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  1. Bring back Cam, get legit NFL caliber backup(s) and fix the oline. Thats the best you can do this offseason. Not the year to focus on future QB
  2. No we'll trade our first rounder next year for a second this year
  3. Rhule definitely was the reason he got hurt though.
  4. Rhule definitely was the reason he got hurt though.
  5. Just need to suck it up and take the hit this year. Its gonna be a waste year anyways. We will be drafting at the top of the draft next year and the top of each round. Better not trade those picks. No point in trading away future assets though Rhule probably will because he probably doesnt have much of a future here anyways
  6. Okay but we were all drooling over Rhule the past 2 offseasons as well and thought he was the greatest thing to happen to this organization. I need to see more before I trust anyone. I have yet to see it. I have seen some questionable trades. I like how he handled the draft last year so hopefully with a full offseason with Morgan he can make better decisions
  7. This site is embarrassing. 500 threads about how much Rhule sucks. I get it. Yes he does suck. I can't hardly stand this place anymore. Just miserable. I try to stay away but habit and boredom always makes me look. I regret it every time.
  8. As fans of this organization we are not allowed to laugh at anyone else
  9. For me, nothing but I don't care nearly as much as people on this board seem. I have a wonderful life regardless of what is going on in Panther land. I dont get stressed out during bad times. I am almost positive next season is his last chance to to turn things around here. I think Tepper wants to see what he is made of at a time like this and if he can turn it around. If not we get a high pick and start to rebuild again.
  10. If we ignore olinemen again, I'm done. We will be in a great position to get a stud to help build the oline around. It doesn't matter who our QB is until our Oline is built up. If they/you haven't figured that out yet, then idk what you've been watching the last near decade
  11. Why the hell would he want to coach for this sorry organization. Pretty sure Harbaugh needs a place like Vegas and this spotlight. That aint here.
  12. Do like Ive done this year and not watch a single game and not stress over it
  13. I don't think its a big enough market for him. But Tepper slapping down fat cash would get him interested
  14. Don't worry we will trade our top 5 pick to get our 2nd and 3rd back but not in as good as position as we would have been in lol
  15. Cam will play TE on Sunday my sourceses tell me
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