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  1. But Hubbard was drafted by Rhule's wife so he has to stay
  2. I really hope we keep Cade Mays. I think he will turn into something
  3. Been hitting them saxenda needles
  4. Good, we need to beef up the defensive line
  5. Good lord people stew on this poo during a work day? Man I wish I had the time to worry about what Tepper was doing and who was cleaning his balls
  6. We will never attract super stars. We need to get lucky and get the #1 pick with a superstar consensus #1 overall pick. But we know how the NBA loves to screw us in the lottery. But if we could and we show we have a dynamic young core, then maybe a star FA or 2 will come. I just don't see it ever happening. I doubt even Lamelo resigns with us with the lights of LA calling his name already
  7. I know it's summer league but even on our main roster it concerns me that we don't have that go to killer scorer. We are missing that guy on our roster.
  8. He will convert him to kick returner, wr, rb, gadget QB before letting him go
  9. Kulboka has left the Hornets and is headed back overseas to play
  10. Thank God we didn't already give him a contract. Time to move on. No chance in re-signing him
  11. He's been retired for a while. Wouldn't mind having his crazy old ass in some sort of role though
  12. Goid thing this happened before giving hin a max contract and not aftee. Time to move on. Its an easy position to find talent at without breaking the bank
  13. I don't think the issue is finding it. It's the building of the transportation that will hold us up based on earthly science and materials to this point. There have been thousands of habitable planets found in the milky way alone to this point. Also fug Baker Mayfield. What a mistake that would be.
  14. A lot of players do this when they are free agent. He isn't technically a Hornet if he's a free agent. Wouldn't read too much into it but if they can't shed Heyward then they might not be willing to spend for him
  15. Obviously nobody else wanted the job. They probably had to overpay Clifford just so they could have a coach. Just sad to be a fan of the Hornets
  16. I see Brady Manek and Justin Minaya will be on the Hornets summer league roster? Any other intriguing names? Those are the only 2 I have seen besides the obvious
  17. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10039129-nba-rumors-steve-clifford-hired-as-hornets-hc-after-kenny-atkinsons-warriors-return
  18. Summary: Poor decisions bite us in the ass. The story of the Hornets
  19. Yeah I'm not worried about losing Duren. Wasn't really a fan of him. I was mad at the reasoning for the trade and the return we got. Just a joke
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