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  1. Hurney said damn boi you a long drink of water.
  2. I would be beyond excited to land Pitts. He and Sewell are my top 2
  3. We say that every year. Time to quit putting offensive line on the back burner
  4. Seriously. Before the season I was hoping for a top 3 pick so we could potentially land Sewell. If we land him at 8 I will be thrilled
  5. Was hoping for this. Its low key fire If you want it I found it on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carolina-Panthers-ANNCO-FIRE-Vintage-90s-Snapback-Cap-Hat-NWT-/224205133884?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  6. Those have become my top 2 as well
  7. I really want one of the top 2 left tackles or Pitts. They have now become my top choices
  8. Most on here are Debbie downers over everything. I actually love the off-season we have had. Some really good signings on defense especially. We are in great position to get a really really good players at 8. Im excited. I think Darnold will excel in our offense.
  9. Getting Sewell at 8 would be as big of steal as getting Luke at 9. Get Sewell if you can unless a top qb falls. Fill out roster and worry about qb next year.
  10. I'm about done with this negative ass place. Such cry babies over every little thing. Sometimes the responsible thing to do is not overspend like some of these teams on complete question marks. Many of you haven't given Tepper a fair chance. And definitely haven't given Fitterer a fair chance yet. God I'm so sick of the batching on here. Grow up
  11. Warriors fans are celebrating. Wanamaker is hot garbage. Need more details on the trade
  12. Too bad hurney isn't here to draft a 4th round project nobody has ever heard of to finally be the answer for us
  13. By the looks of things his play didn't fit the the type of defense we are going for
  14. Shouldn't you look at medical stuff before offering contracts?
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