperately needs him. Maybe Slavin can lay hands on him.
  9. Rod and co. are saying what we already know… special teams has to be better. If we score one PP goal on Sunday and one PP goal tonight then we’re up 2-0 instead of down 2-0. Canes won 5 v 5 play 3-2 tonight and will continue to win 5 v 5 play. If special teams gets us a net 0 or better then we’ll win the majority of games and if they don’t then we’ll lose. Simple as that.
  10. What can you say, one team can score on the PP, the other can’t… it’s pretty black and white.
  11. You deserve to lose when your special teams is ass…
  12. Not playing Noesen is baffling, it’s going to take a dirty goal and he’s the king of dirty goals.
  13. I’m not saying sitting Kuzy was a bad idea. But in hindsight it would be nice to strategically deploy him on offensive zone draws.
  14. Slavin has mentally been very bad tonight, have never seen this kind of stuff from him.
  15. I’ve come to terms that we are good enough to win 4 out 5, so even if we lose tonight I have faith.
  16. If we lose it’s because Fred gave a leaky goal.
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