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  1. Yeah it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.
  2. Team looks good tonight, Lattanzio saved his job… for now.
  3. Hahah yep, Canes fans bringing good luck to Florida.
  4. Just Aho taking TDA for a walk… again. Talk about Deja Vu.
  5. After 2 Carolina 3 - Filthadelphia 2 Goal 1 - Aho (28) from Necas (37) and Skjei (17) Goal 2 - Skjei (15) Unassisted Goal 3 - Aho (29) from Noesen (19) and Gostisbehere (24)
  6. Take a shot every time the Canes go on the PK, then call your doctor.
  7. In the words of Bill Peters, make a f*cking save.
  8. I don’t mind switching the lines against Philly but I definitely don’t understand why you wouldn’t play Freddie in Toronto against his old team which is a better team.
  9. After 1: CANES 2 - Brotherly Love 0 Goal 1 - Aho (28) from Necas (37) and Skjei (17) Goal 2 - Skjei (15) Unassisted
  10. Started slow but I think all the guys started to grow into their lines. Good stuff.
  11. If Pool Party had better stick work then he’d be really good. Hopefully he can develop his stick handling in Carolina.
  12. If we continue to get goals from our defense then we can still be good as long one of our lines is going.
  13. Martinook - Aho - Necas cash in!!! 1-0 Canes
  14. With the 4th line out there, Chatfield rifles one off the goal boast… still 0-0.
  15. I kind of like the Martinook - Aho - Necas line and Jarvis - Kotkaniemi - Fast line so far.
  16. I’m not having any issues on my end with the broadcast.
  17. Should be on Hulu, it’s a ESPN+/Hulu only game tonight.
  18. And just like that, the state of North Carolina is done.
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