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  1. I'm just happy knowing we have the right men in charge. I dont know if I've ever trusted our coach, front office on these decisions but I do now
  2. I would just shut down Horn for the year and let him be 100% for next season. We can make do without him this year. It would be like having an extra first round pick next season.
  3. Its more because he plays on the Panthers. Put him on Dallas or any other media darling team and they would worship him non stop
  4. We'll be fine. Sometimes losing key players is how teams develop and are better off in the long run.
  5. No I feel great after a win like that. We need wins like that. Hate guys were injured but could be a blessing in disguise
  6. And it will be good to get Chuba some starting reps. If we can get him going and have a real 1-2 punch that would do wonders for us
  7. 1 week at a time. I dont care how we do it. Just win
  8. Loving our QB. He makes the big clutch throws when he has to.
  9. This team is hungry and fights through all odds. That was a battle. Our defense is forreal even with the refs trying to back them off the line. Sam is so clutch. I'm happy we have 11 days to make adjustments for the players we lost and to rest up. I love this team. Its ugly but it's 3-0.
  10. So houston is allowed to just rip Sams helmet off mid play?
  11. Might be better than what we were thinking it was
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