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  1. Need a wr that can stretch the field. Not that Bryce can throw it very far
  2. I have absolutely no faith Tepper will make a good hire.
  3. Money talks but thats about the only reason. There is no hope for this team anytime soon
  4. I love how excited everyone is about firing Reich. Like its really gonna make a difference
  5. I remember when it was fun to watch this team. I remember dominating foes. Now not sure we could dominate a jv team
  6. Is anyone actually still watching games this season? Honest question
  7. Thank God I'll be driving to Florida to get on a cruise ship so I won't be tempted to watch anymore of this trainwreck
  8. Cant even play defense this day and age. Should just put two offenses on the field and see who can score most creatively
  9. I expect him to be traded. At least I'm hoping
  10. Are you going to post this on every hornets thread? We get it, you want everyone to know impeccably moral you are
  11. Have a feeling Reich is done for. We will probably promote one of our promising assistants
  12. No but we can stay rock bottom for a very long time which seems to be the case
  13. Sorry cleaning out my shed then going to Oktoberfest in Hickory
  14. I vocally wanted Stroud from the beginning. Size, athleticism, arm strength/accuracy. But I guess nfl scouts, coaches, and front office know better than me
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